04 January, 2010

Blah But Cute...

Today was one of those days... I woke up sick. Thankfully Baba, sweetie that he is, stayed home and helped out. I am feeling a lot better (not 100%, but still) though. I prob wouldn't be writing at all tonight, but I don't want to forget a few things that happened today. 

Random comments from Kalila -  
  • I'm going nuts!
  • Kimosimi threw it in the trash (her snappi... he did not).
  • Zavier's hungry!
On a similar note, a couple comments she's made in the past few days - 
  • I'm gonna spank your butt (to me)!
  • It's too hard (as she tried to walk in Baba's steal toed boots, note: she made it across the room)!

Lately she's been obsessed with presents too... She carries her stocking around putting her toys in it. And saying anything in a box is "a present for meeee". But... the cutest part of that was this morning. She wrapped up some little nini in tinfoil and unwrapped it and told Baba "I love it!" then she re-wrapped it, came in and did the same w/ me... then did it over and over, giving us hugs the whole time! 

She fell and bumped herself earlier too, not all that hard but she cried and went to Baba. I was laying down when it happened but heard it all. So when she came in I asked if she was ok and she said "Yeah, Baba kissed me". 

Later she came up to me for another kiss... not sure why, but she said her leg hurt.. I went to kiss it and she told me no, under. Apparently I kissed the wrong part of her leg lol. 

She refused to go to bed tonight until she climbed up where Mumble was sleeping, grabbed her by the neck & lifted her up for a kiss. Thankfully she went to her bed pretty easily after that lol. 

I know there are probably more, but those are the ones coming to mind right now. I prob need to go to bed soon. Tired.


Keith said...

funny you should mention Kalila's present obsession..during the first several gifting exchanging occasions, Grayson could have cared less about the presents (he loved opening them if they were given to him, but wouldn't go out of his way to take them from under the tree). Well a few days ago we had a belated Christmas exchange and the minute he saw the boxes being brought in, he ran with his arms outstretched exclaiming, "presents! mine!". They pick up on it quick, don't they?

Mama Kalila said...

Awww How cute!