31 March, 2010

37 Weeks

Really there's not much to say here. We're at the weekly appointments so it doesn't feel like there's a whole lot to say... 

Apparently I'm still fighting whatever it is the others caught off... so pushing the vitamin c & yogurt... try & keep me from getting sick when the baby comes. 

Talked about our pediatrician and got them her name and number for their files (since she provides services that BC & homebirth mama's might need and not all pedi's provide). 

Talked about starting Evening Primrose Oil... We actually just went and picked that up this morning.  I was a little worried it would taste awful (memories of those horrid calcium pills I picked up) but its really not bad. Gelcaps help I suppose...

Talked about the pressure waves I've had and stuff... plus about how my birthing classes are going/working w/ that. 

About Baba being impatient lol. I'll be nice and not embarrass him, but yeah he's more than ready for Zavier to come.  think its kinda funny in and of itself because with Kalila I was getting all impatient about now, and this time its him. 

And of course we got to hear Zavier's heartbeat (once again Kalila was thrilled) and measured my belly. I didn't really gain much weight this week (normal amount though) but I went from measuring 35 last week (I remember because it was one less than how many weeks I was) to 38 this week lol.  No wonder everyone's making comments about how big I'm getting right? :-D 

I was supposed to be having pictures taken this week too (for free, nice right?) but things have come up on the other end (her daughters in ER poor thing) so its being postponed. Hopefully I'll still be pg when she's able to reschedule cause I think it would be a lot of fun to do. 

What I forgot to do was ask about my GBS test... and the office is closed today so will have to wait until tomorrow lol.. I'm not about to make a personal call over this. They didn't mention it so I'm assuming it came back neg. I'll find out tomorrow though hopefully. Not worried. 

Before I go... a few pics from a second ago. If you can't tell Kalila was fighting me in the last one, would rather watch the Lions than take a pic w/ Mommy :-(  LOL  Oh and I have some great pics from this morning that will just have to wait until Baba is here to put them on his comp and send to me (I had to take em with my phone). 

30 March, 2010

Another Great Moment

Not gonna post about the appointment just yet, will do that tomorrow when I'm not so tired.. but I have another funny Kalila story from tonight. 

We were over at the other house (had finished helping Gido and were eating dinner before coming back here) and Kalila was fighting me about eating at the table. Both Baba & I were talking to her about the rules and how she needed to eat at the table... all that fun stuff. Not liking it she told me to leave her alone.  Which of course Baba responded to with something along the lines of her not talking to me like that, I'm the mommy.. etc. 

Well then little miss mouthy decides to tell me that she's mommy.  Trying not to laugh at that one I told her that no she wasn't, and she kept insisting so I made a silly remark about how she might be a mommy when she's closer to my age & married. To which she replied "Oooh.. Married..."  -  Like she knows what that is lol.  Not the funny part though. 

Baba walked back in the room at that point and said something about him being so many goats and so many camels richer too. I threw in maybe some cows... and Kalila (eyes lighting up) said, "and chickens!" 

We about rolled... 

Our Budding Artist

I wish I had pictures of what happened this morning. Really I do... but no... sorry!

So Baba's off today... I got up and decided to take a shower while he messed around on his laptop and kept an eye on Kalila. After awhile I hear him say something and look out the shower curtain to see him leading her into the bathroom, holding onto her wrists with a slightly freaked out look on his face. She'd walked up to him with them covered in some powder he didn't recognize... My first thought is baking soda, the only thing that should be in reach (well shouldn't be, but happens from time to time) and she's gotten in it before. Note: We've discussed this w/ her pedi because she likes to eat the stuff. Apparently, like we thought, is not an issue. I still try to keep her from it, but... Anyways... On closer look the powder wasn't white. Confused, pretty close to worried, I took a big sniff of her hands... didn't have to really even get that close to do it before I realized exactly what she got into.  The garlic powder! 

Yes... our daughter somehow managed to get to the spices, grab a Sams size thing of garlic powder, and proceeded to dump it on the kitchen floor... Where she used it to draw in.  After getting her in the shower (while Baba discovered exactly what happened lol) I asked her if she ate any and she said yes that she likes garlic.  LOL  

On one hand glad it was just garlic... of course anything worse/dangerous is locked up in another room, but still. On the other hand... the mess... and smell... I like garlic too but I can't get away from it now lol. 

And because she just had to continue to be cute, I do have another short story to add in here. While I was washing her she got ahold of two loofa's (sp?) and pretended they were pompoms, waving them around and yelling "Yea! Mommy!" 

29 March, 2010

Missed It...

Baba got to see a whole baby foot yesterday (or was it Sat)! I caught the heel but was at a bad angle and didn't see the little toes. So jealous lol. 

Yesterday was Palm Sunday... and just happened to be the week we normally go to Mass on Sunday instead of Sat. Was nice... We ended up standing outside w/ friends because it was so packed (was pretty full where we were too), but no complaints. I needed to move around so I kinda wanted to be out there. We did get a pic... actually one of our friends took a family pic of us. I wish I could put it up right now but its on Baba's phone! 

