17 March, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I'll apologize in advance... Not many pictures today, or at least very good ones. I'll explain that later...  Oh, and about that pic above... I got it online of course (is on multiple sites, can't find a good one to link though lol). I thought it was cool that I found one using the traditional blue colour. Something new I learned recently.

Gonna start off w/ a funny comment from today. Earlier Kalila walked up and told me "PMS is not good" - ?????  This was followed by her pointing to a pic in one of her books and asking if that was PMS.  

Kalila def is doing better... She does still have a runny nose, but its not near as bad. Anyways, she's acting more like her normal self too. I've had to get onto her a few times of course, but still.. lol... its a big relief. 

So pretty much all my plans for today have fallen apart or been changed. 

I was gonna make the Corned Beef & Cabbage Sunday night so we could have it while we were working yesterday.. and use the leftovers to make Colcannon today.  But no... didn't happen. The Corned Beef is in the crock pot right now. Can't say the cabbage is, because it doesn't go in for another hour lol.  So everything's being pushed back a little. Same thing happened last year so I suppose its a tradition of sorts.

I was also gonna make my cupcakes last night. No... Hoping I'll have time to make them this evening.
Green? Well... Kalila's Irish shirt is missing... Either in the dirty clothes or the pile of laundry I need to fold. :-/  I did find a green shirt pretty easily, but its a tank top so its good that a) its warm in here and b) we don't need to go out.  Baba had a nice green shirt for work, but... apparently it was one of the ones that mildewed the other day (drier didn't dry), I'd rewashed it and thought I'd gotten them clean... but apparently not.  He's in for pinching today now instead (yes I've already gotten him).  Me... Have I mentioned I have very few maternity shirts? LOL Its true... I have this really cute green shirt w/ a claddaugh on it, but... my belly hangs out. I'm so not comfortable with that, so not only glad we aren't going anywhere.. but have to be careful if I get any pictures of myself today.  I do have a couple Irish Rosary bracelets I could wear (most likely will put the Connemara marble one on later) but since I'm doing housework it has to wait... and I did change my belly ring to green. 

Which reminds me... Kalila saw me change it, or right after & told me that she wants a belly ring. Was very insistent on it. LOL I told her she would have to wait until she's older and then we might talk about it.  

I wanted to get Zavier's clothes in the wash today... should still happen, but obviously I have to take care of those shirts and stuff first. 

Kalila is testing out the new Wonder Wrap diaper cover... She's very excited about it being purple lol. So far no issues... but I'll do a review later on.  

Not sure if you can see or not, but little miss just got peanut butter on her shirt... So I'm off to get her changed and stuff. Plus time to do a second run on that laundry, the cabbage just went in and I've got about 60 other things to do. Although I am having fun letting Kalila put a scarf on me while I do this lol.


kim said...

I have been wearing regular shirts quite often this time. I never did that before...wouldn't be caught dead doing that before but this time...I don't care. Of course this time around I happen to have a 12 year old dd that gets embarrassed by my half exposed belly I get, are you wearing THAT? from her often. LOL....I don't wear them out of the house really though.

Mama Kalila said...

LOL. I wear Baba's shirts a lot... and will wear my old ones more often around here if I have too. Some of them aren't too bad. Yesterdays was though. But looking on the bright side, I did change my belly ring especially for that & that way I got to show it off (you know to my hubby and daughter lol).