25 February, 2010

So Excited!!!

Got online this morning to see something on Facebook about the Thirsties Duo covers having a snap version now. I wasn't really upset that Thirsties didn't have snaps before... because their velcro holds up so much better than all the other brands we've tried (BumGenius, Bummis, Imse Vimse). But I still prefer snaps so this is huge. Esp since we haven't really started on our diaper stash yet. 

Well, in a way we have... We've picked up a few packages of Gerber prefolds, and a fb friend (remember that cloth diaper store that I used to love but closed?) is sending me some unused and barely used prefolds soon. I just got an email about that, so that adds to today's excitement lol. 

But that's all we've done... and since we started CDing Kalila when she was older we have no smaller covers.  When I made my lists I put x-small and both Duo sizes on there... Just took the Duo's off  since they're velcro. I figure when Pinstripes & Polkadots gets them in (and hopefully it wont be too long) I'll fix that. 

Now.. what I'm wondering (and the main reason I'm even writing this) is, should I leave the x-small on the list. I put them on because I heard they were great for newborn's and I like the cutout for the umbilical cord. But the Duo's say that size 1's fit as small as 6 lbs. Has anyone used them for newborns? I know they haven't been out long in general but still lol. It would be nice to not waste money if the x-small aren't needed, but I don't want to regret not getting them either if they are.


Lelo and Stitch said...

well maybe if you can't fiure out dont think of it as wasting money... whether or not the oter ones work with newborns if you get the xsmall ones you will use them.... so not really wasting money.... but I know what you really mean... but if you aren't comfortable trying the other one just think about it like that =)

Mama Kalila said...

Good point. Its not that I'm uncomfortable trying the other one though.. we plan on getting it either way is the thing.

kim said...

i would get extra small even if its just for the first few days. anything to make those first few days easier