28 February, 2010

Pregnancy & Other Vents

Gonna start off saying that I know I have no reason to complain about anything. Everything is going well. Everything is gonna be fine. I hear about mama's all the time that are going through a lot worse right now... but I still need to vent a second. 

My back hurts... and I haven't been able to do anything about it despite knowing what I can do. It hurt a bit before, pretty much since I fell at the wedding... and we got a recommendation for a chiropractor. Which would be great... but I haven't been able to go. And now Zavier's turned funky and I still haven't been so I've got both of those things going. They gave me things to do to turn him... but half the time I try to sit forward Kalila either climbs on my back or she pushes me back into the seat. Forget laying down w/ pillows on all fours (or whatever) because she'll climb on me. And we tried to get the yoga ball but of course we went to the one store that doesn't have them and haven't been able to go to another yet. Its aggravating. Ok, that last sentence was aimed at not getting to do anything about it yet, but the fact that it hurts in general does too... esp when I'm trying to clean. Or get anything done.  

Kalila... I know I'm worrying about nothing but I've had this constant thought in my head since the last visit. We were asked if anyone was gonna be there to take care of her. Baba said yes... because there will be several people in the waiting area. But we were only hoping to send her out there if she freaks (which we're not expecting, but could happen)... She is allowed in the room with us though and that's where we want her and have planned for her to be. Are we gonna need someone else in there to be w/ her specifically? I need to bring that up our next visit because if we do I have no idea who would be comfortable with that!   

We've settled on what we're going to do for childbirth classes and I'm very happy about that... but we can't order the materials until next month. Ok granted that is only, what, a day away... but still... Its cutting it very close esp with shipping. It takes like 4 to 7 days. I'm just praying it gets here in 4.  So nervous about how close we're cutting it with that. Its like 5 weeks worth of materials & I have 7 to my guess date... which works out unless someone decides to come earlier. (please no please no).  

This was our "go to Mass on Sunday (instead of Sat night)" week... which was great. Seriously I enjoyed it. Kalila (for the most part) did well in the cry room. She really has calmed down a lot. But I still feel bad because she runs around like crazy and most of the kids are a ton calmer than her. I know its just her personality but still its a little overwhelming. I loved seeing her interact w/ the younger kids (babies) this time though... it was cute. But she got mad at one of the older kids for being near one of the babies, tried ordering him around, tried to push him away from the baby & then got a ball from her cousin and threw it at (and hit) the boy. Yes she got in trouble... and is why I said for the most part at the beginning of this. And on top of that I think I'm the only one that doesn't allow snacks during Mass... (which I'm not meaning anything against them for that... is just not something I was raised to or will do) so I constantly feel like the bad guy/mean mommy because I have to get onto her for stealing/begging for it (note: she's already eaten right before and we get food immediately afterward), esp when its given by another adult. Which I know isn't that big a deal but add to being tired and sore... its aggravating too lol. I'd just like to go one week w/out feeling like I'm being mean the whole time.  

I've been trying to get pics all day and have had horrid luck. I really want one w/ all of us in it... but yeah no way to take it. I tried this morning and well you'll see in a sec how they turned out. I asked a friend to do it later, but we got distracted and it never happened. Go figure the one day I actually feel put together enough to take a decent one & I can't. Or felt that way... I've long since changed into cleaning clothes and tired and... eh. Yeah no more today.  


Baba just pointed out the expiration date on the milk he just bought... and Zavier will be here by the time it expires (not that there will be any left by then lol). How crazy is that? 


I don't know if I mentioned it before, but we won that $20 from Go Baby Go awhile back... and I still haven't picked what to get from there. Want Baba's input but he's ignoring me when I bring it up. Granted I know he's sick, and tired, and distracted.. but grrrrrrr... I'm indecisive.. He knows this! If they carried Thirsties it'd be a no brainer, but they don't... I keep looking at everything over and over and over... We planned to get a Moby wrap from there, but if we use it for that we'll need to wait to use it. Which is fine, I just need to know that. But we could also use it to help with our diaper stash, but with what? Do we really need any more prefolds? I need to see how many we have, but I can't finish doing that until I get the ones that are being sent (which is fine, not rushing to do that). I like the look of the fitted they have, esp since its OS... but do we really need one? I could try out the OS cover they have... have seen mixed reviews and am kinda curious and tech its free... and they have the KnickerNappies which I love... but that would take the whole gift certificate for one diaper and do we really need any more pockets? Wipes? Rash Cream maybe?  Maybe I should grab Kalila and have her pick.... might be faster that way. Or name them out loud and see when Zavier kicks. Mumble meows... Kimosimi taps the screen...