Tia Sallie took Kalila afterwards while we went to the WalMart. Poor Baba had to move about a hundred pounds of cat food to get to the kind we needed lol. Decided to price the excersize balls (for use as a birthing ball lol) while there and glad we did... 1/3 the price of the last one we looked at. Unfortunately the one thing we went for I'm not sure we got the right thing. I needed white chocolate chips and looking closer at the bag it looks like they might be vanilla chips. ???  I need to test them and see... not looking forward to it though. As is I got some vanilla flavoured calcium tablets the other day and thouroughly grossed myself out.

Came back here and got some stuff done. Tia Sallie helped us pack up some clothes... I ended up having to clean out the vacuum cleaner :-/  Baba got a few things moved over to the new place. We're not moving yet, but storing some stuff little by little. 

Remember those covers I mentioned? Well one had a snapped snap. :-( We decided to exchange it so we wouldn't risk Zavier scratching himself. The others were all fine though.. I really think it happened in the mail because it was the one in a seperate envelope instead of the box. I just got the replacement, is in good condition & I'm very happy. Kalila knew right away that it was Zavier's diaper and commented on it lol. 

A friend passed this link on yesterday. Time is almost up unfortunately, but such a good deal. I really thought I'd have a handful of things to review at most, but every time I look through the sections I find something else that we have tried... some that we got ourselves (the fact they have nursing and safety stuff on there really adds to that section lol) and some we were given as gifts and stuff. Its really adding up and we're really excited about it. One of my friends is already seeing hers being credited and I can't wait until mine does lol.

LOL trying to get Kalila to nap & she's telling me she needs to wake up and open her eyes.  

Ha I knew she was tired... didn't quite make it to her room though! 

Having trouble posting the pic so gonna publish and come back. And then I'm getting back to work for real lol.

26 March, 2010

Rolling A Lot Into One...

hopefully short post lol.

I wanted to post seperate posts, but really too much going on to do that w/ out having a bunch post all close together. 

Classes - Week 3 is over, week 4 is starting. 

Not a whole lot to say here... I have stopped trying to reread the chapters daily lol. Twice is pretty good I think. Friday's by myself of course, and Saturdays with Baba. Now if I had still been reading them daily, this last week's was one I would not have done it with. There was a lot of good info, but a good chunk of it just isn't applicable since we're not having to deal with Ob's or a hospital birth... and even if for some reason we transfer... most of it we already know or still wouldn't be applicable. Plus the whole interventions part gave me a nightmare.. funny since it wasn't anything I didn't know, but I still had a pretty bad one.  This weeks reading is much more interesting though and I'm looking fwd to going over it w/ Baba. And there's more practice work too. 

Mama/Daughter time...

Yes we have a lot of that in general, but I told her last night we'd have a special day today. I feel kinda bad because it got off to a rough start. I woke up w/ a leg cramp & she attacked me while I was trying to deal with it. Did not put me in a good mood lol. The day started going downhill from there... Thankfully it picked back up though and we've had a lot of fun. I could have done w/out her spilling a whole jar of bubble solution all over me lol, but still... I got some video's, but not sure if I'm putting them up just yet. You'll have to settle for pics for now lol. I wish I'd gotten more, but still a few hours left to go lol. I'm sure there will be more to share later.

Getting stuff done...

Mostly just stuff around the apartment that's really to boring to talk about.. You know.. like dishwasher, laundry, etc... blah blah blah. But.. I got the phone call made to our pedi today too for some questions I needed to ask. Thankfully it works out the way we needed it too, so yea (mostly lol). 


I got a txt this morning that one of the covers we ordered from Amazon (via swagbucks cards :-D ) was delivered. Big surprise though... All four of them did! I really hope that's enough to start out with... We have the wool covers, but still... & yes I am excited enough to share pics of these too. They're just so cute... So tiny... and I love the snaps! 

LOL I just noticed Kalila fell asleep. Nice! Time to start working on dinner...

All Kinds of Good News

 We've had a really good day around here. 

First off (and the back story on this isn't good of course) I'd heard yesterday that a friend from college (room-mate one semester & we worked together for several years too) was in an accident. Not many details, but that she had a brain injury... later they said they thought there was bleeding in her brain but just a concussion. Well today we got the latest news, there was some bleeding but she's ok & was discharged from the hospital. So that was some good news right there. I don't really talk to her anymore (haven't in a long time) but see her around facebook sometimes... and either way it shook us all up. Am glad she's ok.

Then a little later I got a call from the Birth Center. My GBS tests are not back yet of course (I may find out Monday, but not expecting them before my next appointment on Tues)... but the iron ones are and the numbers/levels/whatever are rising. That alone made my day lol. Huge relief.

We ended up walking down to get some sunflower seeds in celebration after that... Someone got me craving them the other day lol. Good timing I guess though cause they were on sale.

I do have to say I got annoyed on the way because someone stopped right in the middle of the crosswalk and I barely made it across in time thanks to them. I had to go around a really inconvenient way to do so or else I would have ended up in traffic. What makes the whole thing worse is that last time we walked down there someone wouldn't stop at the light, we were already crossing and they just kept rolling forward without paying a bit of attention. 

