29 January, 2010

28 Week Checkup

No pictures this time lol... and def not as long as the last either. Don't worry.

Visit went well... 

I got my Rhogam shot. Wasn't that bad at all... I really don't remember much about any of the others I got other than them being in the backside (as was this one). But yeah.. not bad. Someone online said she'd gotten one in the arm and it hurt worse, so I guess I'm kinda glad we didn't go for the arm. 

We overslept a bit and were running late, but wet weather again so everyone else was too. I still felt bad about it though. Sent Baba on a taco run since we literally jumped out of bed to go to the appointment. He got there just in time to hear Zavier's heartbeat, so perfect timing.. and I stuffed myself while we finished up the rest of the appointment, questions and stuff lol. 

When they checked his position it was kinda funny.. He was being all quiet at first, but I guess he got tired of it all and started kicking up a storm. I had a contraction (don't worry, was a BH one.. normal) when they first started checking so one of the midwives got to feel that. Was kinda nice, because I was pretty sure that's what I was having and it got confirmed. 

Sorry I know I'm jumping all around but I'm pretty tired right now... and hungry. I should go... That's really about all that happened. We talked about preterm labour signs too and what to do if I have them. Yeah, that's about it... Another appt in 2 weeks. 

Oh and I only gained 2 lbs this time, so back to normal range lol. Wasn't really worried about that, but curious.

27 January, 2010

More About Kalila

It seems like I have a new story to tell about her every day... but that's probably because I do lol. I wish I could remember them all, but I've been bad at writing things down lately... Off the top of my head though...

  • She got her toenails painted for the first time tonight. We used purple nail polish and she's so proud of them. Keeps talking about her purples. Yes, I got pictures. 
  • She's doing really well with night potty training again. The day is still hit or miss, but she went 4 or 5 times last night. Now... some of those she was forcing because she gets so excited about the whole thing lol.
  • All the sudden she's asking for milk. Good right? But she'll only drink it if I add chocolate :-/  I even tried blending blueberries the other day to add and she still insisted on the chocolate along w/ them. 
  • Her last two teeth are coming in... The top back molars. She doesn't seem to be doing to badly w/ it though. I haven't had to give her anything for it. But the next few things I'm wondering if this has something to do with...
  • She's backsliding on the sleeping in her bed thing. A few days ago it got particularly bad... We're adjusting bedtime stuff and trying to fix it. The past couple nights haven't been too bad, she's still coming to our bed but its later in the night/early morning again. 
  • All the sudden she's talking about nursing a lot. Not just the fact that Zavier will (although she does still say that), but she's saying that they're her boo's and that its yummy... and trying to snuggle up next to them. Thankfully that's as far as she's going with it. I expected that after he's born (and not kidding myself that we may not again, because we prob will) but can't figure out why now... unless its the teething thing? 
  • She's also started telling me that she's a baby. A few days ago she literally said "I'm not a big girl, I'm a baby!"  :-/  Another thing I'z expecting after Zavier gets here...
  • She's also being extremely lovey.. even for her. She's constantly asking for hugs and kisses. No complaints... I love it... 
  • Lots of imagination going on here... Right now she's sitting next to me playing w/ her Dora Backpack toy.. putting a Grover in it and talking up a storm about something or another. She turns blocks into cars, trains, phones, etc. 
  • Yesterday she choked on food for (I think) the first time... Poor thing. I wasn't sure if she was or not at first... was just coughing. I asked her if she was choking and she said no, then excuse me.. but then started coughing again. A second later she grabbed her mouth and threw up... all over herself, the floor and Kimosimi. When I saw she was ok I asked her to get a towel, got one myself.. and she cleaned herself and the cat up (I'm still shocked, he laid down and let her) and I got the floor and finished cleaning her up, what she'd missed. While all that was going on she told me that she choked and talked about it for awhile afterwards. 
  • She's started this thing where she starts saying her abc's when she sees writing on something. 
  • LOL I just yawned and she asked me if I'm tired, I said yes and she told me to go to bed.
  • The other day she pushed me out of her room and told me to go finish dinner... 
  • She told Baba that she didn't want him to leave for work the other day... both sweet and sad at the same time.
  • As much of a Baba's girl she was before... That's really setting in now. He's the one she wants at night. She gets so excited when he gets home... Asks for him constantly.
  • I took a break from this because she wanted to play w/ a sticker book. I thought it was too old for her when we got it, but she pointed at one part and said "space" the other day.. .shocked both Baba and I... so when she brought it over today I did a couple pages w/ her... dinosaurs and space. She loved it... 
I could go on but after that break I can't even remember where I was going w/ this lol. Bedtime was rough tonight... and I've still gotta hang up laundry and make dinner for Baba before he gets home. Another dinner that is... none was left of ours lol. Btw.. if I've repeated anything from another post, I'm sorry... I realized the other day that I did that. Oops. Brain is off somewhere...

