01 January, 2010

Happy New Year

Hope everyone has a great  one... 

Being honest here... New Years isn't my favourite holiday. New Years Eve is fun... Day not so much. Mostly because I equate it with 2 things... being grossed out and aggravated.

Growing up my family had this "tradition" of eating black eyed peas on NY's... I like traditions, so that much would be fine... if it were really just that. But I figured out pretty quickly that it wasn't (at least not w/ the ones I was around that day most years). 

I figured it out thanks to the gross  out factor. No offense to anyone who actually likes the things, but I detest black eyed peas. They taste horrible! The only time I've even come close to liking them was one year when Babu refried some leftovers the next day.  

I don't remember when it started really, but as long as I can remember I tried to get out of it. Every year I tried... every year I was told that if I didn't eat at least a few I would have bad luck the new year. As years passed it got more and more ridiculous...  I looked forward to the years I was visiting the other side, because while they do it too, it wasn't pushed the same way. Was more a tradition and not this huge superstition and I was able to skip them if I wanted.

Another thing I don't remember is if it came to a head before or after a particular homily I heard at Church on the subject. The last year or two before that I'd tried explaining that I didn't believe in bad luck, but one particular priest gave an awesome homily on why we shouldn't put stock in those things, etc. I remember wishing at the time that they were there to hear it lol. Like I said, I don't remember if that's the year I finally managed to get my point across and make it through the day without those vile things... it might have been the year before though. Whichever year it was, whatever was said, I got past the peas only to hear something along the lines of  "You at least need to eat some cabbage then, that will at least give you good luck!"  

Missing the point much? 

That's been several years ago... and as silly as it sounds the first things I think of are how I can't have those things today... Granted one of them I wouldn't anyway... Not that I think they would do anything of course, but it just seems wrong because the idea was planted in my head for so long that I need to do them or else. Which bothers me on multiple levels.

Beyond that... I know that once a NY I'm gonna get a phone call (now that I live so far away) asking if I've had my black eyed peas!
No kidding, it still gets asked with the inflection like I'm being this horrible person for not doing it and that bad things are going to happen to me because I don't. This year was no different either.. I've already gotten the call.

At  least we've gotten it over with though right? LOL I can enjoy the rest of my superstition free day... 


babyyahyah said...

I have never heard of black eyed peas on new years. In pennsylvania its sauerkrat and keilbasa to bring good luck which my kids think is grotesque but i actually love so even though it is a "superstition" I would eat it anyway that day. I see it as tradition but you are right I think a lot of these tradtions we have today were probably superstitions at one point. I just eat it 'cause i like

Mama Kalila said...

See those I wouldn't mind! LOL But yeah when its just a tradition that's fine... but when its to the point you're forcing it down people's throats (literally) because you're convinced bad will come of not eating it.. That's a real problem.