28 February, 2010

Pregnancy & Other Vents

Gonna start off saying that I know I have no reason to complain about anything. Everything is going well. Everything is gonna be fine. I hear about mama's all the time that are going through a lot worse right now... but I still need to vent a second. 

My back hurts... and I haven't been able to do anything about it despite knowing what I can do. It hurt a bit before, pretty much since I fell at the wedding... and we got a recommendation for a chiropractor. Which would be great... but I haven't been able to go. And now Zavier's turned funky and I still haven't been so I've got both of those things going. They gave me things to do to turn him... but half the time I try to sit forward Kalila either climbs on my back or she pushes me back into the seat. Forget laying down w/ pillows on all fours (or whatever) because she'll climb on me. And we tried to get the yoga ball but of course we went to the one store that doesn't have them and haven't been able to go to another yet. Its aggravating. Ok, that last sentence was aimed at not getting to do anything about it yet, but the fact that it hurts in general does too... esp when I'm trying to clean. Or get anything done.  

Kalila... I know I'm worrying about nothing but I've had this constant thought in my head since the last visit. We were asked if anyone was gonna be there to take care of her. Baba said yes... because there will be several people in the waiting area. But we were only hoping to send her out there if she freaks (which we're not expecting, but could happen)... She is allowed in the room with us though and that's where we want her and have planned for her to be. Are we gonna need someone else in there to be w/ her specifically? I need to bring that up our next visit because if we do I have no idea who would be comfortable with that!   

We've settled on what we're going to do for childbirth classes and I'm very happy about that... but we can't order the materials until next month. Ok granted that is only, what, a day away... but still... Its cutting it very close esp with shipping. It takes like 4 to 7 days. I'm just praying it gets here in 4.  So nervous about how close we're cutting it with that. Its like 5 weeks worth of materials & I have 7 to my guess date... which works out unless someone decides to come earlier. (please no please no).  

This was our "go to Mass on Sunday (instead of Sat night)" week... which was great. Seriously I enjoyed it. Kalila (for the most part) did well in the cry room. She really has calmed down a lot. But I still feel bad because she runs around like crazy and most of the kids are a ton calmer than her. I know its just her personality but still its a little overwhelming. I loved seeing her interact w/ the younger kids (babies) this time though... it was cute. But she got mad at one of the older kids for being near one of the babies, tried ordering him around, tried to push him away from the baby & then got a ball from her cousin and threw it at (and hit) the boy. Yes she got in trouble... and is why I said for the most part at the beginning of this. And on top of that I think I'm the only one that doesn't allow snacks during Mass... (which I'm not meaning anything against them for that... is just not something I was raised to or will do) so I constantly feel like the bad guy/mean mommy because I have to get onto her for stealing/begging for it (note: she's already eaten right before and we get food immediately afterward), esp when its given by another adult. Which I know isn't that big a deal but add to being tired and sore... its aggravating too lol. I'd just like to go one week w/out feeling like I'm being mean the whole time.  

I've been trying to get pics all day and have had horrid luck. I really want one w/ all of us in it... but yeah no way to take it. I tried this morning and well you'll see in a sec how they turned out. I asked a friend to do it later, but we got distracted and it never happened. Go figure the one day I actually feel put together enough to take a decent one & I can't. Or felt that way... I've long since changed into cleaning clothes and tired and... eh. Yeah no more today.  


Baba just pointed out the expiration date on the milk he just bought... and Zavier will be here by the time it expires (not that there will be any left by then lol). How crazy is that? 


I don't know if I mentioned it before, but we won that $20 from Go Baby Go awhile back... and I still haven't picked what to get from there. Want Baba's input but he's ignoring me when I bring it up. Granted I know he's sick, and tired, and distracted.. but grrrrrrr... I'm indecisive.. He knows this! If they carried Thirsties it'd be a no brainer, but they don't... I keep looking at everything over and over and over... We planned to get a Moby wrap from there, but if we use it for that we'll need to wait to use it. Which is fine, I just need to know that. But we could also use it to help with our diaper stash, but with what? Do we really need any more prefolds? I need to see how many we have, but I can't finish doing that until I get the ones that are being sent (which is fine, not rushing to do that). I like the look of the fitted they have, esp since its OS... but do we really need one? I could try out the OS cover they have... have seen mixed reviews and am kinda curious and tech its free... and they have the KnickerNappies which I love... but that would take the whole gift certificate for one diaper and do we really need any more pockets? Wipes? Rash Cream maybe?  Maybe I should grab Kalila and have her pick.... might be faster that way. Or name them out loud and see when Zavier kicks. Mumble meows... Kimosimi taps the screen...

    At this point I'm rambling... sorry.. I need to be up and working on the house but go back to the first point up there and you can see why I'm not lol. 

    A few good things to end this with (before I scare you w/ the pics I've taken today of course)... 