The trip also ended up being a bit bittersweet too... I went because I was all happy & excited. Got inside and saw all the Shamrocks displayed. I knew they were coming because a couple trips ago I'd seen them getting ready, and knowing I had it then, asked if I could go ahead and buy one. It made me smile seeing them all up there, but when I got to the register (I've never had this happen before either) the guy asked me if I wanted to donate to MDA. Wasn't sure I could at first so explained I'd have to see... Thankfully it wasn't an issue... But like I told Baba later, if they're gonna ask I'm gonna have to stop going (send him inside maybe?) until they stop because I'm not gonna be able to say no. I don't want to say no... 

Ok change of subject here before I go all emotional pg woman on ya...

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Full of Kalila cuteness of course. For some reason she's playing shy on the phone today, both w/ Granny & Aunt Leslie. Talked a lot about Baba as usual.. will be excited tomorrow when she realizes he'll be home for the weekend after that (they always talk about it before he leaves on Fridays). And of course I had to get pics when we went on our walk... She insisted on taking Tyrone w/ her lol. 

24 March, 2010

Hmmm Today...

Whoo hoo I got the carseat cover washed! I just checked on it and while its still damp, its not as bad as I would have thought... so hopefully I can get it back on the seat soon & Baba can get it installed tomorrow morning. 

We got the bag ready for me to pack the other day, but haven't started on it. Despite having this list to go off of, I'm a bit at a loss lol. I guess Zavier's stuff is going in the bag w/ mine because we still don't have our diaper bag... and I have his diapers washed so I could start there right? But the covers we have aren't lanolized yet (I guess I should do that now lol) and the others are still on the way. Plus we haven't picked out a coming home outfit yet. I suppose I should do that too, but not much to pick from lol. Also would mean going through the receiving blankets and picking out which ones... That's probably easiest of the lot. Plus I should go through Kalila's old stuff and pull out the neutral clothes and see if any of those could go... Or I could start w/ me stuff, but.. I'm being indecisive about which exact clothes to take...  and we haven't picked up some of the rest yet. I think I'm gonna start w/ going through my swimsuit tops, like the blankets that's prob easiest lol. 

And since Kalila is out like a light right now, this is the perfect time to do it all! Yes, she fell asleep behind me again. I saw her adjust right before the pic and asked if she wanted me to move her and she said no, cuddled in more & back to sleep lol. So sweet.

Obviously I've got a lot to do (and that's not even mentioning other stuff around here) so I'm off now. :-)

23 March, 2010

36 Weeks Already?

That's right... We just had our 36 week checkup a few hours ago. I still can't believe how fast everything is going. 

Gonna try to keep this short. The appointment went well. Kalila slept through it lol. We talked about stuff going on, about decisions we needed to make (and pretty much had, just hadn't put them down) for after he's born, about what I can do to prepare, about my Hypnobabies classes, etc. 

The only really big things that happened were... My iron test. It was low before so had to be retested. I was really nervous about it, but after talking to the midwife I feel a lot better about it.  GBS test. That one I wasn't very nervous about oddly enough lol. Not fun, but... is over. We'll find out the results next week. And... I got to pick my birth team this week :-)  Now, we knew who we were going to pick/ask for anyway... but still exciting to have that done. 

Oh and he's still head down, very low... was posterior again when they first checked him, but turned the right way after a few moments :-) Silly goose moves a lot (thankfully, as long as he doesn't flip). They also said it feels like he's about 5 1/2 to 6 lbs right now. 

And before I go... a few pics. 

22 March, 2010

Mini Kiswahili Lessons..

Doing housework around here (esp if I need to get serious) often involves music being put on... Today it was my Youtube playlist, which has several Kiswahili songs. I hadn't listened to it in awhile so I'd forgotten just how many. At first it was a religious song (Cha Kutumaini), there was a bilingual one a min ago and now I'm listening to Mr. Ebbo... makes me smile & Kalila is running around dancing like crazy at the moment. Apparently she likes Mr. Ebbo too! 

Anyways, point being - the first song was on... and Kalila walked up to me and said "I like upendo". Now I'm sure that word is in there somewhere, I don't remember and wasn't really paying attention at the moment, so it really caught me off guard. I told her what it means (love) and she said something about it being I love you, so I tried to teach her that one too... and she got so tongue twisted. It was adorable! I wish I'd gotten it on video.  

Ok, back to work :-)

21 March, 2010

Our Weekend

Gotta love weekends, having Baba off and all... 

Yesterday we planned to go over to the house and get some work done, but I wasn't feeling all that great. I have no idea why my back hurt so bad (you know besides the whole baby thing) but I could barely move. So I ended up relaxing a good deal of the day... Finally took a warm bath, and didn't want to get out for anything, right before Mass. We ended up rushing to get there on time since I thought we had more time lol. Oops.

Kalila did pretty good there this weekend. I think it would have been a little better if we hadn't been in the cry room, but we were late... and like I said, she did pretty good. A few issues but not many. 

After Mass we had a few groc to pick up... thankfully not many lol. Just a couple important things we forgot last week (I really need to get back on top of lists and stuff). While we were doing that Baba got a call from Tia Sallie & Uncle Bub. They were going out to eat and wanted to know if we'd join them...

