03 March, 2010

Afraid To Move

Seriously I'm sitting here at the computer with Kalila behind me watching Curious George.. I really need to be up doing housework but I'm afraid to move. Why? Because something about us sitting like this puts her to sleep... I would love if she took her nap today. Prob doesn't need to be said, but I would rather her take it in her room of course.. but this has been the only way she'll take one lately. The past few days I've been away from the comp at this time and she runs around and keeps herself awake. I see her drooping now. But if I get up?


Keith said...

I saw the title and thought it was going to be about moving to your new place. Some times I wish Grayson would still sleep in my arms. Then I quickly realize how restraining that can be. I am a little anxious about whether the move is going to throw him off any. He's a great sleeper/napper (knock on wood), so I sure hope not!

Mama Kalila said...

LOL I was afraid someone would think that :-D

Kalila rarely falls asleep in my arms anymore either. For some reason she likes this chair though. Esp cuddled up to my back. Unfortunately it didn't work today... She decided she wanted a peanut butter sandwich instead, finished it & just jumped up to torture the cat. Sigh...