    I got the cutest video of Kalila earlier. She loves this song and I'm glad I caught her singing along. The medicine reference at the end was her vitamin. She calls it medicine. It seems to be acting up at the moment (the video) but hopefully will work soon.

    Baba is doing better... Not anywhere close to completely being over whatever he caught, but better. I feel awful for him, but is nice to hear is voice coming back. 

    Zavier has been moving up a storm all day... Is too cute. 

    Ok, on to the pics... :-/

    This is me...

     Our family pics... At least Baba looks good. 

    These on the other hand didn't turn out quite as badly... 

    Kalila before Mass... 

    Kalila after Mass lol. I hate the way her neck does when she falls asleep in her seat now that she's FF. I can't figure out any safe way to fix it though. 

    Random I know.. but the clouds made Kilimanjaro. I have no clue if the pic turned out or not because it took forever for the picture to even take & by the end the clouds moved, we'll see in a second.  Rats you can't... :'-( Kibo was on the left side of the signs though and Mawenzi on the right... Just at about the hight you'd see them from Moshi... only they were clouds. It was weird. 

    Me... Finally got one & it looks like... well you can see for yourself. 

    Baba... was being goofy so I went to take a pic. He tried to stop me, but I got it lol.

    It took two takes to get this one not quite blurry, but cute pic of Baba & Kalila tonight. 

    And that's all the pics... unless I upload the ones Kalila just took and honestly I'm afraid to even look lol.

      27 February, 2010


      I got tired of the old background lol. Was just too cold... I'm ready for warm weather... consistantly warm weather. Figured this was a good place to start! Thankfully its much simpler to switch than it used to be. No fixing links, no losing widgets, none of that... 

      I wanted to use a layout w/ this cute baby bump pic... but... It didn't have the links at the top & I couldn't figure out how to add them in so it didn't work. Oh well. This one is pretty, or at least I think it is. 

      Speaking of links... a few of mine are hidden on this new layout. I still need to figure out how to change the colour from white lol. Afrika, Uncut & Avon are all under the first three links. I'm not worrying about it though. I still haven't gotten to messing w/ the first, the second those of you who have it have it anyway & the last one is linked on the side too. 

      Ok slightly creeped out. I went to get the camera, since I do have some pics to share lol, and the closet light was on. I turned it off earlier! I swear I did. I remember doing it. Noone else is home... 

      Now pics... 

      This first one I got a couple days ago... nights ago really. Kalila's taken to skipping her naps and falling asleep here on this chair w/ me. This was the first time... she did it again last night though. Really it was just too cute not to take a picture of. At least last night she laid down instead of sitting up like this lol.

      Kalila has also taken to stealing my camera apparently... and taking all sorts of odd pics with it. I knew about this first one... Was of Baba when he was sick (or when he first got sick). Ignore the mess... like I said, he was sick & we'd just gotten home from the trip so I hadn't gotten stuff put away yet lol. 

      This one (and a few others like it) were a real surprise to me when I pulled them up a second ago though! 

      Oh.. now that I see it more closely I see why she did it.. LOL she was taking a pic of Boots. How funny.... Reminds me I need to set up on the paper towel things though. I found a tip about using them to hold cords... so I've been trying to save them up so I can do that. As you can see the ones here keep slipping :-/ 

      Alright I'm off and back to work.. .was taking a choc break lol.

      26 February, 2010

      Lent, Lentils & Chocolate

      Not that its any big shock, but I am still having trouble keeping up w/ my menu's lately. And I've found that its worse this time of year... to not have one I mean. Friday comes around and I draw an absolute blank at what to make. 

      Today was awful... Baba wanted Tuna Helper for lunch... which is fine, but it meant we had it too and cut out one option for tonight. I didn't want pasta again, we've had a ton of it lately.... Finally settled on a lentil recipe that I've wanted to try but hadn't. 

      Crockpot Honey Lentils

      Now as you can imagine, this takes time... so I made us peanut butter sandwiches to tide us over... and Kalila ended up smearing hers on Kimosimi while I had my back turned to dump the lentils in the crockpot! 

      Partway through throwing ingredients in I realized that I didn't have enough honey. So was very unsure of how it'd turn out... and grew more so as it cooked. The smell was awful. Somehow though it tasted good. 

      I liked it anyway... we'll see about Kalila. She fell asleep on me. This no nap thing has equaled her going to sleep earlier. Unfortunately it was on this chair (comp chair) first and then the couch... I can't get her moved for anything. Hopefully Baba will convince her to go to her bed tonight. I doubt it though lol. She's been very stubborn lately about wanting to sleep with us. So odd because she was doing good before. Eh. 

      I really can't wait until Baba comes home tonight either way. For one thing I need a hug. And for another he picked me up dark chocolate on his lunch break. So glad he's off for the weekend again too. Hopefully he'll completely get over whatever he has... and besides... its just nice when he's off.