So we did that... had a lot of fun unless you count me cutting my finger pretty badly on a crab shell. We laughed about it pretty good though cause I was having trouble with the rest after that and Tia Sallie ended up cracking the rest for me. They came over after that & the guys played video games while we talked and stuff. 

After they left Baba & I had our class stuff to do... ended up being pretty late when we finished. Good news is, not only are we half way through the class now... but we included the paperwork from the BC about that test into it & got a decision made. Makes me feel a lot better. 

I still had my track to listen too though... and I'm so glad I was at the one I was because Zavier started stretching out awkwardly and it really hurt, and the track helped a lot... 

Today... Well, none of us got a lot of sleep last night. Kalila ended up taking a short nap before lunch! We went out to eat w/ Gido... and then on to the house to get some work done. Honestly Baba & Gido did a lot more than I did. I did wipe down the fridge and oven again... but I was wiped out after that. I spent a good amount of the day just sitting outside w/ Kalila (or rather while she ran around) and also got some more ideas about what we'll do once its time to move, organizing wise and stuff. 

I do have a really cute story from today too, but it deserves a post of its own, plus I need to get the pics from Baba.  

19 March, 2010

Just Random

I would have shared this yesterday but I was still trying to decide what I was gonna do w/ this...  We decided to go on a walk and Kalila was just being so cute I had to get a pic. She was not happy the egg came off that hair bow btw.. was one of the ones her Nina gave her last weekend. It also got thrown off soon after we got home lol. I wish I'd gotten a pic a few days ago when she insisted on wearing three of them! 

Yes she was in the green stroller... She dumped water on the other one so I had no choice lol. 

And random funny from today... I went to pull this off the camera and she started insisting on me taking a picture of her. I told her I couldn't since she has no diaper on (has refused all afternoon, long story) and she said "I have on a shirt..." - Like that makes a difference lol.

So Tiny...

I'm a bit behind on my list... but so far I've gotten Zavier's clothes (not that it was very hard to do, poor thing lol) and his diapers washed.

The first load of clothes (I separated colours from whites) didn't really get me beyond being cute... There's one pair of newborn onsies in there, but most are for when he's a bit older. But the onsies and snap shirts (all gerber).. that load just got to me. We got a couple packs of newborn and the others in 0 to 3... and all of them are just so tiny!!! 

The diapers I washed were the ones my friend sent, all the infant size... and also seem so small. 

I plan on getting to his covers and carseat today. 

Covers? Yes we do have some small covers, I completely forgot about lol. Another friend passed along several wool covers quite awhile back. Very very good news since the ones we ordered from Amazon with those Swagbucks cards won't be in until April.  :-/  Hoping he isn't here yet before then, but just in case is nice to know he'll have something.  

Since Baba's off tomorrow I'm hoping the carseat cover will have dried by then & we can get it installed too. 


Reasons I can't wait to move: 

Well there's the obvious reason... Zavier. I can't completely get ready for him here lol. 

  • She needs more room to play. 
  • She needs to be outside more. 
  • She loves it when we go and talks about it constantly.
 This place in general... 

  • We're cramped and its getting worse. 
  • Things are constantly breaking/going wrong and they refuse to fix it or take months/years to do so. 
    • We had one light (that we couldn't get to, is one of the few they have to change) that was out for over a year... when it finally got done they found that the apt above us had leaked and there was mold inside it. Note: we'd asked them about this constantly during that year they waited.
    • We have stuff finally fixed only for it to stop working almost immediately after
      • Our shower... has been fixed at least 3 times
      • Our sink the other day... I was right in the middle of dishes when it went out the first time. He "stopped the leak" only for me to find it still leaking the next morning. It was so bad that the door in front of the cabinet underneath is warped and fell apart.
  • Mold. I'm not even kidding it molds like crazy here... I keep TTO handy and have managed to conquer the bathroom but food doesn't last half as long as it should (esp bread).  It doesn't even matter what precautions you make either. 
  •  Carpet
    • Carpet & potty training don't mix
    • Apartment carpet is horrid to begin with.. For awhile I was doing good at working through the stains it had when we moved in, but now I'm just doing good to keep in clean and not add to them.
  • Management is just flat out rude
    • Every other apartment is allowed to set trash out until they can get to it, but the one who's 9 months pregnant is supposed to haul it all across the complex while dragging along a 2 year old (so either one handed or risk her running out in front of cars).
    • I was just told that we need to do our non renewal paperwork on April 1st - fine... I get not doing it after that, but no.. we're not allowed to do it before that either. So we have to be in there that exact date no matter what. ?????  Lets just hope they're open that date... half the time they close randomly.
    • We've gotten random eviction notices for nothing... thankfully not in a long long time, but its happened. 
    • Yesterday I was oh so nicely told that if I go into labour while Baba isn't here that they'll call an ambulance for me. Um... if I needed one, why wouldn't I just call one instead of calling them to call one? And why would I call an ambulance in the first place?  Ok so maybe that one wasn't as rude as it was just stupid. 
    • Half the issues w/ maintenance around here fall into this category too. We'll ask to fix something and they'll lose the request. We'll talk to maintenance and they'll lie and say that he said it wasn't broken (after he told us he'd have a new one brought in because it was). 
    • We bought a parking pass to a covered spot because by the time Baba gets off work he wouldn't have anywhere to park (people park here that shouldn't) and they refuse to take care of it when someone parks in our paid for spot.  Note: the one time Baba parked there in the middle of the night before he bought it because there were no spots they threatened to tow the truck. Us sure.. anyone else? Oh no... They can take it!
The new place in general
  • All of this is pretty much alluded to above, but...
    • actual floors
    • a yard
    • more space
    • closer to family
    • I could go on... but I'll be nice :-)
On the other hand, there are things I'm gonna miss/remember fondly about this place too. 
  • It was our first home
  • It's where we brought Kalila home
  • Most of Kalila's firsts happened here (and ours as well, anniversary, holidays, etc)
  • Random sweet stuff like that... 
So while we're having fun helping out at the other place, cleaning up and all that fun stuff (which really has been)... I will prob be a little sad when we leave here too. Mostly happy, but still lol. Not sad enough to be counting down the days until we move though! 

