07 January, 2010

Do I Have Too?

Arg! I don't even know where to start on this... I should have posted some of it days ago but didn't feel like it and then got distracted and whatnot... Oh well! 

So everyone knows the whole New Years Resolution thing right? I'm really bad about them... Not that I don't stick with them, but have a hard time thinking of one (or about it at all) before the new year. This year I did... just one... but go figure it slid the first few days after the year started despite my intentions lol. What is is? To get things together around here... Pregnancy and 2 year old are kicking my tako lately... (Random comment having nothing to do w/ anything here: I just saw Kalila try to do the sideways splits!!!! Ouch!) And it doesn't help that I got really discouraged because of it which leads to not knowing where to start... that on top of everything else just made it worse. Not that its really an excuse, just what happened.

So NY came & I was determined (of sorts) to get back on track w/ everything... and if it weren't for getting sick I prob would have been ok, my iron levels are finally.. well.. leveling out lol. But I did get sick and it got worse for a couple of days. Which is where the whole I wish I'd said something about my plans before thing comes in... I kinda hurt myself w/ that, but oh well. 

But the good news is... I'm not sick anymore, my iron is good and (gasp) I HAVE ENERGY!!!! 

So far today I've gotten Jas' chicken made (for his lunches) and frozen, cooked lunch, diapers washed, several regular loads washed & put away... Living room, hallway and dining room have been vacuumed (after I had to clean out the vac cleaner, not an easy feat since it was jammed)... and carpet cleaned again because Kalila had a rather disgusting accident. Unfortunately cleaning said accident caused another with our blinds, so I'm really (really really) hoping Baba can fix it when he gets home lol. Sheets changed, always fun for me to do.. For some reason I have trouble changing them. Is funny watching Kimosimi freak out over it though lol.

Now before anyone gets the wrong idea... I haven't been completely good either. I've been wasting time on facebook, cafemom & yahoo im just as much as ever.. (things I did not intend to do) Not to mention doing this... Could I have comp finished if I hadn't? I have no idea, but as tired as I am now... I can't imagine if I hadn't had those breaks lol. No seriously.. I know I wouldn't have gotten done anyway because I need Baba to move a few things for me. One of them is gonna happen tonight - moving the couch so I can unplug and take down the Christmas tree.. but the rest can wait until tomorrow.

On another note: Kalila is as cute as ever today. Beyond the whole split thing... She started rolling around earlier. From side to side of course, but would pop up with her arms raised and say "Ta-dah!" LOL. While I was vacuuming under the couch she came up, poked me & yelled "Tickle!". She tried to help me clean the windows, but unfortunately she did them with hairspray (which I have no clue where she got) so I had to re-clean them. She found the pen to her magna doodle & was all sorts of excited to "colour" on it... and forced me to draw her hands over and over and over.. She told me all about playing football w/ Baba & Uncle Brian (that happened a few days ago) and that she wants to give them and Tia Sallie apples. And I think my favourite one was her sniffing my belly & saying she smells Zavier!

Now to completely switch gears...

The Avon thing is not going well... At all.  I've done about all I can think to do, short of the things that I just can't do right now. On one hand I completely understand... with the economy being like it is, and the holidays just having passed... it makes perfect sense for people not to be buying stuff. But on the other hand this is my fourth campaign since I started and I've had absolutely no sales. At all. Baba's thinking if I haven't by next month that should be it... Which part of me agrees with because this is ridiculous and I've paid more than I should have already. On the other hand I am really excited about doing this & was hoping it would work out...

Potty Training is not going well right now either. Well, to be fair the past few days were prob bound to be bad with it since I got sick and all that. And on the bright side of all this, its not like its absolutely horrible either.... She's gotten up at night & gone on her own a couple times.and yesterday I caught her doing the pee pee dance (not something we've taught or anything lol)... unfortunately she refused to go despite obviously needing too. Normally she's telling us when she has an accident too, but today that's non-exhistant... which is probably what made me realize that we picked a really bad time to get serious about this. Yeah, mommy had no energy, was completely behind & we're trying to potty train?   ???  Good job there!  She is really interested though and I'm not going to stop... but I'm not going to worry about it so much either right now. Once everything's caught up again... Then we'll get serious. 

And on top of everything else going on (this is actually going back a few days here) - the mail is apparently not just giving us a hard time w/ stuff we've sent, but w/ stuff sent to us as well. I'm not even gonna get started on mailing stuff... lets just say that half the time it doesn't get where we sent it. Just thinking about wedding invitations, or worse thankyou cards is enough to make me want to scream. The whole thing royally ticks me off (not to mention I just feel bad about it).  But yeah... we found out a few weeks or so ago that something sent last year never made it.. and then a few days ago (? a week maybe? I'm so behind & my brain is scrambled right now) we got something that had been sent and returned before being resent. We could see the original envelope and no reason whatsoever for it to have happened. So... Confused... Glad this one was caught, but feel bad that it happened to them too. 

Switching subjects yet again lol...

My pregnancy is going well. Like I mentioned earlier, the anemia thing seems to be evening out. I was taking the Floradix like I was recommended before Christmas, but then lost our measuring spoons and it expired right around the same time. Until that happened I was starting to feel better (slowly... I think its because we started out having me take a lower dose of it and I was about to up it like I was recommended). Afterwards I started to feel horrible again... so it was very clear that was what was going on. I knew I needed to get back on the iron, went searching for my old pills and found them the day before they expired too lol. I got one dose and then we went to Sams & picked up some more... I've only been taking them a few days, but I can seriously tell a difference.

