26 February, 2010

Lent, Lentils & Chocolate

Not that its any big shock, but I am still having trouble keeping up w/ my menu's lately. And I've found that its worse this time of year... to not have one I mean. Friday comes around and I draw an absolute blank at what to make. 

Today was awful... Baba wanted Tuna Helper for lunch... which is fine, but it meant we had it too and cut out one option for tonight. I didn't want pasta again, we've had a ton of it lately.... Finally settled on a lentil recipe that I've wanted to try but hadn't. 

Crockpot Honey Lentils

Now as you can imagine, this takes time... so I made us peanut butter sandwiches to tide us over... and Kalila ended up smearing hers on Kimosimi while I had my back turned to dump the lentils in the crockpot! 

Partway through throwing ingredients in I realized that I didn't have enough honey. So was very unsure of how it'd turn out... and grew more so as it cooked. The smell was awful. Somehow though it tasted good. 

I liked it anyway... we'll see about Kalila. She fell asleep on me. This no nap thing has equaled her going to sleep earlier. Unfortunately it was on this chair (comp chair) first and then the couch... I can't get her moved for anything. Hopefully Baba will convince her to go to her bed tonight. I doubt it though lol. She's been very stubborn lately about wanting to sleep with us. So odd because she was doing good before. Eh. 

I really can't wait until Baba comes home tonight either way. For one thing I need a hug. And for another he picked me up dark chocolate on his lunch break. So glad he's off for the weekend again too. Hopefully he'll completely get over whatever he has... and besides... its just nice when he's off.