      25 February, 2010

      So Excited!!!

      Got online this morning to see something on Facebook about the Thirsties Duo covers having a snap version now. I wasn't really upset that Thirsties didn't have snaps before... because their velcro holds up so much better than all the other brands we've tried (BumGenius, Bummis, Imse Vimse). But I still prefer snaps so this is huge. Esp since we haven't really started on our diaper stash yet. 

      Well, in a way we have... We've picked up a few packages of Gerber prefolds, and a fb friend (remember that cloth diaper store that I used to love but closed?) is sending me some unused and barely used prefolds soon. I just got an email about that, so that adds to today's excitement lol. 

      But that's all we've done... and since we started CDing Kalila when she was older we have no smaller covers.  When I made my lists I put x-small and both Duo sizes on there... Just took the Duo's off  since they're velcro. I figure when Pinstripes & Polkadots gets them in (and hopefully it wont be too long) I'll fix that. 

      Now.. what I'm wondering (and the main reason I'm even writing this) is, should I leave the x-small on the list. I put them on because I heard they were great for newborn's and I like the cutout for the umbilical cord. But the Duo's say that size 1's fit as small as 6 lbs. Has anyone used them for newborns? I know they haven't been out long in general but still lol. It would be nice to not waste money if the x-small aren't needed, but I don't want to regret not getting them either if they are.

      23 February, 2010

      32 Week's Now...

      Well, if I can ever find the cord so I can upload pics... I purposefully used the real camera so I could post them and now can't find the cord lol. Anyways...

      Not a whole lot to say about the appointment. It went well. My tests all came out great. I was so afraid they wouldn't, esp since I felt bad yesterday morning and Baba's been sick... but no. Perfect. Everyone very happy with that! I did seem to gain a lot of weight in the last two weeks... like over 7 lbs lol. But I'm putting at least some of that up to wearing heavier clothes and shoes.

      The one big thing that did come up... is that we figured out why my back has started hurting so much lately. Really only in the last day... At first we were thinking the trip last weekend. All that time in the truck would make perfect sense, even the midwife chalked it up to that... until she felt the baby. He's still head down, but he's posterior (facing up). Back pain explained.  She gave me some tips to get him to turn around, so hopefully that will happen soon.

      Odd side note.. .was talking to Baba a min ago about when Kalila was born (because this part is not something I exactly saw lol) and he said she was looking up when she was born. He didn't realize that wasn't "normal" or whatever. All the sudden things from the end of that pg make sense too. I was never told what position she was in (and honestly I can't tell myself for anything.. I know there's ways to tell but they go right over my head lol) and assumed she was facing down.

      We also talked a lot about what will happen as I get farther along... which isn't that far away lol. We talked about classes too and Baba & I have made a decision. As much as I would like to take the actual classes, the home version will work better for us. I just need to look into where to get the materials now. I know where, but still... gotta compare prices first. 

      And that was it really. Oh Kalila. First off we talked about her being there and what to do to prepare her a little more. Got some good tips.  And of course she ran around being cute... Showed off her A, B, C skills. Pointed them out on cards... and then had to help with the doppler. She got to push the button to turn it on. Too cute! 

      Ok, let me look for that cord so I can publish this now :-)

      Ignore me being a mess btw... nasty weather!

      22 February, 2010

      Poor Baba

      Ok, so the post about the trip is gonna wait because I can't get the pics on here just yet. I don't know how to do it on the desktop and my laptop is out for awhile (hopefully not too long). I'm thinking about combining it w/ my post tomorrow but that might make for a long post lol.

      Poor Baba though... is sick. So instead of enjoying his 4 day weekend, he's been miserable today. Thankfully the weekend was great... but still. I feel bad for him. His fever did come down a little while ago (may be headed up again though... looks like it, but hoping it doesn't!) and he had some soup so... hopefully it won't last long. 

      Since he's feeling bad, Kalila went w/ Gran this evening and I got a call awhile ago asking if they could keep her overnight. We're both fine with that lol. I'm a bit in awe of how grown up little miss sounded on the phone when I talked to her. As much as I'm gonna miss her tonight, as I do miss her... I'm glad she's staying. Baba needs his rest and the break is nice. And since I have it I'm getting off here and gonna try to enjoy it!

      19 February, 2010

      An Unstream

      Gonna do this a bit like my streams, but... I have very specific things I want/need to say so it's not really one lol.


      First off... We're going out of town this weekend. This trip has been put off for quite awhile and I'm really looking forward to it. Is gonna be a lot faster than I would like... We're literally leaving early tomorrow morning, stopping in FS to visit w/ Granny and her side of the family (I wish we could see some friends too but I really don't know that we'll have the time... would be nice if we could though).  We're leaving there that same evening and heading to VH to stay the night w/ Grandma & Grandpa... Will leave to come back Sunday afternoon sometime.  

