15 February, 2010

31 Weeks

No appointment today of course... that's next week so just a short update.

Seeing the widget on the side here kinda weirds me out now lol. Seems like such a short time that it can't be right.

I have had a cough the past few days... and have just felt crummy all day today. I'm hoping it goes away and doesn't turn into anything worse. Is just annoying at this point. I know I've been more than a little grumpy today and its probably tied into this lol.

Zavier is doing well though... kicking up a storm. Kalila is still pretending to check up on him too. She loves "listening to him" and stuff. 

I need to pick up more of my supplements... Literally will be out of one tonight (and I'm already on my second bottle of that one) and the other in a few days. 
Starting to have trouble getting up when I'm lying down. Not sure if its just the baby or that combined w/ not feeling well... but its def been a lot harder lately lol. 

Haven't gotten back to working out (unless you count that walk Friday or walking around a store last night or chasing down Kalila all day lol). I want too... but dont really feel like it either.

Can't really think of anything else right now lol.