14 February, 2010

Happy Valentines Day (Part 2)

I hope everyone has had a great Valentine's Day... We really have. 

We went to Mass last night, not so much so that we could go out today (although that was an upside) but because its been easier on us to do so lately lol. But since Valentine's was on Sunday this year it wasn't a leap to take advantage of that... We sent Kalila w/ Gido this morning (so she went twice this weekend lol) and got ready for our date. 

First we went out to eat... at this little Italian place that we've gone to every Valentine's Day since we've been together. I love it... The food was great (as always) and it was just nice having a meal together just the two of us, getting to talk and all that. 

Then we went to the movies... saw Leap Year. I have to laugh at myself because I started crying during the previews... there was one for the movie 4 Babies (or something like that). Looks cute and I'd like to see it, but yeah... I started crying. Leap Year was great though. We both really enjoyed it. Was a lot funnier than I expected too. My only complaint was that seeing a movie this far into a pregnancy is rough. I'm glad we went though. Besides, the theatre we went too has the arm rests that move up so that helped a lot.

We were gonna pick up Kalila when it was over and go walk around somewhere... but Gido had taken her to the mall at that point so we came back here and rested. Was probably for the best since we were both so tired by then. 

So yeah... great Valentine's Day here...