25 January, 2010

Third Trimester

Can you believe its already here? I can't... I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the pregnancy has flown by so far, because I knew it would... was something that shocked me w/ Kalila. Now give it another couple of months and then the time will start dragging lol. 

Not really much has changed, so no big update here... 

I have my next appointment on Friday and am to the every 2 week point. I'm looking forward to getting it over with... What can I say, I hate shots! LOL No, its ok... if it keeps me from having issues w/ future pg's then I'm 100% ok with it. 

The anemia thing... is frustrating me honestly (as is this computer). I'm pretty sure I won't have it tested this visit (too soon), maybe the next? Whenever it is... I hope the numbers go up. And either way... I hope I get my energy back consistently and soon. Before the test I had just enough good days to trick myself into thinking it was getting better.  I'd get going and everything would be good... and then I'd crash for days.  Repeat. Head in sand yes. Not doing that now lol. I'm taking my new supplements. One of them has some not so pleasant side effects (am hoping after we test again the dosage will come down on it because of that), but that's ok... if it helps right? Trying to get more iron rich foods in too... Unfortunately (I looked this up out of desperation the other day when I was having a particularly bad day & hoping for good news) it takes a few weeks to turn around. I don't like that. I have too much to do and too little time to not have the energy to get it done.

Ok end complaining about that lol.  Don't really have many others either.

Am having ugly heartburn... have for awhile. We've been joking about that old wives tale, you know the one about heartburn and the baby having a head full of hair... well Baba swears Zavier will have an extraordinary amount. LOL

For some reason morning sickness has come back. Thankfully not all day like it was in the first trimester, just in the morning this time. Has me a little confused lol. Not fun either... hoping it goes away soon. 

I still need to see the chiropractor too. My back has been sore since I fell that one night... I know mostly its just a normal pg thing and not that bad, but still... I need to pull out my belt when working around the house too... keep forgetting.

Everything else is great though lol. I talk to several other pg women, most due around the same time as me... and my complaints are really nothing. 

We still really haven't done alot to get ready for Zavier, but that's a given because there's a lot that can't be done until we move. Is not bothering me quite as much now though because BRU had a sale last week and we did pick up a few things. 

With Kalila we had a hand me down baby tub, which was great.. Very much appreciated. But... by the time she outgrew it (well before really) it was leaking on one side. I duck taped it so it'd work lol, but we knew we'd need a new one. We looked around at diff ones and thought we'd get something similar (but a bit smaller) and no... found this instead. 

I like that it folds up, saves us space... can be used in the sink if we want (something we couldn't do period in this apartment, but may be an option w/ Zavier... we'll see) and all that fun stuff. Plus it was half the price of the others... w/ out the coupon we were given lol.  I'm also very glad that its pretty much the only baby gear we needed (not counting the moby wrap and a convertable carseat that's picked out and waiting until we actually need to get it lol). Gotta love having stuff saved over... glad we got them all neutral too, can't see Baba being thrilled with putting Zavier in something pink lol.

The clothes section had several sales, one of them being the stuff already on clearance was buy 1 get one for 99 cents. We're not planning to get a lot of new clothes for him but right now he's got pretty much nothing.. had nothing at that point. So we picked up a few outfits. The first four pics are really just 2 sets, had 2 onsies apiece. We also got some white onsies... since all the NB and 0-3 sized ones we had from Kalila are extremely pink and/or girly. Baba kept thinking we had white ones, but those are all much much bigger. 

So he officially has something here lol... and I've at least gotten to  pick something blue out... Kalila was not happy when I hung up the clothes... She thought they were hers and was very excited about the football one.

Now  just back to waiting. Enjoying him kicking around... Last night he got Kalila in the knee and she got all kinds of excited. I wish I had a pic for you this week... but not today. I'm a mess... just counting down till I can jump in the shower. Baba just got home, so maybe I can get that done sooner than expected.


Mistika said...

Wow you are there as well.
I actually got a tub thru a product tester I have not used it yet but we would know soon.
The clothes I love it...doesn't it feel weird to buy things that are not pink or purple.???

Mama Kalila said...

Yup :-) That's cool about the tester tub!

It does feel a little weird... but only because Kalila's been very into pink lately. We rarely bought pink as an infant because I don't like the colour lol. She got a lot of it in gifts though. Not looking at purple or dresses is def weird though.. but fun. Unfortunately I'm not getting to do much of that.

kim said...

I am exhausted as well and having morning sickness again too. I was going to post about how I have NO ENERGY at all but i haven't the energy to do so right

and we have nothing for this baby yet either. i figure things will magically appear from my fairy godmother or something.

I like that football outfit too.

Mama Kalila said...

Aww.. I'm sorry! Thats the same reason I haven't posted much lately lol.. or replied to many posts.

LOL to the fairy godmother..

Deborah said...

I can sympathize with the exhaustion. I thought mine was just because of the first trimester, but I'm coming out of that and the exhaustion isn't letting up. I finally realized that I'd been avoiding most natural sources of iron, and I was even taking my prenatal vitamin with milk to disguise the taste! When I realized that calcium inhibits the body's absorption of iron, I switched to grape juice. It's only been a couple of days, so I don't know yet if it'll work. I won't be at all surprised if my doctor tells me this Thursday that I'm anemic too. The difference would be that it's my own fault! But at least I realized it and am trying to fix it now.

Those clothes are adorable!

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks! And glad you caught it... I tested borderline early on and thought I was staying on top of it. I had a serious meat aversion for awhile so that didn't help. I hope yours is easier to fix!