Before I go, a few more pics I got today...


25 January, 2010

28 Week Pictures/Video

Ok managed to get some pics taken today... I wish I could get some better ones, but... I've seen the ones Kalila gets so no help there lol. And Baba keeps getting distracted so... none there yet either. These will have to do. 

I don't know if you can tell but I was holding onto my shirt in one lol... Since I'm home and had stuff to do was wearing one of my reg shirts and it keeps riding up.

I got video's too... I  did that when I was pg w/ Kalila, but there were all on an old phone and gone now. Very sad about that and didn't want to miss out on them this time... Since Zavier's kicking so much more now I thought it'd be a good time. 

Unfortunately it took me quite a few takes to catch anything... and the best one I got I can't post. Kalila was talking up a storm in it and just being cute... and Zavier moved quite a bit, no big kicks.. he just hasn't been doing that today, but still. And my favourite part... Silly goose told me that there's two Zavier's in there! Ummmm no!!!!! But... she's only in a diaper and walked across in front of the camera & I'm just not comfortable posting that anymore. If it was from the back maybe... or if she was younger... but no. Sorry! Really is a cute video though!

The  one I did get is much shorter, and not as eventful... but Zavier did move some. I think I got some good bumps in there. I still need to watch it to see how well it showed up on here though. I think I said something in the video itself, but you may hear Kalila "crying" too.  Not real crying she just wasn't happy about bedtime. After I finished shooting this she came back in here, asked for hugs, kisses and tickles and then put herself back to bed lol. I  really should go check again though... Is very quiet so she's either sound asleep, or getting into trouble!

Ok, I've seen it... and can kinda see him moving... Is hard to tell, is mostly towards the end (or at least easier to see towards the end). Gonna get off here now :-)

Third Trimester

Can you believe its already here? I can't... I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the pregnancy has flown by so far, because I knew it would... was something that shocked me w/ Kalila. Now give it another couple of months and then the time will start dragging lol. 

Not really much has changed, so no big update here... 

I have my next appointment on Friday and am to the every 2 week point. I'm looking forward to getting it over with... What can I say, I hate shots! LOL No, its ok... if it keeps me from having issues w/ future pg's then I'm 100% ok with it. 

The anemia thing... is frustrating me honestly (as is this computer). I'm pretty sure I won't have it tested this visit (too soon), maybe the next? Whenever it is... I hope the numbers go up. And either way... I hope I get my energy back consistently and soon. Before the test I had just enough good days to trick myself into thinking it was getting better.  I'd get going and everything would be good... and then I'd crash for days.  Repeat. Head in sand yes. Not doing that now lol. I'm taking my new supplements. One of them has some not so pleasant side effects (am hoping after we test again the dosage will come down on it because of that), but that's ok... if it helps right? Trying to get more iron rich foods in too... Unfortunately (I looked this up out of desperation the other day when I was having a particularly bad day & hoping for good news) it takes a few weeks to turn around. I don't like that. I have too much to do and too little time to not have the energy to get it done.

Ok end complaining about that lol.  Don't really have many others either.

Am having ugly heartburn... have for awhile. We've been joking about that old wives tale, you know the one about heartburn and the baby having a head full of hair... well Baba swears Zavier will have an extraordinary amount. LOL

For some reason morning sickness has come back. Thankfully not all day like it was in the first trimester, just in the morning this time. Has me a little confused lol. Not fun either... hoping it goes away soon. 

