11 January, 2010

Life With Kids

Yesterday we had another wedding to go to... One of Baba's cousins. It was a lot of fun, and a beautiful wedding. But through Kalila & Zavier in the mix and it made for an interesting Saturday lol. 

First off, I'd put off finding something to wear... Horrible I know, but so hard finding stuff to wear lately and esp so when I have to dress up. Finally that morning I talked to Baba and we decided to find me something new. We were already going out to look for Kalila some clothes (which we didn't find, so that's gonna happen Tues) so it wasn't too much of a hassle lol. 

Well by the time we got what we needed to do that morning done and looked for her stuff, I had to rush at the maternity store. Kalila had a blast because they have this kids area w/ all sorts of toys and a tv.  

But yeah.. I walked in and one of the ladies there went to help me.  Great, I needed it. The first dress we look at she grabbed for me and put in the dressing room while I kept looking. A few min later she goes to get the ones I'd chosen and looks really shocked that I was picking up Mediums and Larges. Swore up and down that I just had to be a Small and she couldn't believe I normally wear those sizes. I laughed, but yeah.. that makes ya feel good right? I kept on looking for quite awhile because I really wasn't happy with what I'd picked up so far. I wanted something longer and the only long dresses I was finding were really thin, a lot of them had big jewels and stuff on the neckline and just not my style. And almost all of the dresses had really low necklines (apparently pregnancy = time to show off boobs). Picked up one or two more and decided to just go ahead & try them all on. 

Gonna skip over most of this... about half way through I hit a sweater dress, the only one w/ any real sleeves (about 3/4 ones I think) and the only one that actually looked good on me. Still shorter than I wanted, and def lower cut than I was hoping... but still. It worked. I went ahead and tried on the others though. And then came to that first dress.... which she'd grabbed in a Small.  Sigh... Yeah, it wouldn't even go over my shoulders!  That just makes ya feel good right? No, thankfully it just made me laugh... I can't even remember the last time I fit into that size, so I really wasn't expecting it to fit anyway. 

Rushed home from there... and we all started getting ready. Things would have been fine, but for two things. One, little miss Kalila started dragging her feet at this point. And two, I couldn't find black shoes. Well... correction, I couldn't find any flat or low heeled ones. I did find some strappy high heeled ones... 3 in fact. Finally I hit the point I knew I was gonna have to wear a pair of those and went searching for the lost shoe from the half pair because it was newer and I trusted walking in them more. But no... its nowhere to be found. Must wear the older pair. And Kalila's still dragging her feet. 

Finally we got out the door about half a hour later than we planned. On to Gran's house to drop off Kalila, where she'd be staying the night.  This is where we hit problem #3. Kalila fell asleep in the truck... and when we got there she woke up & didn't want Baba to leave her. So he took several minutes trying to calm her down while Papa turned on cartoons. Thankfully that worked and we took off. 

Rushing to the Church... Got there a few minutes late, but thankfully the wedding hadn't started and people were still going in. But... the parking lot was full so we were on the far end. We figured that's fine, we'll be closer to the banquet hall for when we leave. So we get out, start walking and I made a comment to Baba about needing to hold on to him because I was afraid of falling because of those shoes... and a second before I could do it... I fell. Thankfully I twisted when I did and fell on my left side, mostly on my wrist, hip and knee. I think my wrist got the worst of it at the time (hurt pretty bad) but my back is feeling it now. My stomach was close to the ground, but not touching it. It did scare me pretty bad though... and I remember thinking about how I'z glad Zavier normally hangs out on the right side. Baba helped me up though and we hobbled into the Church. 

Now... I don't know what I was thinking. But seriously I remember thinking if I could just make it into a pew I'd be ok. Um.. yeah.. We were late. None left. So we ended up standing at the back through the entire ceremony! Like I said before, it was absolutely beautiful... She was gorgeous (not surprising at all of course), the priests made us all laugh a few times (also not surprising), etc. But... the whole time I was praying I wouldn't fall and ruin it for her. Thankfully I did have Baba right there holding me up the whole time. 

We hurried out afterwards so we could go get to our table... Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long to find our spot or anything. I sat down and just couldn't move for a long time after that. I kinda (not even kinda, I really) felt bad about that.. esp since the last few times (or more) we've had some kind of event to go to something crazy like that has happened causing similar results (another wedding I was having some cramping through, my brothers graduation I'd broken my knee, one St. Maron's day I'd just gotten out of the hospital and was still basically on bed rest, etc.).  And.. of course we'd really been looking forward to this. So yeah... I wasn't too thrilled with that situation. 

Baba was sweet though, and got me some food... and I did have fun. Still holding out hope that maybe we'd get to dance at some point later. Backing up here... Baba and I still have not gotten to dance together. Period. Back to the whole something always popping up. Either I couldn't or he randomly disappears and it doesn't happen. Not cool & we talked about wanting to dance that night. So when people started getting up, he told me if there was a slow song (we knew that's all I could manage) for me to go get him... because he wanted to go talk to the guys, which was fine. 

