08 January, 2010

Baby Fever?

No really... its driving me crazy. 

I'm just shy of 26 weeks now. We do have an appointment coming up soon, which like I mentioned before... I am really looking forward to! But beyond that... nothing. 

I'm feeling better. I have energy. I'm loving feeling him kick. Is cute watching Baba talk to him and Kalila give him kisses. And I should be glad that I have the time (and now energy) to get things done that I need to in other areas...

But instead I'm going crazy because I have absolutely nothing I can do for/about the baby! 

I remember this happening a little bit with Kalila, esp in the first trimester because we were so scared that something would go wrong... We talked about stocking up on plain onsies but never did lol. But by this point we knew she was a girl and were getting to work. I had registries to work on and just things to do... It was a bit longer before we got stuff set up too though, about a month before she was born lol.

But yeah, not so much this time...  We've talked about what we'll need to get. Thankfully not all that much, at least compared to if we didn't have everything left over lol. We have gotten a couple packs of prefolds... but everything else has to wait a little longer. 

Which would be fine if I didn't have this silly itch to do it already... and Baba, meanie that he is, wouldn't even let me walk by the baby section at HEB the other day! (note I'm seriously joking there... he didn't, but I understand why lol. We didn't have time) Its gotten to the point that I'm sitting here doing the registry things just as a list for us to have when we get to go because I want to pick stuff out! 

How sad is that? Esp considering I'll prob toss the list when we finally do lol. Rationalizing here: but we'll have something to double check that we have all we need against right?  No I know we'll use the diaper one because we buy those online... the other is just me being silly right now because I want to shop and I like my lists whether I use them or not. 

And on top of all that... I know we won't have anything set up before he gets here because we're moving. I'm happy about us moving. Its great... but it also means I can't do anything!!!! I can't make room w/ Kalila's stuff yet. I can't go through her old clothes and pull out the neutral or boy ones yet. Yes she had some boy clothes lol... like 2 or 3 outfits at most, but still they were cute & NOT PINK & neutral enough to get away with it. I can't wash anything. No point... It all has to be packed... 

About the only thing I can do is research a few things I have left to research... and half of them I'm already re-researching because I've already done it... and seriously that's turning into a bad idea lol. 

Ok done pouting now... Gonna get back to what I should be doing.  

Speaking of which - I've actually felt like seriously cooking again lately! Two days in a row now... Unfortunately tonight's dinner wasn't all that great, my brain turned to mush and yeah... blech lol. Yesterday was great though & I'm looking forward to making apple cinnamon waffles in the morning too. :-D


babyyahyah said...

I think I had all that baby fever stuff worse with baby #2. The first one, I had nothing since I didn't know what to get, buy, or expect...the second I was a bit feverish like you and the rest of the kids...I think I just only bought one or 2 new infant outfits and that was it.

I have nothing for this baby at this point.

Mama Kalila said...

I didn't avoid it last time because I've been looking at baby stuff as long as I can remember lol. Now I didn't know just enough to get some things I shouldn't have and not some things I prob should have lol... but that's the whole learning process thing.

Did you get rid of all your baby stuff after the last or?

Steph said...

I never got to do much for either baby. Other than buy a couple of outfits. With Kairi we were living in a travel trailer, expecting to move shortly after her birth, and knew that buying anything was probably not a good idea.

Then with Alex, I was again moving right after his birth. Thankfully, I knew that I would be able to have some things in Texas with me, but most of those I had already bought for Kairi once we got settled.

I sorta joke with Chris that the only reason I'd be glad if my tubal failed (and trust me, I wouldn't really be happy), would be so that I could do a baby's room the way I always wanted to. lol ... He doesn't find it so funny though.

Mama Kalila said...

Awww... I'm sorry!

Random comment about the tubal thing.. There's like 2 or 3 mama's on CM right now who'd had one and are pg now. At least one of them is due the same month as me. Its crazy. Gotta love teasing/joking w/ hubbies about stuff like that though.