I still need to see the chiropractor too. My back has been sore since I fell that one night... I know mostly its just a normal pg thing and not that bad, but still... I need to pull out my belt when working around the house too... keep forgetting.

Everything else is great though lol. I talk to several other pg women, most due around the same time as me... and my complaints are really nothing. 

We still really haven't done alot to get ready for Zavier, but that's a given because there's a lot that can't be done until we move. Is not bothering me quite as much now though because BRU had a sale last week and we did pick up a few things. 

With Kalila we had a hand me down baby tub, which was great.. Very much appreciated. But... by the time she outgrew it (well before really) it was leaking on one side. I duck taped it so it'd work lol, but we knew we'd need a new one. We looked around at diff ones and thought we'd get something similar (but a bit smaller) and no... found this instead. 

I like that it folds up, saves us space... can be used in the sink if we want (something we couldn't do period in this apartment, but may be an option w/ Zavier... we'll see) and all that fun stuff. Plus it was half the price of the others... w/ out the coupon we were given lol.  I'm also very glad that its pretty much the only baby gear we needed (not counting the moby wrap and a convertable carseat that's picked out and waiting until we actually need to get it lol). Gotta love having stuff saved over... glad we got them all neutral too, can't see Baba being thrilled with putting Zavier in something pink lol.

The clothes section had several sales, one of them being the stuff already on clearance was buy 1 get one for 99 cents. We're not planning to get a lot of new clothes for him but right now he's got pretty much nothing.. had nothing at that point. So we picked up a few outfits. The first four pics are really just 2 sets, had 2 onsies apiece. We also got some white onsies... since all the NB and 0-3 sized ones we had from Kalila are extremely pink and/or girly. Baba kept thinking we had white ones, but those are all much much bigger. 

So he officially has something here lol... and I've at least gotten to  pick something blue out... Kalila was not happy when I hung up the clothes... She thought they were hers and was very excited about the football one.

Now  just back to waiting. Enjoying him kicking around... Last night he got Kalila in the knee and she got all kinds of excited. I wish I had a pic for you this week... but not today. I'm a mess... just counting down till I can jump in the shower. Baba just got home, so maybe I can get that done sooner than expected.

23 January, 2010

20 January, 2010


I don't know if you can see it... but Kalila got into my eyeshadow here. Got more between her eyes than anywhere else, but she tried lol. I didn't even try to get a shot of her w/ my powder on the next day... you couldn't see it very well. As annoying as her getting into my makeup is, I had to laugh at that one. She actually put it on correctly!

Just cute... Those were one of the pairs of shorts she got for Christmas (from Tia Banay). I have to say I love the length on them lol. Is so hard not to have her... diaper... hanging out of most of them.


Had to laugh at myself yesterday... I had one of those "Africa" moments and nearly started crying. It was really strong though because 2 things happened at once... a Dido song came on and then we passed by something that smelled strongly of diesel while it was still playing. Baba was laughing at me too... which was actually what got me laughing. Wasn't a bad thing though, just brought happy memories.


I got my supplements yesterday. Was kind of surprised because I hadn't looked one of them up yet (the Chlorophyll tablets) and didn't know it was also a breath freshener lol. Apparently it has lots of uses. I want to call and double check the dose on the Yellow Dock, but my phone needs to charge.. slightly annoyed with it having been left off right now. 


We've finally gotten a few things for Zavier. Mostly because BRU had a sale going on lol. 

We picked up a few packages of white onsies... we had some w/ Kalila, but they're all 12 and 18 month sizes because someone (I won't say who... Baba) wouldn't get any before she was born thinking we because we had them on the registry we wouldn't need too... Uh yeah, everything NB size is pink lol. So we got those... and a few outfits that were both on sale & clearance. They had the clearance stuff set to buy one get one for .99 - which was great. Was kinda hard to find the sizes I wanted in ones that would work for the weather, but still... I'm excited, we finally have something blue lol.

