08 January, 2010

Mostly Pictures

Well I had every intention of having the tree down on the 6th as usual... but couldn't get it unplugged. Baba unplugged it that night/early next morning lol but we were so tired I decided to get to it the next day.... Kalila saw me doing it & completely flipped out. Lots of screaming about her Christmas tree, and no's, and then finally it turned to where'd my tree go's and I need my tree's... So sad... I had to get pics of that pouting face.

And to cheer her up.. I sicked her on poor Mumble lol. It worked lol

This is today... I haven't taken any of these in awhile and figured it was past time... Sorry its not very good, I'll try to get a better one later lol. This is 25.4 weeks btw...



Keith said...

that first picture is fantastic! Grayson cuts his eyes like that as well. What is it about kids that makes them cute even when they're not happy?