      So... I'll be offline all weekend, not that that's unusual.. weekends are usually pretty busy for me even here. I will have my phone so twitter updates will prob happen. 


      I hadn't planned on this one... until it happened a little while ago. Baba was changing cat litter and little miss got into the bag (of clean litter that is) and dumped it in the cats water dish. So mad... Thankfully we caught it early and got the thing turned off before any got in the filter or pump. She's already ruined one filter w/ putting cat food in there and pulling out chunks (sticking her finger in the hole). Which also means she already knows better than to put anything in there... We've discussed staying away from it and what happens if she doesn't several times. She's gotten in trouble several times. Finally things were looking better.. has been over a month since she's gone near it. Until today of course... and then I ended up spilling water everywhere when i went to clean it... Baba was nice though and helped out w/ that while I took the pump to the half bath to see if the filter would reach from the one outlet there to the floor, it does thankfully... We didn't put it in there originally because we didn't think it would.  Anyways, as much as i have to do today that did not make me happy...

      Cute story for today though... She got upset (as usual, esp lately) when Baba was getting ready to leave for work. She stormed into her room, slammed the door... all that fun stuff. Well a few min later she came out and yelled at him (while waving her finger) that he's not going bye bye and that she needed to go to work. Somehow we both managed not to laugh, but it was really cute... You know in that whole she doesn't need to be talking to him like that kinda way.


      Baba found a dog outside last night... Turns out it was the maintenence guy's dog... but poor thing looked miserable. She's very pregnant and hungry. We felt awful... But between how little space is in here, the cats and Kalila... there's no way we could bring her in for the night. She was a mess and we had no idea how healthy she was. She did get some food though and Baba went to the office to report it first thing this morning.


      As someone so nicely pointed out... our Valentine's crafts project was in an awkward spot. Def not my first choice... no where close. But not going into that because I'd be repeating what I already wrote when I posted that original post.  The only reason I bring it up is that Kalila has been begging to paint again.  

      Well... we've got our table back... also not my first choice of a spot (and I got first hand experience yesterday to back that up)... But... doable. Like I said before, I can't wait until we move...  (pretty much counting down days... and if you wonder how long we've got, take a look at my baby widget on the side and you've got an idea...) Gonna try to do as much of this type of thing as we can outside, but we're planning to have a small table in the kitchen too and I'm thinking that would be tons better than on this one.

      Anyways, got some cute pictures while she was at it... She had a blast so it was worth it (as was last time).  My favourite part was that she told me "Baba's definitely gonna like it"   LOL Definitely? Well he did... but it cracks me up to hear words like that come out of her mouth...


      Ok this is random and unplanned, but I was just told that she has a spider walking on her water??? She's still talking about those things!


      And before I go... I have no idea how much I'll be on or how often I'll post after this trip either. I'm going to start babysitting for one of Jas' cousins starting Monday. Its Mon - Fri every other week... which I think works out well because I'll have a good amount of down time to rest and stuff. I'm really looking forward to it too. I miss babysitting... and it'll be interesting to see how Kalila does w/ a little baby around more often. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is getting used to waking up earlier. I need to do that anyway though... and I'm hoping this will help me get on a better schedule. Kalila's is pretty decent (well, she has her days of course lol) but mine is horrid lately.


      Anyways time to get back to work :-)

      17 February, 2010

      Detergent Figures & New Recipe

      Ok got the figures done from the detergent I made...

      I washed 47 loads w/ it... if I didn't miss marking any loads (so could have been a few more, but giving myself the benefit of the doubt here). 

      I have since found out that I spent way too much on washing soda... its available for about $3 at HEB as opposed to the $9 plus s/h online... My last ivory run I got that for less as well... :-/

      But going from what I paid originally this was 6 cents a load. More than what I remembered seeing quoted, but still better than what we were doing.  

      Now if I'd bought the washing soda at HEB (but keeping original Ivory price because I forget what I paid this time for it) it would have been 3 cents a load.  Yes, I'm going to start buying washing soda there lol. 

      Note: have to add.. I will have Baba go over these figures later. I used a calculator and they should be right... but I know how I am at math lol. 

      I did like the recipe I used before... but I hate working with borax and found a recipe that does not have it... Linked here, but basically... 

      1 cup grated ivory (or other soap)
      1/2 cup washing soda
      1/2 cup oxiclean

      I'll figure this one up when its out as well... we get oxiclean at Sams so that should be fun to figure out lol. I'll update w/ how it works when I try it but not expecting bad results at all...

      15 February, 2010

      31 Weeks

      No appointment today of course... that's next week so just a short update.

      Seeing the widget on the side here kinda weirds me out now lol. Seems like such a short time that it can't be right.