We also got his tub thing. We'd planned on waiting on it... thinking it would be more and take up more space. But we found one for $14 that's perfect, it folds up and everything. Is only for up to sitting age, but that's fine because we pretty much stopped using the baby tub around then w/ Kalila anyway. Even better someone handed us a coupon when we were in line so we used it on that too lol. 


Kalila got a couple packages of Gerber training pants... Haven't used them long enough for a real opinion but I think I like them.


We also had to get Kalila new shoes this weekend. Silly girl keeps growing! She's in a size 8 now... and I really like these shoes. Little running shoes. With laces. I like laces.


I forgot to mention it last week, but Baba is back in classes. So far he seems to like them. One sounds really interesting. History of English... They're starting out w/ Old English right now. Fun fun. The other... I forget what it is (American Novel? something like that) has a few books that I'm looking forward to reading when he's not using them lol. Gotta love being married to another English major!


Ok good, got my question answered... was exactly what I was thinking, but doesn't hurt to double check right? 


I guess I need to get going, prob could say more... but I've got a lot to do.

18 January, 2010


Apparently I was worried about the wrong thing lol.

Glucose levels were perfect.

No antibodies. (doing a happy dance here)

Very anemic still. 

Apparently my body is not processing these pills very well... so switching kinds. I know I will butcher the spelling if I try, so instead... the kind that's partially broken down already. I get to switch to those, plus an herb, plus nettle tea.  Which is fine. 

On another note (much lighter one) I hear Kalila telling Granny that seatbelts keep you safe. LOL I think I'm gonna have another cute Kalila story post coming up soon... She's been hilarious today. 

15 January, 2010

Rainy Days

Yup, its been raining the past couple days again... no real storm (a little thunder last night, freaked me out a bit but went away quickly) so its been nice. I really only mention it because it seems like every time we have an appointment at the Birth Center its raining.. We've started joking that we think it will be the day Zavier's born too lol.

Now where to start?

The appointment went well. We were a few minutes late, but so was everyone else. Weather.  

I got my glucose drink as soon as I walked in. It was still the orange kind, but was a lot better than the ones I've had before. Not great... not by a stretch. Still very sugary (obviously) and flat... but at least it didn't taste like pure corn syrup right? And it was cold so that helped. 

As soon as I finished I went back to take the normal tests and weigh myself before continuing the other normal appointment stuff while waiting to draw blood. 

Those tests came back fine btw. I did have traces of something or another, but not anything huge... just showed I've been fighting something lately. They said it could be anything from a cold to allergies. I'm guessing allergies because that's the only thing I've noticed lately (and not in a few days).  My weight... That's the slightly embarrassing part lol. Yeah... I gained 10 lbs in the last month. Noone's worried about it, but wow. 

While one midwife checked those tests, and then afterwards too, we sat and talked for the majority of the visit... Like always.  Umm... 

We talked about me switching from Floradix to the iron pills. They were ok with that, but made sure to ask if they were causing any tummy problems (they aren't really.. happy about that). 

We talked about how I'm eating, esp with the weight gain lol. For the record, I've been pretty good with that I think... Definately eating better than I did with Kalila.. but there was Christmas in the last month, and I'm always hungry lately. I made veggie soup last night and had about 4 bowls (large bowls) I think... and I have had a few sweets here and there lol. Like I said though, no where near what I did with Kalila. I'm really trying.

Anyways... We went over blood cord stuff. Apparently TX passed a law in the past year or so that they have to go over it and provide proof. Interesting. We'd already made that decision though... I'd rather delay clamping and let Zavier get it instead. Same as we intended w/ Kalila (but didn't happen). I did learn that you can delay it and still save cord blood... but for those of you who don't have kids or haven't looked into it before, banking it is pretty expensive. Now.. if we could donate that might change my mind (I'd still delay clamping but do both instead), but apparently you have to give birth at one particular hospital only here in town in order to donate. So that's out. Which is fine, I didn't expect to do it anyway.

