15 January, 2010

Rainy Days

Yup, its been raining the past couple days again... no real storm (a little thunder last night, freaked me out a bit but went away quickly) so its been nice. I really only mention it because it seems like every time we have an appointment at the Birth Center its raining.. We've started joking that we think it will be the day Zavier's born too lol.

Now where to start?

The appointment went well. We were a few minutes late, but so was everyone else. Weather.  

I got my glucose drink as soon as I walked in. It was still the orange kind, but was a lot better than the ones I've had before. Not great... not by a stretch. Still very sugary (obviously) and flat... but at least it didn't taste like pure corn syrup right? And it was cold so that helped. 

As soon as I finished I went back to take the normal tests and weigh myself before continuing the other normal appointment stuff while waiting to draw blood. 

Those tests came back fine btw. I did have traces of something or another, but not anything huge... just showed I've been fighting something lately. They said it could be anything from a cold to allergies. I'm guessing allergies because that's the only thing I've noticed lately (and not in a few days).  My weight... That's the slightly embarrassing part lol. Yeah... I gained 10 lbs in the last month. Noone's worried about it, but wow. 

While one midwife checked those tests, and then afterwards too, we sat and talked for the majority of the visit... Like always.  Umm... 

We talked about me switching from Floradix to the iron pills. They were ok with that, but made sure to ask if they were causing any tummy problems (they aren't really.. happy about that). 

We talked about how I'm eating, esp with the weight gain lol. For the record, I've been pretty good with that I think... Definately eating better than I did with Kalila.. but there was Christmas in the last month, and I'm always hungry lately. I made veggie soup last night and had about 4 bowls (large bowls) I think... and I have had a few sweets here and there lol. Like I said though, no where near what I did with Kalila. I'm really trying.

Anyways... We went over blood cord stuff. Apparently TX passed a law in the past year or so that they have to go over it and provide proof. Interesting. We'd already made that decision though... I'd rather delay clamping and let Zavier get it instead. Same as we intended w/ Kalila (but didn't happen). I did learn that you can delay it and still save cord blood... but for those of you who don't have kids or haven't looked into it before, banking it is pretty expensive. Now.. if we could donate that might change my mind (I'd still delay clamping but do both instead), but apparently you have to give birth at one particular hospital only here in town in order to donate. So that's out. Which is fine, I didn't expect to do it anyway.

That led into the whole hospital topic. We went over which ones are backups for if we need to transfer for some reason. The BC has a 7% transfer rate (and most of those are first time mom's apparently) and 2 dr's that they typically work with if that needs to happen. Not anything we are worried about, but gotta go over it all. Nice to get all that out of the way & know what exactly (or as exactly as you can know in childbirth lol) what would happen if it did. And answered some questions I had in my mind about doing a "just in case" birth plan. Most of the things I'd have on there I don't have to worry about (because if I'm there, they'd need to be done and not so much an option) but some of the other stuff, like the above mentioned cord issues... That I'd need to write out... but.. my midwife would be there to help make sure that went smoothly too. But like I said before, not likely to happen... 

We talked about my Braxton Hicks (or however you spell it) and why they feel different this time around. I wasn't worried about them either, but figured I should bring them up. Is kinda funny, with Kalila they actually hurt (even though they say they don't) but this time they really don't. Which I think is why I hadn't worried lol.

Birthing classes. I still have awhile before I need to get that done. Thankfully one of the midwives did a paper or something on them and is gonna get me some more info on who does them here.

And of course I brought up my little fall on Saturday. They weren't worried either, but did give me a card for a chiropractor and said I might ought to go in since it did cause a little back pain for a couple days after it happened. 

Completely off topic, we talked about Kalila too lol. She was running around playing as usual and talking about everything. This was the first time I met one of the midwives (I get to meet them all at some point or another) and she was asking about Kalila's age and everything because she talks so much and is so tall lol. 

At one point towards the end of all that Kalila started insisting that I needed to lie down. Was kinda funny. They went ahead and took my blood pressure then (normal) and then helped me up onto the table. Checked for swelling... I have none at all. I didn't think so lol. Then I got to make Kalila happy and lay down. They felt for the baby first, he was hiding out in back at the time so it took awhile to find him.. and then they checked for his heartbeat. I don't remember what they called the instrument, but it wasn't the doppler.. the more old fashioned type one... so they could figure out which way he was turned better. Really hard to hear it on there (I got to listen in too), but they found him and he's head down this time. A few min later they pulled out the doppler too and I guess we'd disturbed him enough at that point because he started getting really active and kicking the thing while we all listened in. It was cute... esp since we can see it now. Oh and they measured my belly... I don't remember if they did that last time or not.. but they did this time and it was 27 1/2 I think. But yeah, all was normal with all that. 