      I have had a cough the past few days... and have just felt crummy all day today. I'm hoping it goes away and doesn't turn into anything worse. Is just annoying at this point. I know I've been more than a little grumpy today and its probably tied into this lol.

      Zavier is doing well though... kicking up a storm. Kalila is still pretending to check up on him too. She loves "listening to him" and stuff. 

      I need to pick up more of my supplements... Literally will be out of one tonight (and I'm already on my second bottle of that one) and the other in a few days. 
      Starting to have trouble getting up when I'm lying down. Not sure if its just the baby or that combined w/ not feeling well... but its def been a lot harder lately lol. 

      Haven't gotten back to working out (unless you count that walk Friday or walking around a store last night or chasing down Kalila all day lol). I want too... but dont really feel like it either.

      Can't really think of anything else right now lol. 

      Revisiting Boosters

      Don't worry this is gonna be short (mostly because I don't want to get myself into trouble here)... But I was looking up my old carseat posts and saw this one on Boosters here. I had just started researching carseat stuff (which will continue as long as we have kids between laws changing and everything else) and was still questioning this part a bit... Knew it shouldn't be an issue yet, but wasn't sure what was what with them. 

      So I brought up the age thing before... Yes some of them do say a kid can go in as young as 3... but its not true. Check your states laws first... here the child has to be both (not just one) 4 years old and 40 lbs. 

      I also mentioned that we got a seat that goes from FF to booster... We did. However its unlikely that she will be ready or legal to use it as a booster by the time she hits the harness limits. Thankfully getting the My Ride should help with that... We'll have to shuffle the kids around a bit but it'll work lol. 

       Like I said, gonna be good and keep this short. Just wanted to update from what I had posted before since its on my mind lately.

      14 February, 2010

      Happy Valentines Day (Part 2)

      I hope everyone has had a great Valentine's Day... We really have. 

      We went to Mass last night, not so much so that we could go out today (although that was an upside) but because its been easier on us to do so lately lol. But since Valentine's was on Sunday this year it wasn't a leap to take advantage of that... We sent Kalila w/ Gido this morning (so she went twice this weekend lol) and got ready for our date. 

      First we went out to eat... at this little Italian place that we've gone to every Valentine's Day since we've been together. I love it... The food was great (as always) and it was just nice having a meal together just the two of us, getting to talk and all that. 

      Then we went to the movies... saw Leap Year. I have to laugh at myself because I started crying during the previews... there was one for the movie 4 Babies (or something like that). Looks cute and I'd like to see it, but yeah... I started crying. Leap Year was great though. We both really enjoyed it. Was a lot funnier than I expected too. My only complaint was that seeing a movie this far into a pregnancy is rough. I'm glad we went though. Besides, the theatre we went too has the arm rests that move up so that helped a lot.

      We were gonna pick up Kalila when it was over and go walk around somewhere... but Gido had taken her to the mall at that point so we came back here and rested. Was probably for the best since we were both so tired by then. 

      So yeah... great Valentine's Day here...

      Happy Valentines Day (Part 1)

      Yes, part one lol. 

      Tomorrow we're going out to celebrate and I am so looking forward to it. Kalila is going w/ Gido so we get some time to ourselves :-D I'll skip the plans for that now though and tell you all about it tomorrow (or Monday). 

      So what do I have to post tonight?  Kalila's first Valentines experience... Soooooo cute!!!!!!

      It hit me yesterday that she might have fun making something for Baba... We've been sadly lacking in arts type activities here, mostly because of space issues (and dreading the mess... can't wait until we can do stuff outside lol). But she's been obsessed w/ painting lately, partly my fault from painting her toes... and I know she needs more stuff like that. So I decided to have her make him a card... and then it hit me that he's off today so we needed to rush!

      That's why we went for that walk yesterday lol. We had no construction paper, no glue, no kid scissors... Went to pick them up and found some water colour paints and stickers too.. I let her pick out that last one (was Mickey Valentines ones). 

      She was so excited about the whole project that we had to do it right away when we got home... I decided to do it in our bedroom because it seemed the least likely to be an issue if there was a mess made. I put down a towel on the bed and figured between it, the sheets and the mattress protector we'd be good. I was right... at one point the (dirty) water spilled. And it was no issue to get up...

      Obviously she's never cut before so I had to do that part, but I did let her get a little practice in on her own and she was just as excited about that as the painting. Partly surprised, but partly not because she has been talking about scissors for awhile (mentioned in a book she has). Yes I have put them up where she can't get to them and cut random things she shouldn't lol. 

      She did most of the painting completely on her own... I helped her w/ the writing of course (held her hand).. and she picked out which stickers she wanted and where they went. 

      I took a ton of pictures... Don't worry not putting all of them up lol. Went a bit overboard, but here are some of my fav's.. 