I am really starting to look forward to my next prenatal visit too... Is kinda odd because its not like I have any serious questions that have come up or any reason to feel like I need to go in... I am curious about when it gets upped to every 2 weeks (isn't that much longer I know) and will prob bring up the BH I've had a few times (not worried, is on their websites calendar to possibly start and several moms in the due date group online have had them too)...  I'm just looking forward to it. Even odder since this is the visit I get to do the Glucose test (never fun) and stuff. Is really not all that long though... about 10 days I think? 

Zavier's kicking more and more every day too... We've officially gotten to the point where we can see him move and not just feel it. Always the fun part right? I'm enjoying it anyway... And Kalila's getting more and more excited about him. She's felt him kick before, but tonight her eyes just lit up when he did.

And yet again...

I made my second batch of laundry detergent a couple days ago. So happy to have it back lol. I'm not sure what caused it, but the Ivory soap was harder this time, which I really liked because it was so much easier to grate. Not that it took all that long last time, but it kept falling to pieces while I worked...

Unfortunately while I can see when I made my first batch, and know that it lasted a month, I can't tell how many loads it really was so can't figure up exact cost. I'm fixing that this time.. pen & paper in the laundry room = we'll know when this one's gone. I will prob need help with the math (Baba?) but I'll get it on here for ya!

Now for a few pictures... 

I got these tonight. The first few Kalila was posing w/ a couple of her toys & way too excited about it. The last... Uggh. Bedtime has gone really well lately, like I've mentioned... but we get off our schedule when Baba's home (not saying its completely his fault lol because its not) and she stays up later... is bad enough normally, but w/ him being off 4 days in a row tonight was tough. She ended up falling asleep on the floor.. the first time she's done that since we started leaving her door open! I felt horrible. Thankfully she did wake up a little bit ago and is tucked back in bed and sound asleep! Btw ignore the toys on the floor... Bedrooms are last (hopefully tomorrow lol).




deltaflute said...

I'm surprised that since Kalila is doing so well with potty training you haven't tried to get her to wear underwear with a pull-up/down cover. From my experience, when you move them into undies they tend to progress faster because they like being like grown ups in underwear. The kids I worked with were poor so I often would buy them underwear and would ask them what they wanted on their underwear (Dora was popular for girls). Odd that I had to buy underwear. You would think it would be cheaper on the parents than diapers, but oh well.

Accidents will still happen and not going even when needing to is totally normal. It's just her way of trying to control her body. Sounds like to me that she's potty trained especially if she is taking herself the bathroom at night. That's usually the last step.

Oh, and sorry to hear that your not feeling well. I started having trouble when I hit the third trimester mark. But it wasn't iron problems, it's been major fatigue. I feel better at night so I do most everything at night these days and sleep into the very late morning. I'm glad to hear that your anemia has straighted out. I hope that you have a better time then I've had.

babyyahyah said...

i have no energy. but glad you do.

Mama Kalila said...

Deltaflute - We do have underwear.. and cloth trainers which are basically just slightly padded underwear. We've gotten to where we only use diapers when we're going out and some nights (like last night). Unfortunately she's in that lovely naked phase... She's getting better about it but still. On one hand that does help with training, on the other its a huge mess when there's an accident! Panties can be too though if things aren't completely solid. I hadn't thought about her basically being trained though, that's a positive thought. Thanks!

Sorry you're third's been so rough. My first trimesters are typically the worst... I had that major fatigue then (at least w/ Kalila, this time it might have been anemia too) of course this one could be comp different and it could get worse from here, but I really hope not lol.

Mama Kalila said...

Babyyahyah - Awww I'm sorry! Hope it comes back!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Layla is back and forth with her potty training too. Sometimes she has been throwing screaming fits when I try to get her to go, and she still hides in the corner or kitchen too poop :-)
We're doing the cloth trainers too, but still diapers at night since she's shown no likelihood of night training yet. I agree that the accidents can be a little nasty!
Layla will come to me and say uh oh, poop, I need a bath. Its so cute and so frustrating at the same time!
You'll get through it though!

Mama Kalila said...

That is too cute! I'm sure it gets old, but still. LOL :-D

I've gotten to where the pee accidents don't bother me that much... and poop if its solid is ok, but hers isn't always (sorry TMI) anymore. I'm not sure if its diet related or what... but after she got over whatever bug she had its gone back and forth. Thankfully not diarrhea anymore though. Now that is *fun* to clean up.... (uggggh) Plus she tries to clean herself up, which is sweet and I'm glad she's independent and all that, but she makes a bigger mess when she does!

deltaflute said...

Some of the kids at my daycare used the padded undies with a plastic pull-up cover. It helped a little with accidents, but if the child had a major pee, you still had to change their pants. It helped with messy poops so long as you caught it before taking them to the bathroom.

Most of the kids used the plastic pull-ups which are annoying in and of itself.

Anyway...I've been reading a book about EC (elimination communication) or infant potty training. When I'm done, I'll probably write a blog about it. So if anyone's interested check it out.

deltaflute said...

sorry realized that last one was confusing.

Plastic pull-up covers-Gerber plastic cover pants

plastic pull-up- basically disposable diapers made by the Pull-up brand

Mama Kalila said...

I used cover "plastic pants" (vinyl covers) when we first started cloth diapering. I've heard of them being used with trainers too, but we have another brand that works a bit better than Gerbers and I just do w/out a cover. Those covers catch everything though from my experience... I just don't want an extra something for her to pull down.. plus they aren't very breathable.

I've heard of EC too... my grandmother basically did that w/ my mom lol. I don't think I have the patience (at least right now).

Mama Kalila said...

Oh and therés another option. They make AIO trainers too.. We decided against them for multiple reasons, but they do exist.

Mama Kalila said...

LOL - this got me looking at my old posts.. I never reviewed our training pants. Time for a new post!

Deborah said...

I'm sorry things haven't been going well lately, but I'm glad things are looking up! Thanks for all your supportive comments on my blog!