07 January, 2010

So Cute

Not sure why I haven't posted this before... but I think its so cute that I just have to share! 

When I signed up for Avon, or right after, I was looking through the books... including the what's new one (stuff not quite out yet) and just fell in love with this set. Its out now, but as much as I'd like to get it... is not happening, at least not anytime soon lol. 

I've mentioned headcovering before on here (a time or two anyway)... and have to add that this is not my normal style of doing so when I do, but how cute do those look together? Seriously.

Btw, the pictures are from Avon's website... not my own. Obviously. I tried to link them to it, but just in case it doesn't work... Not my pictures.


Syra said...

They look so beautiful as well as uber soft and comfortable!