13 January, 2010

More Kalila Stories

More cute stories... I just had to share!

1. Kalila walked up to me this morning with a handful of tissues (think Kleenex). She knows better than to play with those... and it looked like she'd emptied out the entire box! 

Me - Kalila! Why did you do that?

Kalila - I don't know...

Me - Go put those back... *ok at this point not really thinking, I was only half awake lol*

Kalila - *stands there looking at me like I've grown a second head*

Me - Here, give me the tissue... 

At this point Kalila walks over and hands me the tissue without letting go... and I realize that they're wet. 

Me - Oh.. These are wet... Did you spill something? 

Kalila - Yes

Me - Well lets go see, where'd you spill it?

Now Kalila walks me to her room and points at her potty. Poor thing had tried to use it... but didn't pull the seat up so it went all over the top! And of course little miss independent that she is, tried to clean up after herself. I did apologize for getting onto her at first btw... and let her know I was proud of her for trying and all that... and we had a talk about how we put the lid up first. I just went over that w/ her again a few minutes ago & it looks like she remembers for now. 

2. At 1 Kailan ends here. That's also when I put an end to the cartoons for the day. Today she was not happy about it and started whining/crying for me to put it back on. She asked me to pick her up at one point... I was sitting here at the computer desk and got her up on my lap and started talking to her about how we can't always get what we want. Trying to have a serious talk with her. Yeah right... With a 2 year old... She looked at me and said something... completely random. I'm trying to remember what it was, but drawing a blank. Was just one word, but it was so out of the blue I just started laughing... Which started her laughing and then we couldn't stop. 

3. Apparently nap time is on the floor today. She set up the Boppie pillow on her floor, asked for all her blankets and stuffed animals. Yes I got pictures! 

I'm sure there'll be plenty more stories before the day is over, but still...  LOL before I could even finish this...

4.  Kalila - *walks in* Pee on the floor!

Me - Where's the pee pee?

Kalila - *takes me in and shows me*

Me - Why did you go pee pee on the floor? 

Kalila - Puppy went pee pee on the floor!

Me - *trying not to laugh* The puppy did not go pee pee on the floor.  Why didn't you use the potty?

Kalila - Puppy pee pee

Me - *still trying not to laugh...*  No... Why didn't you potty in the pee pee.. *really laughing now and Kalila's looking at me like I've lost it*  I mean why didn't you go pee pee in the potty?

Kalila - I don't know

I'll end the conversation there even though it went on a few more minutes. That was really the cute/funny part. After that we just talked about using the potty again and all that fun stuff. When I explained it again she did do the whole "Oh.... ok... Good!" excitedly while rolling her eyes and making this cute face. I wish I had that on camera. 

I have a feeling its gonna be a long day lol. But at least its cute right?


Mistika said...

I had no internet, I being meaning to comment!
I love the clothes the valentine dress is great and I love the picture of you and your hubby.
When is your exact due date I am almost there I can not believe it!!!!!!

Mama Kalila said...



I'm due April 19th... so anytime from mid April to early May, we'll see lol.

Anonymous said...

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