26 March, 2010

All Kinds of Good News

 We've had a really good day around here. 

First off (and the back story on this isn't good of course) I'd heard yesterday that a friend from college (room-mate one semester & we worked together for several years too) was in an accident. Not many details, but that she had a brain injury... later they said they thought there was bleeding in her brain but just a concussion. Well today we got the latest news, there was some bleeding but she's ok & was discharged from the hospital. So that was some good news right there. I don't really talk to her anymore (haven't in a long time) but see her around facebook sometimes... and either way it shook us all up. Am glad she's ok.

Then a little later I got a call from the Birth Center. My GBS tests are not back yet of course (I may find out Monday, but not expecting them before my next appointment on Tues)... but the iron ones are and the numbers/levels/whatever are rising. That alone made my day lol. Huge relief.

We ended up walking down to get some sunflower seeds in celebration after that... Someone got me craving them the other day lol. Good timing I guess though cause they were on sale.

I do have to say I got annoyed on the way because someone stopped right in the middle of the crosswalk and I barely made it across in time thanks to them. I had to go around a really inconvenient way to do so or else I would have ended up in traffic. What makes the whole thing worse is that last time we walked down there someone wouldn't stop at the light, we were already crossing and they just kept rolling forward without paying a bit of attention. 

The trip also ended up being a bit bittersweet too... I went because I was all happy & excited. Got inside and saw all the Shamrocks displayed. I knew they were coming because a couple trips ago I'd seen them getting ready, and knowing I had it then, asked if I could go ahead and buy one. It made me smile seeing them all up there, but when I got to the register (I've never had this happen before either) the guy asked me if I wanted to donate to MDA. Wasn't sure I could at first so explained I'd have to see... Thankfully it wasn't an issue... But like I told Baba later, if they're gonna ask I'm gonna have to stop going (send him inside maybe?) until they stop because I'm not gonna be able to say no. I don't want to say no... 

Ok change of subject here before I go all emotional pg woman on ya...

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Full of Kalila cuteness of course. For some reason she's playing shy on the phone today, both w/ Granny & Aunt Leslie. Talked a lot about Baba as usual.. will be excited tomorrow when she realizes he'll be home for the weekend after that (they always talk about it before he leaves on Fridays). And of course I had to get pics when we went on our walk... She insisted on taking Tyrone w/ her lol.