23 March, 2010

36 Weeks Already?

That's right... We just had our 36 week checkup a few hours ago. I still can't believe how fast everything is going. 

Gonna try to keep this short. The appointment went well. Kalila slept through it lol. We talked about stuff going on, about decisions we needed to make (and pretty much had, just hadn't put them down) for after he's born, about what I can do to prepare, about my Hypnobabies classes, etc. 

The only really big things that happened were... My iron test. It was low before so had to be retested. I was really nervous about it, but after talking to the midwife I feel a lot better about it.  GBS test. That one I wasn't very nervous about oddly enough lol. Not fun, but... is over. We'll find out the results next week. And... I got to pick my birth team this week :-)  Now, we knew who we were going to pick/ask for anyway... but still exciting to have that done. 

Oh and he's still head down, very low... was posterior again when they first checked him, but turned the right way after a few moments :-) Silly goose moves a lot (thankfully, as long as he doesn't flip). They also said it feels like he's about 5 1/2 to 6 lbs right now. 

And before I go... a few pics.