29 January, 2010

28 Week Checkup

No pictures this time lol... and def not as long as the last either. Don't worry.

Visit went well... 

I got my Rhogam shot. Wasn't that bad at all... I really don't remember much about any of the others I got other than them being in the backside (as was this one). But yeah.. not bad. Someone online said she'd gotten one in the arm and it hurt worse, so I guess I'm kinda glad we didn't go for the arm. 

We overslept a bit and were running late, but wet weather again so everyone else was too. I still felt bad about it though. Sent Baba on a taco run since we literally jumped out of bed to go to the appointment. He got there just in time to hear Zavier's heartbeat, so perfect timing.. and I stuffed myself while we finished up the rest of the appointment, questions and stuff lol. 

When they checked his position it was kinda funny.. He was being all quiet at first, but I guess he got tired of it all and started kicking up a storm. I had a contraction (don't worry, was a BH one.. normal) when they first started checking so one of the midwives got to feel that. Was kinda nice, because I was pretty sure that's what I was having and it got confirmed. 

Sorry I know I'm jumping all around but I'm pretty tired right now... and hungry. I should go... That's really about all that happened. We talked about preterm labour signs too and what to do if I have them. Yeah, that's about it... Another appt in 2 weeks. 

Oh and I only gained 2 lbs this time, so back to normal range lol. Wasn't really worried about that, but curious.


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Susie of Arabia said...

This is getting exciting! I'm so happy for you!