11 January, 2010


Ok, so Kalila used her potty earlier. All by herself. Very proud. After she told me, I put her in the bathtub as its easier to clean her off that way lol... plus she needed one after lunch still and she loves being in the water. 

Unfortunately she loves to make a mess in there too. And today was no different... Water water everywhere. Which is where this conversation came from:

Me - Why did you throw water out of the tub?

Kalila - Because

Me - Because why?

Kalila - Well.... I guess.... Kimosimi!

Me - Kimosimi did not spill that water. Why did you do it?

Kalila - I guess... because........ I love you! 



deltaflute said...

Funny but I know totally not cool for you. Usually when kids at my school got into stuff I made them clean it up. I had one two year old who would color on the floor or on the furniture. I would take the crayon from him and hand him a sponge and say "okay. You've had fun coloring. Now it's time to clean it up." After two times of me doing that, he thought twice about coloring on anything but paper. I figure they're young and they need to see what happens when they do stuff like that, but with every decision in life there are consequences. The consequence of coloring on the floor was having to scrub it up (or attempt to I usually went after him and finished up the job).

I heard a very beautiful story of a scientist who said that it was his mother who influenced him. One day he was taking out a bottle of milk and it broke on the floor (back in the day when it was in glass). His mother got rid of the glass pieces and asked him if he wanted to play with the milk. He said yes. After a while she said, well you know when you done playing with something you have to clean it up, should we do that? He said yes and they both cleaned it up together. He said because she never yelled at him for it and turned a mistake into a learning experience it influenced him to be a scientist. I love that story so much that it made me decide to behave the same way. Why get angry? Turn it into a learning experience.

Childhood is so beautiful. I hate that some adults make it into an ugly experience for their children.

Mama Kalila said...

That is a really cute story.. and a good point.

I do typically make Kalila help me clean up her messes... unfortunately (I suppose lol) she likes cleaning and thinks its a fun game. So it doesn't stop her from making them at all.

Anonymous said...

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babyyahyah said...

augh its my 4 year old that ALWAYS throws all the water out of the tub. I hate to bathe him anymore. Its too big of a mess.

Anonymous said...

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