31 March, 2010

37 Weeks

Really there's not much to say here. We're at the weekly appointments so it doesn't feel like there's a whole lot to say... 

Apparently I'm still fighting whatever it is the others caught off... so pushing the vitamin c & yogurt... try & keep me from getting sick when the baby comes. 

Talked about our pediatrician and got them her name and number for their files (since she provides services that BC & homebirth mama's might need and not all pedi's provide). 

Talked about starting Evening Primrose Oil... We actually just went and picked that up this morning.  I was a little worried it would taste awful (memories of those horrid calcium pills I picked up) but its really not bad. Gelcaps help I suppose...

Talked about the pressure waves I've had and stuff... plus about how my birthing classes are going/working w/ that. 

About Baba being impatient lol. I'll be nice and not embarrass him, but yeah he's more than ready for Zavier to come.  think its kinda funny in and of itself because with Kalila I was getting all impatient about now, and this time its him. 

And of course we got to hear Zavier's heartbeat (once again Kalila was thrilled) and measured my belly. I didn't really gain much weight this week (normal amount though) but I went from measuring 35 last week (I remember because it was one less than how many weeks I was) to 38 this week lol.  No wonder everyone's making comments about how big I'm getting right? :-D 

I was supposed to be having pictures taken this week too (for free, nice right?) but things have come up on the other end (her daughters in ER poor thing) so its being postponed. Hopefully I'll still be pg when she's able to reschedule cause I think it would be a lot of fun to do. 

What I forgot to do was ask about my GBS test... and the office is closed today so will have to wait until tomorrow lol.. I'm not about to make a personal call over this. They didn't mention it so I'm assuming it came back neg. I'll find out tomorrow though hopefully. Not worried. 

Before I go... a few pics from a second ago. If you can't tell Kalila was fighting me in the last one, would rather watch the Lions than take a pic w/ Mommy :-(  LOL  Oh and I have some great pics from this morning that will just have to wait until Baba is here to put them on his comp and send to me (I had to take em with my phone). 


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

You look cute in the first pic! Seriously, I mean it :-)

MK said...

Aww thanks!