      And since Baba gave us gifts tonight... 

      Kalila's - 

      Mine (didn't wait to take a pic obviously lol) - 

      She gave him his card a little early too. 

      12 February, 2010

      Stroller & Memories...

      Before I start, I'll say I'm writing this on my own... not getting anything for this, no contests even...  Just my thoughts here.

      Quite awhile back we picked up a new stroller. It's something Baba really wanted (I'm not a huge fan of strollers, but Kalila loves riding in them now so I wasn't gonna fight it lol). We had the travel system, but like I've mentioned before... that thing is a hassle. Plus its been taken apart to try and clean it and I really don't see me putting it back together lol. I got too upset at the thing last time I messed with it lol. We wanted another umbrella stroller because we would love the one we have, if not for the fact that its way too short and hurts our backs to use. 

      So we looked at several and narrowed it down to two... I preferred one, Baba the other.. LOL Go figure right? A few days later, after looking up both and getting ideas about what others thought of them we went to Target and found one that we both loved, a little more like the one I'd picked lol... and on sale for less than them as well. Nice right? 

      Its not really an umbrella stroller, I think its called a midsized one... much smaller than the travel systems, but has the conveniences that they do - the cupholders, shade and basket underneath. Plus it can lean back for sleeping babies... I don't remember if our ts did that, if it did it was harder to do than this one is lol. Looks like it will be easier to clean than the ts too... And its just tall enough to be comfortable for both of us. Anyways, its a Cosco Avila.. I couldn't find it on Target, but here's the Amazon link

      I'm glad we picked it up when we did... but have had no reason to use it since. Between weather and me not feeling like walking anywhere it just hadn't happened...  but today I found a reason to get out and we did. Thankfully it wasn't too cold (and not raining for once). 

      I like it... Back when I looked it up I saw a complaint online about the cupholders and I can see that one. They are kinda small. My drink did not fit well into the bigger one even. The thing they're on pops off easily too... but I can see an advantage to it... I put our diaper bag on, then put the tray on and it helped secure the bag lol. Yes, I could have put it underneath, but I just didn't want too. Kalila loves riding in it... and it is much easier to push than the umbrella stroller, even made it through the grassy area we have to pass so we could stay off the street! 

      Soon after we got off the grass we came across some gravel and I started having problems there... All the sudden it wasn't steering very well and the wheel was working oddly, was hard to push. I stopped to see if something was wrong with it... and that's where the memories part of the whole thing comes in (and the real reason I'm writing this). 

      The break was on! I'm guessing I stepped on it when I was trying to get from the grass to the sidewalk (odd angle). 

      But yeah when I saw it I couldn't help but laugh because it took me back to high school. Long story short, one year I had a class w/ Betsy. Every day (or most days) I would leave early w/ her to help her to her next class... Well one day I went to do that and someone else in the class decided they were gonna do it instead (I'm guessing to get out early)... someone neither of us was friends with. I didn't let go, and at first neither did he... and poor Bets went every which direction, we bumped into desks and everything. Finally he gave up (I guess, I don't remember how it ended really, just that we finally got to go) and we took off. At first I was really confused at why I was having such a hard time pushing her out of the room and then it hit me her break was still on the whole time! We laughed about it the rest of the way. Made me smile when I thought of it. 

      11 February, 2010

      What the.......... ??????

      Ok so getting Kalila ready for bed tonight... I'd gotten her bathed and was working on putting lotion on her and we were talking, all normal... but she started telling me this "story" that really creeped/weirded me out.  Basically she was saying something about a kid getting burned in a car, and that he went night night and bye bye... 


      Feeling Dumb

      I could have posted this last night but I had that other post all ready to go lol... I had one of those nights though. 

      It all started with dinner... I got off the menu again, which is fine... it turned out great. But I used two burners, one for the mac & cheese and the one in front of it to cook the asparagus before adding it in... and when I went to get my bowl I sat it on the stove and then picked it up by the bottom, burning my hand... 

      After dinner I was pretty busy w/ Kalila.. finally got her in bed and decided I'd wait until she was asleep to get to work getting things done that I needed. While waiting I looked up some hypnobirthing type stuff and found a free mp3 and thought I'd listen to it while I waited too... uh... yeah... I fell asleep. 

      I woke up after it ended at some point and realized how little time I had left before Baba got off... rushed to get everything done... and found that I'd left the burner on low, burning what little was left of the food (Id planned to put up). 

      On top of that, the water filter thing was still sitting in the sink half way filled (was working on that while making dinner).

      Now, I know I needed the sleep... and did feel better afterwards. But still... lol.

      Making Me Smile

      Not getting into why, but today's been a pretty rough day for me. Thankfully Kalila has been... well Kalila. Has made me smile quite a few times. 