That led into the whole hospital topic. We went over which ones are backups for if we need to transfer for some reason. The BC has a 7% transfer rate (and most of those are first time mom's apparently) and 2 dr's that they typically work with if that needs to happen. Not anything we are worried about, but gotta go over it all. Nice to get all that out of the way & know what exactly (or as exactly as you can know in childbirth lol) what would happen if it did. And answered some questions I had in my mind about doing a "just in case" birth plan. Most of the things I'd have on there I don't have to worry about (because if I'm there, they'd need to be done and not so much an option) but some of the other stuff, like the above mentioned cord issues... That I'd need to write out... but.. my midwife would be there to help make sure that went smoothly too. But like I said before, not likely to happen... 

We talked about my Braxton Hicks (or however you spell it) and why they feel different this time around. I wasn't worried about them either, but figured I should bring them up. Is kinda funny, with Kalila they actually hurt (even though they say they don't) but this time they really don't. Which I think is why I hadn't worried lol.

Birthing classes. I still have awhile before I need to get that done. Thankfully one of the midwives did a paper or something on them and is gonna get me some more info on who does them here.

And of course I brought up my little fall on Saturday. They weren't worried either, but did give me a card for a chiropractor and said I might ought to go in since it did cause a little back pain for a couple days after it happened. 

Completely off topic, we talked about Kalila too lol. She was running around playing as usual and talking about everything. This was the first time I met one of the midwives (I get to meet them all at some point or another) and she was asking about Kalila's age and everything because she talks so much and is so tall lol. 

At one point towards the end of all that Kalila started insisting that I needed to lie down. Was kinda funny. They went ahead and took my blood pressure then (normal) and then helped me up onto the table. Checked for swelling... I have none at all. I didn't think so lol. Then I got to make Kalila happy and lay down. They felt for the baby first, he was hiding out in back at the time so it took awhile to find him.. and then they checked for his heartbeat. I don't remember what they called the instrument, but it wasn't the doppler.. the more old fashioned type one... so they could figure out which way he was turned better. Really hard to hear it on there (I got to listen in too), but they found him and he's head down this time. A few min later they pulled out the doppler too and I guess we'd disturbed him enough at that point because he started getting really active and kicking the thing while we all listened in. It was cute... esp since we can see it now. Oh and they measured my belly... I don't remember if they did that last time or not.. but they did this time and it was 27 1/2 I think. But yeah, all was normal with all that. 

And at the end we talked about the Rh thing and when my next visit would be. I'm 26 (well 26.4 lol) at this point and the 2 week visits usually start between 28 and 30 weeks... so they weren't sure if I should go ahead and come back in 2 or wait the 4 and come in every 2 after that... but... I need the Rhogam shot at 28 weeks so that answered that. 

We got to hang out a bit after that (about 10 minutes) while I made our next appointment and stuff... and then it was time for the blood draw.  Which I have to say did not go that badly. I hate needles. I hate having blood drawn. But she did really good with it. It took two sticks (didn't get quite enough the first time) though so the second time she decided to go in through a vein in my hand instead of my arm... and that was so much better. I had some apple juice after that was done, then we hung out a few more minutes to rest and make sure I didn't get sick or anything from all that. 

I should find out the results on Monday at some point. I'll put another update (much smaller of course) when I find out. Hoping/praying they turn out good. I do not want to do the 3 hour glucose thing lol. Not worried about the iron part because I really think I'm doing a lot better about that now... the pills have helped. And no bleeding means I'm not too worried about the antibody test either. A little nervous just because that would be worse than GD, but still... not likely to be an issue at this point. Fully expecting it to come out good and to get stuck w/ the Rhogam shot in 2 weeks lol. 

Now before I go... I've been bad about getting belly pics I know. I'm bad about getting pictures of me period lol. So I took a few after lunch today. Not the best, but they work. As you can see, Baba gave Kalila a cookie before he left for work (yea... I get sugar rush Kalila....). Btw my "necklace" is this thing Kalila likes to play with... She decided I needed to wear it lol. 

Part 2 - The Video's

Yea! You Tube is working again... And I have another video on top of the one I mentioned earlier lol. 

Here's the first one... I'm so glad I had the camera there for this. Just too cute! I took it last night.

