22 February, 2010

Poor Baba

Ok, so the post about the trip is gonna wait because I can't get the pics on here just yet. I don't know how to do it on the desktop and my laptop is out for awhile (hopefully not too long). I'm thinking about combining it w/ my post tomorrow but that might make for a long post lol.

Poor Baba though... is sick. So instead of enjoying his 4 day weekend, he's been miserable today. Thankfully the weekend was great... but still. I feel bad for him. His fever did come down a little while ago (may be headed up again though... looks like it, but hoping it doesn't!) and he had some soup so... hopefully it won't last long. 

Since he's feeling bad, Kalila went w/ Gran this evening and I got a call awhile ago asking if they could keep her overnight. We're both fine with that lol. I'm a bit in awe of how grown up little miss sounded on the phone when I talked to her. As much as I'm gonna miss her tonight, as I do miss her... I'm glad she's staying. Baba needs his rest and the break is nice. And since I have it I'm getting off here and gonna try to enjoy it!