      • Put puppy wipes on me and said she's making me into a dog.
      • Put wipes up against my face and said I was a doctor.
      • Insisted she did not want macaroni for dinner (yes off the menu again) and then got all excited about it and asked for thirds of "roni" .
      • Caught me crying and told me "Mommy, don't cry" (note: both made me smile and want to cry more...) 
      • Tackled Baba over and over this morning saying she loved him (once again over and over).
      • Said "I need fairy makeup".
      • Pointed to some blocks and said it was Mommy and Baba's palace.
      • Looked at the pics from yesterday and told me about listening to her baby.
      • Built a house w/ her blocks...
      And that last one I actually got pics of because I was more than a little impressed. Too cute!

      09 February, 2010

      30 Week Checkup

      You'd think having an appointment later in the day would help us not be late... but... once again we were. No worries though, only a few minutes and they were in an appointment (2 week old baby... so cute!!!), so it worked out well.

      While we waited Kalila played with toys... as usual. They had one we hadn't seen before this time... a dr's bag with a stethescope and stuff. Kalila went crazy over it. We had to get pics. 

      Of course we didn't end up waiting long... and the appointment went pretty well. I guess it could have been better because I had traces of stuff in my tests... but its nothing to worry about (seriously). Drink more water, cranberry juice, eat more protein, start taking my cranberry tablets again, and get more rest. We talked about probiotics too... decided it'd be a good idea too (and picked up some Lebni on the way home).

      Some of  it caught me off guard, but not really... Was looking for something online yesterday and accidentally found BabyFit (is part of SparksPeople). Out of curiosity I looked around on there and put in my meals yesterday... which I thought were nice and balanced/healthy... well mostly yes, but... still lacking a lot of what I need. I told the midwives about it before they checked my stuff too.. So we were already talking about ways to fix that... and I'm definitely planning to keep up with using that site to stay on track. Part of me is annoyed w/ myself for not realizing that before... and part is relieved. My anemia thing makes so much sense now (was the main thing I noticed I wasn't getting as much iron in my diet as I thought.. the supplements are great and helping, but still)... plus its not to where its a real problem either. 

      Beyond all that... everything is great. 

      I was 100% right the other day when I thought Zavier had dropped. Which of course has brought some lovely symptoms, but has also cleared up some of the others lol. I'm not complaining at all because any I've gained are worth not having a backache!  

      The change in movement is tied to him dropping  too.. I figured that could be it.. I'm feeling more wiggles and squirms than kicks and flips now... He is still giving me some good ones though lol, last night he was kicking up a storm. 

      Heartbeat was great.. Nice and loud lol. And measurements, blood pressure and all was good too. At this point I wish I had another pic... Kalila came up and used the toy stethoscope on my belly again lol. 

      Now a pic I did get (was while we were discussing diet stuff) was even cuter I think. Kalila decided to get up on the table and had one of the midwives listen to her baby (was her own heartbeat lol). Too cute!

      We talked about exercise too... I can't tonight (sad) but the needing to rest more doesn't mean cutting it out... and I will get to go to the class next week, huge relief there lol. Long story short, there's a prenatal belly dancing class here in town that I didn't think I'd ever get to go too but we ran into Aunt Sonia today at Sams before the appointment & she offered to babysit so I could go. Excited.

      Sorry if I'm jumping around a lot.. I'm a little tired lol. 

      I think that's about it... My next appointment is in 2 weeks.

      Working Out and More

      I'll be perfectly honest here... I have not kept up w/ working out like I wanted to this pregnancy. We got me a prenatal video that I really like, Belly Baby, but between things I need to get done around here, Kalila, having no energy, etc... it just hasn't happened as much. Plus I end up sore every time I do. Not in a scary way, isn't my stomach or back or anything crazy... its my arms. I have no strength in them at all and I can't make it through half of the workout without them getting sore. Yes, I do realize if I did it more often that might stop, but still lol.

      Anyways, tonight I tried again to get back on track... Kalila got so excited. I wish I'd had the camera out in the beginning when she was doing more of it, but I was kinda busy lol. A couple of funny things though... she got mad at me for not pulling out my yoga mat, and did it herself. And... She told me at the end that she needed to take a break. I wonder where she got that from? (yes I took several lol). Funny on my end.. at one point you have to squat down, not something I have trouble doing (thankfully) but I lost my balance and ended up on the floor. No worries, wasn't far to go and I had padding underneath me (thanks to my loving daughter). I sat there for a second and laughed, paused the video and took another break. 

      I did try  to catch some on camera at the end. Ignore the floor I need to vacuum agian already, but waiting until little miss goes to bed lol.  There's a (short) video too, but youtube isn't letting me post it yet.. oh well.

      Beyond that.. another funny story that happened tonight. Kalila put Mumble in time out (and told her that). I have no idea what for, but she was very emphatic about it lol. She also managed to put lotion in my hair a minute ago. Yuck. 