Well after awhile I was getting antsy about sitting, but not entirely sure how I would do walking around... So I was thinking about getting up and heading over to him and kinda leaning on him while I did. And then the perfect opportunity hit.  A Selena song came on. 

  • Note: Baba hates Tejano music. I love it... I grew up with it. But Baba flips out when I put it on... he goes off on these huge rants (that are mostly hilarious). So I usually only hear it if I'm here alone (well, with Kalila... I've got her liking it too lol) or when he steps out of the truck for a second... and then just to see his reaction because I know he's gonna go off & its funny lol. 
So yeah.. Selena song came on. And I saw Baba standing there talking to one of his cousins so I decided to head on over and let him know not to worry I wasn't gonna make him go dance to it. The look on his face... Seriously... He looked absolutely panicked. As soon as I was in hearing distance I heard something along the lines of "Oh no... Oh no... Don't make me..."  I about cracked up. 

But yeah we walked around a bit after that & talked to people.. was nice after sitting so long lol.  We did go back and sit down w/ a couple of his aunts after awhile, right before they cut the cakes. That was another funny story all on its own. I had to tease him because at the last wedding there was a big misunderstanding between us, I thought he was getting us cake & he thought I already had and told me he didn't want any... We ended up leaving w/ out any cake & I was fuming. Is funny now & we've joked about it since... including on the way to this one, he'd made several comments about not worrying I'd get a piece of cake. Yes.. I did.. Very happy. Note: Never take cake from a pregnant woman... not a good idea!

After a bit he headed out to talk to the guys again lol... which I seriously didn't mind this time (ok I didn't the others either, but still lol) cause I got to go talk to some friends too and I haven't seen them in quite awhile. So that was fun... 

Of course by that point it was late.. so I was tired.. Not really wanting to go, but still knew we'd have too soon. Wasn't surprised when Baba said we should. I think it was around 1 in the morning or so... 

Got back here and Baba got out of the truck and just started acting weird. Told me not to get out that he needed to check something. He walked up to our door... Looked around. Walked over to a truck, looked at it, walked around it.. Had this really worried look on his face. Then he made a phone call. The whole time I'm half freaked out thinking something was really wrong. No... He saw Uncle Brian's truck and was wondering what was up. Which was absolutely nothing, he was just hanging out w/ our neighbor while Tia Sallie had a girls night lol. 

By the time we got all settled in, showered and everything... we got to sleep a little after two. I vaguely remember Baba watching football stuff on the computer while drifted off watching Zavier kick around like crazy. Seriously this little one decided to have his own party once we got home. All sorts of bumps and wiggles.. was kinda funny. I think he did all night because I dreamed about it too, and woke up to him still moving. Thankfully he was quiet most of today, but now he's going again. I think we need to work on days & nights lol. I might have some trouble when he gets here! 

And in case you're wondering. Kalila did well w/ her second night away from home. She wasn't quite as clingy when we got her this morning either. A little, but not much... It sounded like she had a good time. I'm glad! 

Btw... I'm sure I've left parts out (sorry). Its been a long weekend... I'm still exhausted. About to head to bed... I would be already, but Kalila was up a little late & I wanted to make sure she was out and not just in bed when I went. All is quiet now so time to go!

Oh and random picture posted on facebook earlier of me & Baba last night... I wish I'd gotten pics, had my camera but just wasn't thinking lol. 



deltaflute said...

Low cut dresses/shirts are totally my number one complaint about maternity wear. My husband even made a comment that the parenting/expecting magazines talk about flaunting the boobs because their bigger. I still don't think people should be staring at my chest. I've always thought it tacky when a pregnant woman is wearing something that barely covers her. But you have to wear what you can find. Many of my mom friends told me to wear a tank top underneath for extra coverage. Thankfully I bought 3 on sale so that's what I do, but I still feel awfully hot with the extra layer.

Deborah said...

I'm with you on the risque maternity wear. I am not looking forward to that part of it.

It's great that you had a good time at the wedding, and that Kalila had a good time at her "sleepover." One question, though--did *no one* who was sitting down at the wedding notice the pregnant woman standing up the whole time, clinging to her husband for support? Surely someone would have given up a seat for you!

Steph said...

I have that problem with all shirts/dresses. Things that aren't risque on other people, are definitely showing more than I'd like on me. And when I was pregnant .... ugh, it was like I was busting out of every shirt I wore, no matter the size.

Glad you had a good weekend! :)

Mama Kalila said...

Deltaflute - Yeah I've done the tank thing too, I have several nursing tanks that I love & they work great for that too... I've also safety pinned necklines higher a couple times lol. Not comfortable doing either the other night so I dealt. My husband says I thought it was worse than it was, so... eh.

Deborah - Thanks. I really don't think anyone did notice... and there wasn't really a way to move around at that point either. We literally got there just before the wedding party came down the aisle.

Steph - Yeah... Most of what I saw looked like it was designed to be that way though. Its crazy.

Keith said...

I'm glad you got your cake this time!