And yes I know this post was random... was just thinking about all we have to do, about what I want/need to be doing right now and would be if my back wasn't hurting and having to take breaks every 5 seconds from Zavier making it awkward to move. Yes, those are my only real pg complaints right now lol. Heartburn too, but at least the papaya things help with that... Is ok though... He's right where he needs to be and I know at some point I'm gonna miss it.  Anyways, was thinking about all that & wanted to mention a couple things on my mind and it just went from there...

Now that I've finished it not sure if I should post... Was planning to stick to non personal stuff for awhile because hormones + rude people = bad.  But I also don't like censoring my thoughts either... and as long as that list of issues w/ this place is, I still see this post as hopeful because I'm so excited about moving.. and I'm rambling at this point so I'll end here lol.

18 March, 2010

Hypnobabies Week 2

Not gonna write a lot, but since week 2 is drawing to a close thought I'd write a little bit. 

First off I am noticing a pattern here. By the time Thursday comes around (remember I'm starting each new week on Friday) I am itching to read ahead. So far I've been good and not done that. Although I guess starting on Friday is tech doing it of sorts since Baba & I are reading it together on Saturdays. 

Beyond that, the classes are going good. This weeks reading was really interesting. I learned a lot... I think what stands out most is the whole Splenda thing. We couldn't figure out why on earth something made of sugar would give me the reaction that it does, but apparently they something to it (can't remember what exactly at the moment, the info's not right in front of me). There are others with reactions too, mine wasn't listed... but still. Makes sense now. And if you're wondering how that works into the classes, this week had a bunch of nutrition stuff :-). 

I also had a little more practice work this week... nothing that's not doable or takes a lot of time or anything, but its still been interesting finding the time (and space) to do it. 

So yeah, that's my second week.. just 3 more to go (and then I can give a big sigh of relief lol).

Decisions Decisions...

Some of you may have seen my post last night. I was pretty upset... I thought I'd come up with a good solution for the whole mess (and for my worries about public pictures and various other things), but after getting some sleep and talking to Baba I'm not so sure... 

So on that subject, I would like opinions... I've already emailed family (not 100% sure I got everyone, but still) but figured I should ask it again here. Am gonna try & take at least a little more time before deciding for sure. 

As for last nights reaction... I think I jumped on doing something a little more quickly than I should have (maybe not, but still) because I really was upset. I've tried to be honest on here, especially lately when things have been a little rough... and that comment did hurt.  Is that person worth it? No... Anyone who would say sh...tuff like that to someone when they're 9 months pregnant (or to anyone really) has some issues of their own. It was rude and uncalled for... and like a friend mentioned earlier, not worth the time or effort to respond. I know I am anyway lol, but mostly because I already did... with a good dose of its either that or dwell on it & I don't need to do that.  Anyways, back to what I was getting at before I drifted off track lol... I have tried to be honest on here. There's times that I've felt like I'm only sharing the good things or glossing stuff over & I don't want to do that. Of course I don't want to only mention the other stuff either (balance here)... and comments like that make me feel like I can't share everything I want too. That may take awhile to get past... whether I make it private or not.

Copied From New Homepage

*Note - I just copied and pasted here. I really am sorry about all this... I haven't (obviously) quite finished the process yet, wanted this to post first. Once it happens if you'd like continue reading this, please comment on the homepage & let me know so I can send the invite. I'll prob write more about this later/when I do but for now I've got things to do. *

I'll apologize for the inconvenience here... another change. Its one that I've thought about, debated, and put off doing because I really liked having my links and some of the stuff I post about being public. Plus I've made some great blog-friends on here (and hoping I don't lose yall). But its time to make my blog private. If that means the family I started it for doesn't see it, so be it... 

First off there's the constant worry about pictures of us (esp the kids) being so public. I want family to see them, I do... and I enjoy seeing the pics on the other blogs I read and (for the most part) enjoy the responses I get from them too. But as a parent there's always that worry. I've tried my best to keep locations out and all that fun stuff, but still...