This was tonight.. Apparently she's reading to me this time lol. 

I got another pic tonight too... 

14 January, 2010


I haven't done this in awhile and it really fits my mood right now. 


Gotta love getting hopes up. I got an email asking about Avon products, got back to her, she sent me her list... would have been a good order... If I sold Mary Kay. Oops.


Last night Kalila got up when Baba got home... The way she was acting I seriously thought it was gonna be one of those nights she sleeps w/ us... but no as soon as the lights went out she told me she wanted to go to her bed! I was so excited lol.. She did come back really early in the morning, but... still. 


Got a chance to chat with one of my cousins a few minutes ago. Was nice... I hadn't talked to him in a long time and he's overseas now so I wasn't expecting to anytime soon either. Didn't talk long, but that's kind of a given lol.


Tomorrow is my next prenatal visit... The big one. Glucose test, anemia test, antibody test... Fun fun right? No I'm still looking forward to it. Kalila told me that she is too lol. 


Oh I did make my first Avon sale the other day.. A CafeMom/Facebook friend. Very grateful for that... Hoping its a good sign for this campaign too.


I've been a bit behind in my laundry lately... Not that I haven't been doing any, just not as much as normal... but I did notice that I hit the 20 load mark this morning. I'm serious about keeping up with how many I'm doing because I really want to know how much it makes :-).  

On a similar note, I found an alternative recipe that does not use Borax. Uses the other 2 ingredients the same, but Oxi Clean instead of Borax. Is another thing we keep around, so I'm thinking about testing that out too. I don't care for Borax much... it does its job but I hate working with it. 

Oh and I found Washing Soda at HEB... Whoo hoo for not having to order it online when we run out! 


I got some cute pics of Kalila last night... and a video... I've gotta upload it on You Tube before I can post it here though. And You Tube is not working :-(  Here's my favourite of the pics though... 


Thinking about veggie soup tonight but not sure exactly how I'm gonna do it. A bit nervous after my TZ stew fiasco the other day lol. 


Very proud of Kalila right now.. She's eating pistachios and throwing the "shovels" (what she calls the shells) away in the trash. She's been throwing them on the floor and I finally got her to stop that... just today. Just a little while ago lol. 


Wondering why there's got to always be that one person that's gotta be rude? Don't worry not talking about on here lol... 


Settled on a veggie/rice soup. Hoping it turns out.. No plastic so far lol. 


I'm ending this now, I'm beyond loopy. Kinda tired... Lots to do.. been coming back to the computer in between other things and can't focus for anything lol.  Gonna see if  I can post that video on the side of my blog though... When I get the desktop back.. Kalila stole it.

13 January, 2010

More Kalila Stories

More cute stories... I just had to share!

1. Kalila walked up to me this morning with a handful of tissues (think Kleenex). She knows better than to play with those... and it looked like she'd emptied out the entire box! 

Me - Kalila! Why did you do that?

Kalila - I don't know...

Me - Go put those back... *ok at this point not really thinking, I was only half awake lol*

Kalila - *stands there looking at me like I've grown a second head*

Me - Here, give me the tissue... 

At this point Kalila walks over and hands me the tissue without letting go... and I realize that they're wet. 

Me - Oh.. These are wet... Did you spill something? 

Kalila - Yes

Me - Well lets go see, where'd you spill it?

Now Kalila walks me to her room and points at her potty. Poor thing had tried to use it... but didn't pull the seat up so it went all over the top! And of course little miss independent that she is, tried to clean up after herself. I did apologize for getting onto her at first btw... and let her know I was proud of her for trying and all that... and we had a talk about how we put the lid up first. I just went over that w/ her again a few minutes ago & it looks like she remembers for now. 

2. At 1 Kailan ends here. That's also when I put an end to the cartoons for the day. Today she was not happy about it and started whining/crying for me to put it back on. She asked me to pick her up at one point... I was sitting here at the computer desk and got her up on my lap and started talking to her about how we can't always get what we want. Trying to have a serious talk with her. Yeah right... With a 2 year old... She looked at me and said something... completely random. I'm trying to remember what it was, but drawing a blank. Was just one word, but it was so out of the blue I just started laughing... Which started her laughing and then we couldn't stop. 

