17 February, 2010

Detergent Figures & New Recipe

Ok got the figures done from the detergent I made...

I washed 47 loads w/ it... if I didn't miss marking any loads (so could have been a few more, but giving myself the benefit of the doubt here). 

I have since found out that I spent way too much on washing soda... its available for about $3 at HEB as opposed to the $9 plus s/h online... My last ivory run I got that for less as well... :-/

But going from what I paid originally this was 6 cents a load. More than what I remembered seeing quoted, but still better than what we were doing.  

Now if I'd bought the washing soda at HEB (but keeping original Ivory price because I forget what I paid this time for it) it would have been 3 cents a load.  Yes, I'm going to start buying washing soda there lol. 

Note: have to add.. I will have Baba go over these figures later. I used a calculator and they should be right... but I know how I am at math lol. 

I did like the recipe I used before... but I hate working with borax and found a recipe that does not have it... Linked here, but basically... 

1 cup grated ivory (or other soap)
1/2 cup washing soda
1/2 cup oxiclean

I'll figure this one up when its out as well... we get oxiclean at Sams so that should be fun to figure out lol. I'll update w/ how it works when I try it but not expecting bad results at all...