04 February, 2010


Keep in mind that I'm not 100% sure if this is true or not... but I may have found another reason to avoid fabric softeners (and detergents with them in it like Dreft). 

Someone on CafeMom mentioned that they heard that softeners interfere with fire retardant materials... My first thought was yeah right... Dreft is full of them and marketed towards baby clothes and stuff that is almost all (unless you get organic cotton or something else w/out the chemicals on it.. we have a few like that) falls under that category. 

But I thought I'd look it up... and I've found several sites citing it, saying that it breaks down the chemicals used to make it fire retardant. 

Definitely something to research more... not that we use them anymore anyway lol... I much prefer using vinegar... but still curious.


Keith said...

Hmm. Never thought about that. Although I must say I've never really given any consideration to whether any clothes I wear (or Grayson for that matter) is flame retardant to begin with...

Mama Kalila said...

Well its a safe bet Graysons are... at the very least his pj's are.. unless they came w/ a big yellow tag saying they aren't lol. They're required to do that.