30 March, 2010

Another Great Moment

Not gonna post about the appointment just yet, will do that tomorrow when I'm not so tired.. but I have another funny Kalila story from tonight. 

We were over at the other house (had finished helping Gido and were eating dinner before coming back here) and Kalila was fighting me about eating at the table. Both Baba & I were talking to her about the rules and how she needed to eat at the table... all that fun stuff. Not liking it she told me to leave her alone.  Which of course Baba responded to with something along the lines of her not talking to me like that, I'm the mommy.. etc. 

Well then little miss mouthy decides to tell me that she's mommy.  Trying not to laugh at that one I told her that no she wasn't, and she kept insisting so I made a silly remark about how she might be a mommy when she's closer to my age & married. To which she replied "Oooh.. Married..."  -  Like she knows what that is lol.  Not the funny part though. 

Baba walked back in the room at that point and said something about him being so many goats and so many camels richer too. I threw in maybe some cows... and Kalila (eyes lighting up) said, "and chickens!" 

We about rolled...