12 February, 2010

Stroller & Memories...

Before I start, I'll say I'm writing this on my own... not getting anything for this, no contests even...  Just my thoughts here.

Quite awhile back we picked up a new stroller. It's something Baba really wanted (I'm not a huge fan of strollers, but Kalila loves riding in them now so I wasn't gonna fight it lol). We had the travel system, but like I've mentioned before... that thing is a hassle. Plus its been taken apart to try and clean it and I really don't see me putting it back together lol. I got too upset at the thing last time I messed with it lol. We wanted another umbrella stroller because we would love the one we have, if not for the fact that its way too short and hurts our backs to use. 

So we looked at several and narrowed it down to two... I preferred one, Baba the other.. LOL Go figure right? A few days later, after looking up both and getting ideas about what others thought of them we went to Target and found one that we both loved, a little more like the one I'd picked lol... and on sale for less than them as well. Nice right? 

Its not really an umbrella stroller, I think its called a midsized one... much smaller than the travel systems, but has the conveniences that they do - the cupholders, shade and basket underneath. Plus it can lean back for sleeping babies... I don't remember if our ts did that, if it did it was harder to do than this one is lol. Looks like it will be easier to clean than the ts too... And its just tall enough to be comfortable for both of us. Anyways, its a Cosco Avila.. I couldn't find it on Target, but here's the Amazon link

I'm glad we picked it up when we did... but have had no reason to use it since. Between weather and me not feeling like walking anywhere it just hadn't happened...  but today I found a reason to get out and we did. Thankfully it wasn't too cold (and not raining for once). 

I like it... Back when I looked it up I saw a complaint online about the cupholders and I can see that one. They are kinda small. My drink did not fit well into the bigger one even. The thing they're on pops off easily too... but I can see an advantage to it... I put our diaper bag on, then put the tray on and it helped secure the bag lol. Yes, I could have put it underneath, but I just didn't want too. Kalila loves riding in it... and it is much easier to push than the umbrella stroller, even made it through the grassy area we have to pass so we could stay off the street! 

Soon after we got off the grass we came across some gravel and I started having problems there... All the sudden it wasn't steering very well and the wheel was working oddly, was hard to push. I stopped to see if something was wrong with it... and that's where the memories part of the whole thing comes in (and the real reason I'm writing this). 

The break was on! I'm guessing I stepped on it when I was trying to get from the grass to the sidewalk (odd angle). 

But yeah when I saw it I couldn't help but laugh because it took me back to high school. Long story short, one year I had a class w/ Betsy. Every day (or most days) I would leave early w/ her to help her to her next class... Well one day I went to do that and someone else in the class decided they were gonna do it instead (I'm guessing to get out early)... someone neither of us was friends with. I didn't let go, and at first neither did he... and poor Bets went every which direction, we bumped into desks and everything. Finally he gave up (I guess, I don't remember how it ended really, just that we finally got to go) and we took off. At first I was really confused at why I was having such a hard time pushing her out of the room and then it hit me her break was still on the whole time! We laughed about it the rest of the way. Made me smile when I thought of it.