    At this point I'm rambling... sorry.. I need to be up and working on the house but go back to the first point up there and you can see why I'm not lol. 

    A few good things to end this with (before I scare you w/ the pics I've taken today of course)... 

    I got the cutest video of Kalila earlier. She loves this song and I'm glad I caught her singing along. The medicine reference at the end was her vitamin. She calls it medicine. It seems to be acting up at the moment (the video) but hopefully will work soon.

    Baba is doing better... Not anywhere close to completely being over whatever he caught, but better. I feel awful for him, but is nice to hear is voice coming back. 

    Zavier has been moving up a storm all day... Is too cute. 

    Ok, on to the pics... :-/

    This is me...

     Our family pics... At least Baba looks good. 

    These on the other hand didn't turn out quite as badly... 

    Kalila before Mass... 

    Kalila after Mass lol. I hate the way her neck does when she falls asleep in her seat now that she's FF. I can't figure out any safe way to fix it though. 

    Random I know.. but the clouds made Kilimanjaro. I have no clue if the pic turned out or not because it took forever for the picture to even take & by the end the clouds moved, we'll see in a second.  Rats you can't... :'-( Kibo was on the left side of the signs though and Mawenzi on the right... Just at about the hight you'd see them from Moshi... only they were clouds. It was weird. 

    Me... Finally got one & it looks like... well you can see for yourself. 

    Baba... was being goofy so I went to take a pic. He tried to stop me, but I got it lol.

    It took two takes to get this one not quite blurry, but cute pic of Baba & Kalila tonight. 

    And that's all the pics... unless I upload the ones Kalila just took and honestly I'm afraid to even look lol.


      Stacy aka Fahiima said...

      Does Kalila's seat have one of those legs that can fold in or out in the back? Layla still has the convertible seat she's always had, so I'm not sure how the boosters are different. I hate it when Layla's neck is bent at an awkward angle too. The other day I didn't have her seatbelt tight enough (no coat) and she managed to get the shoulder portion of the belt off. It freaked me out! I was able to pull over after a bit and fix it.

      Mama Kalila said...

      Leg in back? Kalila's in a convertable seat too.. but has no leg. She's nowhere near old enough or big enough to be in a booster (shudder). Anyways, when FF the seat has to be flush with the seat so even if there was something in back to let it recline like a RF seat (or like it does when RF, hers adjusts on the base to do it) you really can't.

      That would have scared me too! If Layla's coat is big enough to make a difference in the tightness you might look into if it is allowed to be on in the seat at all (just word of warning there, I didn't find that out until Kalila was older). Light jackets are fine, winter coats have to come off.

      Mama Kalila said...

      Btw I hope that didn't come across as rude, I didn't mean it to be. Was just my first thought when I heard/read coat because I felt so bad when I realized we should have been taking Kalila's off and hadn't.

      kim said...

      last baby I ended up bringing james with me into the delivery room (he was 3.5 at the time)...this wasn't intended it just happened since he wouldn't go with the sitter we had for the other kids at home. I think it would be easier if someone could be there for her also to take her in and out or get her a snack or whatever. Eventually we had to take him out of there the next morning since he got too fussy and wanted to go home when a sitter he knew better could come for him the next day.

      Mama Kalila said...

      Awww.. Well that stuff isn't an issue for us. Kalila can walk out of the room just fine (she walks in and out of the exam room to the reception and waiting rooms all the time during our appointments). And we'll be home by that night (or the next if I have him at night). I think the main issue is just having someone watch out for her while the others are focused on me... which makes sense.