04 March, 2010

Hypnobabies Intro

Impatiently waiting for UPS right now lol. So thought I would spit this out before I get back to what I really need to be doing (need to wake myself up first anyway lol). 

If you read my earlier posts on childbirth classes you might/probably know we were leaning towards HypnoBirthing. I loved the book. The classes sounded good... but when it came time for all this it just wasn't feasible. Not saying the method itself wasn't, but just us taking them. Baba works, goes to school, we have one vehicle, Kalila, etc... Working in 5 weeks of classes around our schedules would have been crazy. Plus... finding them in the first place. The most convenient place rarely has them. We did get a reference for someone else, but... read back up a few lines lol. 

And like I said (I think) in my post about one of my last checkup posts... We talked about the home classes. HypnoBirthing doesn't have them, but there are others. The main one I knew anything about was Hypnobabies.  

Now.. I don't think I wrote about Hypnobabies earlier when I was researching them all.  Not because I didn't consider it at all, but because it's the same concept as HypnoBirthing and while I'd read the book on the other... I hadn't with this one. Just saw reviews/descriptions/etc. In fact I did consider it, because there were some big advantages - home study, lower cost, having all the materials on hand for future pg's, and some great reviews including ones by people who preferred it over HypnoBirthing. But I wanted the actual class setting and like I've said multiple times before, just loved the book.  

Back to the present though lol. Actual classes not an option so we decided to go this way... and I'm perfectly content with the change. Just knowing what we're going to do is a relief.  And while waiting for it to come in has been almost torture (just because we have so little time left lol) it has given me time to go back and read over some of the info about the program again.  Obviously I can't really say much not having been through it yet (although I'm pretty sure you'll get updates as I go through it, just depends on how much time I have on here)... but for anyone interested I'm including a couple links. 

This first one is the official Hypnobabies site. I linked straight to the home study page instead of the home page because its where the main info is. 

The second is a review by Natural Birth & Baby Care. I love how she spells out the entire program. It really gave me an idea of what to expect in the next few weeks. 

Oh look, I finally convinced Kalila to get off my lap (or Mumble did) so I think I'm gonna get off of here and distract myself w/ housework until that package comes in :-D