And at the end we talked about the Rh thing and when my next visit would be. I'm 26 (well 26.4 lol) at this point and the 2 week visits usually start between 28 and 30 weeks... so they weren't sure if I should go ahead and come back in 2 or wait the 4 and come in every 2 after that... but... I need the Rhogam shot at 28 weeks so that answered that. 

We got to hang out a bit after that (about 10 minutes) while I made our next appointment and stuff... and then it was time for the blood draw.  Which I have to say did not go that badly. I hate needles. I hate having blood drawn. But she did really good with it. It took two sticks (didn't get quite enough the first time) though so the second time she decided to go in through a vein in my hand instead of my arm... and that was so much better. I had some apple juice after that was done, then we hung out a few more minutes to rest and make sure I didn't get sick or anything from all that. 

I should find out the results on Monday at some point. I'll put another update (much smaller of course) when I find out. Hoping/praying they turn out good. I do not want to do the 3 hour glucose thing lol. Not worried about the iron part because I really think I'm doing a lot better about that now... the pills have helped. And no bleeding means I'm not too worried about the antibody test either. A little nervous just because that would be worse than GD, but still... not likely to be an issue at this point. Fully expecting it to come out good and to get stuck w/ the Rhogam shot in 2 weeks lol. 

Now before I go... I've been bad about getting belly pics I know. I'm bad about getting pictures of me period lol. So I took a few after lunch today. Not the best, but they work. As you can see, Baba gave Kalila a cookie before he left for work (yea... I get sugar rush Kalila....). Btw my "necklace" is this thing Kalila likes to play with... She decided I needed to wear it lol. 


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Yay belly! You definitely look more pregnant now that in the Christmas pics.

I refused to do the sugar drink when I was pregnant with Layla, so instead they did a fasting b.s. and a 2 hr. post prandial. I was happier to have blood drawn 2x instead of drinking some corn syrup junk.

Mama Kalila said...

I'm not sure I could handle that lol. For one thing fasting is really bad for me to begin with... and I typically dont handle blood draws well. One arm refuses to work so I get stuck in the other for every one no matter how many times I need it in a visit. This hand thing made that go a lot smoother, but still. Someone else online said they couldn't do the drink and they looked it up with their dr and the only thing that would work the same was eating a certain amount of a specific brand of jelly beans. I'm not sure if that'd be better or worse. I don't like jelly beans lol.

And I definately feel more pg than I did at Christmas lol. :-D

Danielle Abdelhamid said...

aww im glad everything went well! i love the belly pics but ya look really tired in the first one, but nonetheless beautiful...glad zavier is active and well! xoxo and you are a skinny mini so you probably needed the 10 lbs you gained. not to mention 2nd babies always weigh more then the first babies.. yet a woman usually gains less weight with the 2nd pregnancy, and yup, its harder to loose then the first pregnancy lmao sorry but i anyway i dont think that will affect you bc your body was just meant to be skinny so you are good! lol

Mama Kalila said...

Oh yeah... very tired lol. I just took a surprise nap a second ago.

I'm not worried about the weight at all. I gained really fast w/ Kalila and this time I lost at first... So the actual number is one that I'm more than happy with. Is lower than I'd expect if it wasn't all at once. They did say that it could be from blood flow increase coming early is close enough to when that happens that its possible. Either way I hope it stays on a little longer than last time. I lost too quickly last time. If I can just get down to what I am right now after he's born I will be happy lol.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Eww I don't like jelly beans much either. If it was chocolate I'm sure I would have done it :-)
Blood doesn't freak me out at all though, I could probably do surgery on myself if I had do.

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah chocolate would be good! Blood doesn't bother me either... its the needles I can't handle. And the fact that my veins are hard to get to.

Catherine Anne said...

Love the belly photos

Mama Kalila said...


Deborah said...

I'm glad your appointment went well. Your pictures ... when you had said that you'd gained 60 lb this pregnancy, I expected you to be much bigger than that! You needed the "extra" weight!

kim said...

I am wondering if they changed the drink too. I swear it tasted different in the past and I do remember fizziness to it. I personally thought the drink was better in the past..hehe of course I am partial to nay type of soda and I thought it tasted good. This time...not so good.

Someone else once told me about the jellybean thing and I thought they were joking since I never heard that before...I guess it is true then.

Mama Kalila said...

Deborah - Thanks... but not 60 lbs!!! LOL Just 10 this month. I actually lost some weight in the beginning so it doesn't put me gaining anywhere near what I did w/ Kalila.. is just a big jump for so little time. I think it was supposed to have been 4 or 5 lbs.

Kim - I've never had it fizzy and it was HORRIBLE before. You got lucky lol

Anonymous said...

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