3. Apparently nap time is on the floor today. She set up the Boppie pillow on her floor, asked for all her blankets and stuffed animals. Yes I got pictures! 

I'm sure there'll be plenty more stories before the day is over, but still...  LOL before I could even finish this...

4.  Kalila - *walks in* Pee on the floor!

Me - Where's the pee pee?

Kalila - *takes me in and shows me*

Me - Why did you go pee pee on the floor? 

Kalila - Puppy went pee pee on the floor!

Me - *trying not to laugh* The puppy did not go pee pee on the floor.  Why didn't you use the potty?

Kalila - Puppy pee pee

Me - *still trying not to laugh...*  No... Why didn't you potty in the pee pee.. *really laughing now and Kalila's looking at me like I've lost it*  I mean why didn't you go pee pee in the potty?

Kalila - I don't know

I'll end the conversation there even though it went on a few more minutes. That was really the cute/funny part. After that we just talked about using the potty again and all that fun stuff. When I explained it again she did do the whole "Oh.... ok... Good!" excitedly while rolling her eyes and making this cute face. I wish I had that on camera. 

I have a feeling its gonna be a long day lol. But at least its cute right?

12 January, 2010

Oooo Clothes

Ok, so I couldn't wait to take modeling pictures... Hopefully I'll get some of them up soon too lol. 

Long story short, Kalila got some Christmas money awhile back and after talking about it we decided that what she really needs is some new clothes. She did get some at Christmas, but most of them (like most of her Bday clothes, and most of the ones before that lol) are very summery and just not geared for the weather we've been having.  Poor thing has been having to wear the same things over and over (and poor mommy has extra laundry lol), some of which she's outgrowing...  We've tried to pick up things here and there, but still we figured this was perfect. 

Beyond that we've been meaning to go for about a week now... things kept coming up. But today we did and once again perfect timing, Old Navy had a sale going!

I thought this one was adorable. They had another w/ hearts that was pretty cute too, but I figure this one was a little less Valentines Day ish and would work for longer... Kalila seemed to like it too.

Another one I fell in love with... Why couldn't they make this in my size? LOL No, Kalila liked it too... She still really likes purple. And it should go w/ most of her pants. 

A new pair of jeans... 

Another cute shirt. 

Not sure why the lighting on this one is off... I had a very good reason for picking this shirt though. Remember those clothes that its too cold to wear? I can put this one under them... Most of her other shirts here have patterns that won't let us do that. I think that purple one above might work for it too. We'll see.


And PJ's... We found footie ones first with this pattern and had grabbed them until we saw these. Much better for potty training... 

Another set... When we had the footie ones, the second set had hearts... but Kalila liked these more lol.  

Thinking about it now, I wish we'd picked up a pair of leggings or two as well... but that's ok. 

So now I'm busy washing again lol.

11 January, 2010


Ok, so Kalila used her potty earlier. All by herself. Very proud. After she told me, I put her in the bathtub as its easier to clean her off that way lol... plus she needed one after lunch still and she loves being in the water. 

Unfortunately she loves to make a mess in there too. And today was no different... Water water everywhere. Which is where this conversation came from:

Me - Why did you throw water out of the tub?

Kalila - Because

Me - Because why?

Kalila - Well.... I guess.... Kimosimi!

Me - Kimosimi did not spill that water. Why did you do it?

Kalila - I guess... because........ I love you! 


Life With Kids

Yesterday we had another wedding to go to... One of Baba's cousins. It was a lot of fun, and a beautiful wedding. But through Kalila & Zavier in the mix and it made for an interesting Saturday lol. 

First off, I'd put off finding something to wear... Horrible I know, but so hard finding stuff to wear lately and esp so when I have to dress up. Finally that morning I talked to Baba and we decided to find me something new. We were already going out to look for Kalila some clothes (which we didn't find, so that's gonna happen Tues) so it wasn't too much of a hassle lol. 

