08 March, 2010


No not talking about Kalila lol. Talking about us. 

I'm not going to go into details about the classes. For one the links I shared before have pretty in depth descriptions so it'd be pretty repetitive. Besides, I just don't feel like writing that much lol.

We started on Saturday though. Its the easiest day for us since Baba is off. Because of when I got it in, I went over everything on Friday... Read the first chapter & listened to both tracks while doing something (is suggested so you consciously listen at least once to make sure you're comfortable with them). I plan on doing that w/ each chapter every Friday before our classes. Saturday we read through together and he listens in on the first track and will the second one on either Sundays or Tuesdays (conveniently the schedule for when I listen to what works out perfectly with his). Every day after Sat I alternate tracks and (though I really don't need to) am rereading the chapter. 

Our first class went well. Kind of surprising w/ everything going on... but I think I needed the distraction. Was interesting discussing all that w/ Baba though. And I'm just glad he's putting up w/ me on this lol. 

As for the tracks... last night, well I'd say didn't go so well but its not really an issue. I fell asleep at the very beginning of it. We had a pretty busy evening (ate over w/ some new friends, possible post later lol) and I was exhausted. I kinda figured I'd crash, just didn't realize it would be so quickly. I know its normal though, and I'm sure I'll make it through it at least once this week w/out doing that lol.