      On another completely random note... Once again I got off my menu schedule  already... But I made bread today (something I haven't done in forever). Tried a new recipe and it seems pretty good to me. We'll see what Baba thinks when he gets home lol. We ended up making turkey, cheese, tomato, avocado & spinach sandwiches (plus pickles for me) on it. Mmmm

      08 February, 2010

      MPM 8 Feb - 14 Feb


      Breakfast - Scrambled eggs
      Lunch -
      Dinner -
      Corn Beef & Cabbage and Champ

      Breakfast - Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls
      Lunch - Leftovers
      Dinner - Sallie & Brian's


      Breakfast - French Toast
      Lunch - Garlic & Broccoli Penne
      Dinner - Cream Cheese Chicken & Spinach

      Breakfast - Eggs & Turkey Bacon
      Lunch - Leftovers
      Dinner - Leftovers or Sandwiches


      Breakfast - Cereal
      Lunch - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
      Dinner - Salmon Croquettes, Asparagus, and Corn


      Breakfast - Peanut Butter Waffles
      Lunch - Cheese Enchilada's & Rice
      Dinner - Leftovers


      Breakfast - Cereal
      Lunch - Capparelli's for Valentines Day :-)
      Dinner - Leftovers


      Homemade Trail Mix
      Dark Choc Cake
      Peanut Butter

      07 February, 2010

      St Maron's Day & Stuff

      Today has been (more than) a pretty good day... which I really needed after the past few. Not that they were horrible or anything, but I had quite a few other things to vent about beyond what I did the other day lol.  Not going there right now though... 

      Some of the good and/or cute things from the past few days (before I forget them lol)... 

      • Kalila has started putting things up to my tummy and telling me things about Zavier. Once it was a mini flash light, once a keychain, and the last time it was her toy telescope. It makes me smile every time... 
      • Not really going into the reason why, but it was time for another Mumble bath yesterday... Kalila helped me out w/ it and was actually a really big help. Was adorable. And fun... Couldn't get any pics of that, but did get some of her holding Mumble after.
      • My replacement phone came in :-) 
      • Kalila's started telling us she's a doctor. 
      • She made a wish at the end of her Dora book last night for Baba.
      •  Figured out that I did not lose pics from my old phone. The memory card still works!


      • Well we didn't go by the duplex, but we slept in pretty good, had a really good lunch and then Kalila fell asleep on the couch. 
      • I took a walk down to WalGreens for my prenatals (almost out) and really just enjoyed my walk. 
      • Kalila woke up just in time for us to realize we were gonna be late for Mass. Oops.  
      • Kalila played with one of her friends in the cry room... It was absolutely adorable. They're holding actual conversations now... Talking about their toys, and their mommies, and stuff. Too cute!
      • Today was St. Maron's Day (well its the 9th, but the hafli was tonight)... So we'd planned on going to that and have been looking forward to it for awhile. Glad we did because we did have a lot of fun. 

      Ok, that last one deserves a whole section to itself lol.... 
      • Got a very few pictures... I think my favourites were of Kalila eating kibbe. 
      • Got a lot of videos...
      • Kalila ran around w/ the little kids for a good chunk of the evening. Played catch w/ some little boys, chased (and was chased by) the whole group. Danced. Got tackled. I wish I could have gotten more of it on video than I did lol.
      • She got extremely excited to watch the dancers... Called the girls princesses. I got some video of her (and them) but not the moment I wished I got. She was mimicking the girls, pretending her shirt was a scarf.
      • After the band  went on Kalila got away from me and got on stage.. was going after the mike. Mama not happy. After I got  ahold of her, she wasn't happy either because I wouldn't let her back down.
      • Got  a chance to talk to friends
      • This could go under the last, but I think it deserves its own lol. Had a really fun/funny conversation w/ Aunt Sonia about Zavier. She's his Godmother and is planning to be there when he's born... but another friend/cousin is getting married right around his due date (well past it really, but around when I'm hoping we'll make it to) so we were all joking about that. With Kalila it was Magic is the Night (thankfully I had her the day before), this time its the wedding. I really hope this doesn't happen, but like last time we're laughing about me going into labour then. I told Baba after we left that if it really does happen we can't leave for the Birth Center until after they cut the cake.
      • Kalila learned the word woman... and started calling me a silly woman. 
      • We saw someone ram the front gate w/ their truck trying to get out the entrance here... not such a good thing, but still wow. 

      Before I post the video's... 

      • I've already warned you there's a ton. The upside is that they are all very very short. And should be pretty cute too :-)
      • I apologize if they're loud... I haven't watched em yet, but assuming they are because we were right in front of the speakers.
      • And I tried my best not to get butt shots of the dancers... We were in an awkward spot for taking video's lol.