Well by the time we got what we needed to do that morning done and looked for her stuff, I had to rush at the maternity store. Kalila had a blast because they have this kids area w/ all sorts of toys and a tv.  

But yeah.. I walked in and one of the ladies there went to help me.  Great, I needed it. The first dress we look at she grabbed for me and put in the dressing room while I kept looking. A few min later she goes to get the ones I'd chosen and looks really shocked that I was picking up Mediums and Larges. Swore up and down that I just had to be a Small and she couldn't believe I normally wear those sizes. I laughed, but yeah.. that makes ya feel good right? I kept on looking for quite awhile because I really wasn't happy with what I'd picked up so far. I wanted something longer and the only long dresses I was finding were really thin, a lot of them had big jewels and stuff on the neckline and just not my style. And almost all of the dresses had really low necklines (apparently pregnancy = time to show off boobs). Picked up one or two more and decided to just go ahead & try them all on. 

Gonna skip over most of this... about half way through I hit a sweater dress, the only one w/ any real sleeves (about 3/4 ones I think) and the only one that actually looked good on me. Still shorter than I wanted, and def lower cut than I was hoping... but still. It worked. I went ahead and tried on the others though. And then came to that first dress.... which she'd grabbed in a Small.  Sigh... Yeah, it wouldn't even go over my shoulders!  That just makes ya feel good right? No, thankfully it just made me laugh... I can't even remember the last time I fit into that size, so I really wasn't expecting it to fit anyway. 

Rushed home from there... and we all started getting ready. Things would have been fine, but for two things. One, little miss Kalila started dragging her feet at this point. And two, I couldn't find black shoes. Well... correction, I couldn't find any flat or low heeled ones. I did find some strappy high heeled ones... 3 in fact. Finally I hit the point I knew I was gonna have to wear a pair of those and went searching for the lost shoe from the half pair because it was newer and I trusted walking in them more. But no... its nowhere to be found. Must wear the older pair. And Kalila's still dragging her feet. 

Finally we got out the door about half a hour later than we planned. On to Gran's house to drop off Kalila, where she'd be staying the night.  This is where we hit problem #3. Kalila fell asleep in the truck... and when we got there she woke up & didn't want Baba to leave her. So he took several minutes trying to calm her down while Papa turned on cartoons. Thankfully that worked and we took off. 

Rushing to the Church... Got there a few minutes late, but thankfully the wedding hadn't started and people were still going in. But... the parking lot was full so we were on the far end. We figured that's fine, we'll be closer to the banquet hall for when we leave. So we get out, start walking and I made a comment to Baba about needing to hold on to him because I was afraid of falling because of those shoes... and a second before I could do it... I fell. Thankfully I twisted when I did and fell on my left side, mostly on my wrist, hip and knee. I think my wrist got the worst of it at the time (hurt pretty bad) but my back is feeling it now. My stomach was close to the ground, but not touching it. It did scare me pretty bad though... and I remember thinking about how I'z glad Zavier normally hangs out on the right side. Baba helped me up though and we hobbled into the Church. 

Now... I don't know what I was thinking. But seriously I remember thinking if I could just make it into a pew I'd be ok. Um.. yeah.. We were late. None left. So we ended up standing at the back through the entire ceremony! Like I said before, it was absolutely beautiful... She was gorgeous (not surprising at all of course), the priests made us all laugh a few times (also not surprising), etc. But... the whole time I was praying I wouldn't fall and ruin it for her. Thankfully I did have Baba right there holding me up the whole time. 

We hurried out afterwards so we could go get to our table... Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long to find our spot or anything. I sat down and just couldn't move for a long time after that. I kinda (not even kinda, I really) felt bad about that.. esp since the last few times (or more) we've had some kind of event to go to something crazy like that has happened causing similar results (another wedding I was having some cramping through, my brothers graduation I'd broken my knee, one St. Maron's day I'd just gotten out of the hospital and was still basically on bed rest, etc.).  And.. of course we'd really been looking forward to this. So yeah... I wasn't too thrilled with that situation. 

Baba was sweet though, and got me some food... and I did have fun. Still holding out hope that maybe we'd get to dance at some point later. Backing up here... