07 February, 2010

St Maron's Day & Stuff

Today has been (more than) a pretty good day... which I really needed after the past few. Not that they were horrible or anything, but I had quite a few other things to vent about beyond what I did the other day lol.  Not going there right now though... 

Some of the good and/or cute things from the past few days (before I forget them lol)... 

  • Kalila has started putting things up to my tummy and telling me things about Zavier. Once it was a mini flash light, once a keychain, and the last time it was her toy telescope. It makes me smile every time... 
  • Not really going into the reason why, but it was time for another Mumble bath yesterday... Kalila helped me out w/ it and was actually a really big help. Was adorable. And fun... Couldn't get any pics of that, but did get some of her holding Mumble after.
  • My replacement phone came in :-) 
  • Kalila's started telling us she's a doctor. 
  • She made a wish at the end of her Dora book last night for Baba.
  •  Figured out that I did not lose pics from my old phone. The memory card still works!


  • Well we didn't go by the duplex, but we slept in pretty good, had a really good lunch and then Kalila fell asleep on the couch. 
  • I took a walk down to WalGreens for my prenatals (almost out) and really just enjoyed my walk. 
  • Kalila woke up just in time for us to realize we were gonna be late for Mass. Oops.  
  • Kalila played with one of her friends in the cry room... It was absolutely adorable. They're holding actual conversations now... Talking about their toys, and their mommies, and stuff. Too cute!
  • Today was St. Maron's Day (well its the 9th, but the hafli was tonight)... So we'd planned on going to that and have been looking forward to it for awhile. Glad we did because we did have a lot of fun. 

Ok, that last one deserves a whole section to itself lol.... 
  • Got a very few pictures... I think my favourites were of Kalila eating kibbe. 
  • Got a lot of videos...
  • Kalila ran around w/ the little kids for a good chunk of the evening. Played catch w/ some little boys, chased (and was chased by) the whole group. Danced. Got tackled. I wish I could have gotten more of it on video than I did lol.
  • She got extremely excited to watch the dancers... Called the girls princesses. I got some video of her (and them) but not the moment I wished I got. She was mimicking the girls, pretending her shirt was a scarf.
  • After the band  went on Kalila got away from me and got on stage.. was going after the mike. Mama not happy. After I got  ahold of her, she wasn't happy either because I wouldn't let her back down.
  • Got  a chance to talk to friends
  • This could go under the last, but I think it deserves its own lol. Had a really fun/funny conversation w/ Aunt Sonia about Zavier. She's his Godmother and is planning to be there when he's born... but another friend/cousin is getting married right around his due date (well past it really, but around when I'm hoping we'll make it to) so we were all joking about that. With Kalila it was Magic is the Night (thankfully I had her the day before), this time its the wedding. I really hope this doesn't happen, but like last time we're laughing about me going into labour then. I told Baba after we left that if it really does happen we can't leave for the Birth Center until after they cut the cake.
  • Kalila learned the word woman... and started calling me a silly woman. 
  • We saw someone ram the front gate w/ their truck trying to get out the entrance here... not such a good thing, but still wow. 

Before I post the video's... 

  • I've already warned you there's a ton. The upside is that they are all very very short. And should be pretty cute too :-)
  • I apologize if they're loud... I haven't watched em yet, but assuming they are because we were right in front of the speakers.
  • And I tried my best not to get butt shots of the dancers... We were in an awkward spot for taking video's lol. 


Deborah said...

um, is Mumble the cat? if so, I am in awe of you--if I tried to give my cats a bath, I would probably bleed to death in the process. We're still working on "claws are for getting the cable tie, not my fingers" and "I know there are scent glands in your mouth and you only mean to mark me as yours--not to hurt me--but that still does NOT make it okay to gnaw on my hand when I pet you." Yeah, we have a lot of teaching to do before the baby gets here...

Kalila is so adorable. I love seeing her pictures!

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks :-)

Mumble is the cat.. One of them anyway. She actually likes baths though. Kimosimi is another story. I wouldn't try it w/out Baba here. I can bath him, but need more backup than a 2 year old lol.