That alone really made me consider doing this... but like I hinted at above, I just couldn't bring myself to let go of meeting new people this way and especially keeping it open to family. I know, for those of you (family) who don't blog, its going to be annoying and a big inconvenience to log in to see my stuff... 

Anyways, lately I've gotten several very rude comments on my blog. Some making fun of Kalila, some attacking me, etc. Tonight was the last straw... Apparently taking off the option for anonymous commenters just wasn't enough. And honestly I can't take this right now... I don't want to get rid of my blog altogether, so this is the best thing I can think of to do. 

Now the one upside to this whole mess is that (beyond the whole logging in issue) it helped me come up with an idea quickly that I'd really been at a loss for before.  Separate homepage (here) that is still public. My regular blog will be password protected like my personal one is. Both are linked at the end of my links above (hidden since I'm out of room) and over to the side. Anything I'd regularly post on my regular blog will still be there, but some things may/will be copied over here... MPM's for example, reviews, small updates. We'll see how it goes, but my goal is to keep somethings public like I'd originally wanted. 

As for old posts that would fall into this... I have no idea how they'll make it over here honestly. I may randomly put them up a little at a time. We'll see.

17 March, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I'll apologize in advance... Not many pictures today, or at least very good ones. I'll explain that later...  Oh, and about that pic above... I got it online of course (is on multiple sites, can't find a good one to link though lol). I thought it was cool that I found one using the traditional blue colour. Something new I learned recently.

Gonna start off w/ a funny comment from today. Earlier Kalila walked up and told me "PMS is not good" - ?????  This was followed by her pointing to a pic in one of her books and asking if that was PMS.  

Kalila def is doing better... She does still have a runny nose, but its not near as bad. Anyways, she's acting more like her normal self too. I've had to get onto her a few times of course, but still.. lol... its a big relief. 

So pretty much all my plans for today have fallen apart or been changed. 

I was gonna make the Corned Beef & Cabbage Sunday night so we could have it while we were working yesterday.. and use the leftovers to make Colcannon today.  But no... didn't happen. The Corned Beef is in the crock pot right now. Can't say the cabbage is, because it doesn't go in for another hour lol.  So everything's being pushed back a little. Same thing happened last year so I suppose its a tradition of sorts.

I was also gonna make my cupcakes last night. No... Hoping I'll have time to make them this evening.
Green? Well... Kalila's Irish shirt is missing... Either in the dirty clothes or the pile of laundry I need to fold. :-/  I did find a green shirt pretty easily, but its a tank top so its good that a) its warm in here and b) we don't need to go out.  Baba had a nice green shirt for work, but... apparently it was one of the ones that mildewed the other day (drier didn't dry), I'd rewashed it and thought I'd gotten them clean... but apparently not.  He's in for pinching today now instead (yes I've already gotten him).  Me... Have I mentioned I have very few maternity shirts? LOL Its true... I have this really cute green shirt w/ a claddaugh on it, but... my belly hangs out. I'm so not comfortable with that, so not only glad we aren't going anywhere.. but have to be careful if I get any pictures of myself today.  I do have a couple Irish Rosary bracelets I could wear (most likely will put the Connemara marble one on later) but since I'm doing housework it has to wait... and I did change my belly ring to green. 

Which reminds me... Kalila saw me change it, or right after & told me that she wants a belly ring. Was very insistent on it. LOL I told her she would have to wait until she's older and then we might talk about it.  

I wanted to get Zavier's clothes in the wash today... should still happen, but obviously I have to take care of those shirts and stuff first. 

Kalila is testing out the new Wonder Wrap diaper cover... She's very excited about it being purple lol. So far no issues... but I'll do a review later on.  

Not sure if you can see or not, but little miss just got peanut butter on her shirt... So I'm off to get her changed and stuff. Plus time to do a second run on that laundry, the cabbage just went in and I've got about 60 other things to do. Although I am having fun letting Kalila put a scarf on me while I do this lol.

16 March, 2010

Listening To Her Snore...

Well, we thought Kalila was getting better... She'd stopped coughing and all that fun stuff. Runny nose started up, but we figured it was coming out & she'd be better soon. 

But apparently the throat part came back last night when she was with Gran. Poor thing... She even told us earlier that her throat hurt. Well, technically she said her neck hurt, but still lol. 

Now we don't do over the counter meds hardly ever (ie with the exception of Tylenol or Motrin if she has a real, like 103 or so, fever), and use home remedies instead... but while we were out we picked up some Hylands cold tablets to see if they'll help any. Homeopathic so I don't feel so bad about it. Esp since the others aren't recommended for her age anymore (ok, so I don't like them anyway, but the new recommendations reinforced that lol). Gonna keep up the warm tea (mint) and hon..... rats we're out of honey!!! She'll drink it on its own, but we prob should restock that lol. Anyways, and all that other fun stuff that helps it pass more easily. 

Onto where I feel like a horrible mother... Not only did I assume she was doing well enough to go play/stay overnight last night (and also assumed that someone had warned his mom when he asked... but won't say who that was lol), but we had work to do at the house today. And it was cold outside.  We did have her dressed warm and all that, but I still feel bad.  She had fun though, and she does seem better instead of worse... and I got some cute pics. 

Completely off topic, some pics from the mall play area last week/whenever that was that we were there. These were on my phone and I needed Baba to get them off for me lol. 

Back to today... We got her seat moved so we can get the infant one in soon. 

Oh guess who just woke up?

15 March, 2010

35 Weeks & My Goofy Girl

First off... No big update for week 35, but I do have a few things to mention. Esp since Baba was nice & took pics for me (so I actually have some half way decent ones). 

Beyond that I have a ton to do this week... Remember me saying I had to have certain things done by 36 weeks? Well time to get going right?

  • Wash the few clothes we do already have
  • Find a coming home outfit(s) 
  • Wash newborn diapers
  • Order covers... waiting on that last giftcard to hit so I can do that.
  • Go through blankets, find some to pack.. rewash
  • Pull out the infant seat, wash/air dry & install in truck
  • Run by the one place here that does carseat checks and get both inspected.
  • Wash the co-sleeper stuff
  • Keep working on class stuff
  • Make a list of songs in case I want them
  • Make a baby plan just in case anything changes (won't, but better safe than sorry)
  • Go through suggested packing list and get our bags packed & in the truck. 
  • Wonder if I'm missing anything lol
And of course there's all the other stuff I've got to get going on... like packing up our apartment. Fun fun.

On a completely different note...  

Today has been one of those days. Seriously annoyed. I wore myself out yesterday, want to do nothing but relax and I can't. 

Gran said she'd take Kalila for a bit, which is great... but it means I should be cleaning/putting away stuff right now. But no energy... Also means I need to rush the diapers in the wash when I can't (sick Kalila = extra care). Hoping they're done before she gets here or else I'm sending her w/ one cover & pockets (that need repairing but I can't because someone kept half their sewing machine when they sold it to us) as backup just in case the cover gets dirty. Lovely. Please let these be done first...  Anyways, as much as I want to rest while she's gone I know its not gonna happen.

Kalila's in a mood too. Refuses to pick up her toys. Won't stay at the table. Thrown food everywhere. Insists on going into the laundry room w/ me when I don't want her in there. I have a pile of clothes that needs to be rewashed because the drier didn't get them dry yesterday (after the 3rd cycle no less) so they're all mildewed and need to be rewashed when the diapers are done. 

The maintenance guy FINALLY came for the shower... has been weeks since we put in the request, which I'm assuming he never got because he got mad when I told him the thing hadn't been working correctly for so long. He replaced it pretty recently too so he's frustrated about that too. I have no idea why this thing keeps going out. Its something inside that he has to open up and everything... We were literally having to put the water all the way up on the hot side (like to scalding) to get a trickle of warm(ish) water... plenty of cold... but for 5 minutes of lukewarm we had to put it up that high & pray it'd last or not scald us because sometimes itd come out blazing hot for a few seconds. Awful. Anyways, he got it fixed again... but had to shut off the water to the entire place while he was doing it... in the middle of me washing diapers! 

So yeah I'm a little stressed... and tired... and as much as Kalila's misbehaving today, she's had a couple of those moments that have more than made up for it. & yes I got pics! 

A bit ago I heard her go in the kitchen and start shaking something, I asked her to come out... and she walked out asking for pasta. I looked up and saw this:

Then I made her a peanut butter sandwich. She got into her leftover cheeseburger from last night (was in the fridge) & made her own concoction of some sort. Not sure what you'd call it... but she wanted me to take pics of it too lol. 

MPM - Irish Week

I'm not even gonna try to say that we're gonna keep up with this week to week right now. Hopefully after Zavier comes... But Baba wants Irish week again. He loved it last year... As you can see I'm even having trouble with this one. I may update it as I figure out how to fill in the blanks. We'll see.


B - Cereal


B - Irish Omelette
L - Corned Beef & Cabbage
D - Leftovers


L - Colcannon
D - Leftovers


L - Bubble & Squeak
D - Leftovers


L - Fish Pie & Champ
D - Leftovers


L - Leftovers
D - Irish Stew


B - Cereal (No Lucky Charms lol... Kalila will eat the marshmallows and leave the rest!)
L - Family
D - Leftovers

 showing off a shamrock she found :-)

14 March, 2010

Sunday Fun

I'll apologize now, there's gonna be several new posts in a row again lol. MPM is making a brief comeback tomorrow and I have an update planned too. But first today... 

Baba had something to do last night so we decided to go to Mass this morning. A little worried... but I knew he'd be in the cry room w/ me so that should help right? Yes & no lol. We got there a few minutes late (as always) and she sat down with us and behaved for the first little bit. Seriously sat there! Then she got distracted by the kids/babies and decided to walk around... but she still did really good. Didn't hit anyone, wasn't loud, wasn't fighting us... It was great. Then she found someone w/ food... Stole a goldfish and when she saw Baba coming to get her/it she hid under a chair and shoved it down her throat before he could. He got her out, brought her back and made her sit on his lap after that... and as you can imagine she fought that. A few minutes later she pointed towards the windows and said she wanted to go sit in there. Said she would behave. Surprised and honestly a little doubtful, but we took her in there... and she really did behave. Granted it was just before Communion, so it wasn't that long that we were in there, but still. Big improvement. Curious to see if we can sit inside again next week. We'll see.. 

After Mass (and the usual coffee/donuts lol) we went out to eat w/ Gido... That's when she started getting a little rowdy. We all ended up getting onto her several times for standing in the chair, putting her feet on the wall and putting feet on the table. :-/ 

From there back here to change and meet up w/ Tia Myra. We haven't gotten to see her in forever so that was nice even if it was short (pretty much same situation we're in when we head down there.. too much to do and too little time). 

Then onto the house... Baba and Gido did yard work, mowing and pulling weeds... all that fun stuff. I cleaned inside, the fridge & stove. Kalila was supposed to watch movies on the laptop, but I'm much happier w/ what really happened. She went back and forth helping the rest of us out. She carried weeds to the pile, she wiped down a few drawers on the fridge... picked some flowers and shamrocks too lol. And got to see a grub, was very excited about that. She did watch a little of one of the movies, but was outside most of the afternoon. I loved it... and so did she. Towards the end she did start getting a little fussy, but it was nice. I really enjoyed it. We're planning to go back on Tuesday when Baba's off again. Glad I have a day off in between though because I'm exhausted now. 

12 March, 2010

Dr's Visit...

Well... Recently Kalila hasn't been feeling all that well. Wasn't anything huge so we hadn't gone in for it, doing what we could at home & hoping it'd pass... but yesterday her voice started to go. Scared us pretty good & we decided a dr's visit might be in order. We were thinking this weekend, but this morning we moved it up. 

Unfortunately her dr wasn't in today... Very sad. We like her a lot... But we saw one that we've seen once before (out of 2 others we've seen there, and I'm glad it was this one & not the other) and it went really well. 

Apparently there's a mild virus going around... most (if not all) of her symptoms line up with that or could be caused by it. Not fun, but just keep doing what we're doing... including let her eat whatever/whenever she wants lol. Yes the dr actually brought that up.... 

But.. when she looked at her throat she found Thrush (yeast). First off, so glad she's not nursing anymore lol. The dr didn't prescribe anything, actually gave advice that made me very happy... wants us to just try having her eat yogurt first. What's funny about that Kalila was begging for it this morning (we were out). She also said the voice thing could be caused by this... and if she's still horse in 2 weeks then we need to come back in. 

Big relief.. glad its nothing serious. 

Beyond that, have to write a little about the waiting room visit.  Kalila surprised us all... they have kid chairs there in diff colours... and this pattern on the floor that has most of those colours on it. Well Kalila moved the chairs to sit them on the matching colour! After we got them put back (lol) we sat her down w/ a pen & paper and she drew while Baba played sodoku on his phone and I read some of the baby magazines (and watched her of course).  Those surprised me too... They didn't have the one I like (of course) but the mainstream ones that usually bother me. This time there was several decent articles on breastfeeding in there (including one mentioning LAM), coupons for BumGenius AIO diapers, adds for Thirsties, Moby Wraps, and Milkies. Seriously my jaw about dropped! Of course they had to throw in some very bad diaper change advice... To be fair they were doing good until they got to the section on intact boys. Not my fight, but still bothered me because its advice that could hurt them... Anyways, just had to mention the whole thing because overall it was nice to see more stuff like that.

09 March, 2010

34 Week Update

Not a whole lot to say today... thankfully :-) 

Our appointment went well. Tests all came back good, everything normal. Zavier is still head down. Very happy about that... He's not posterior anymore either... although he still has a little ways to turn lol. Not too worried because he moves all the time. 

We talked about what happened on Saturday, and what to do if I start to worry again (before 36 weeks, after I already knew lol). Talked about all the other symptoms I've had lately... all are normal, nothing to worry about... which I figured.

Um... what will happen in the next few weeks. I guess this one kinda started it... They sent home the papers about the Group B test so we can make a decision about that... and will discuss it at our next appointment (36 weeks) along w/ what foods to bring, newborn options, etc. Fun fun. After that appointment we'll go from every two weeks to every week. I can't believe its that close lol. 

Another thing that was brought up is that since after my next appointment we'll technically be ok to have the baby (although I'd rather not... still pretty early lol), its also about the time we need to have our bag packed for the BC, the carseat installed, diapers & coming home outfit, etc.  She also said we should start stockpiling what foods we're bringing. Prob a good idea... As funny as a trip to HEB might be at that point... 

Talked more about who'll be there. Not like a list or anything, just that we do plan to have people in the waiting area, and Kalila in the birthing room. We'd talked about that before, but like I brought up awhile back... I was a little worried about if we need someone in there with us to keep an eye on her. They would prefer that so... more decisions to make. 

Getting tired now so can't really remember what all else lol. I know there was more, but nothing really big. Anyways, here's my 34 week picture and a couple Kalila snuck in on lol.

Oh, before I go... on a related note: I'm now officially having random people come up and ask how much longer I've got lol. 

And you see that sticker on Kalila's hand? She pointed to it at the store and said "Ach E B" I don't know if she's recognizing the logo (she does w/ Target) or the letters, but it really surprised me lol. Was cute. :-)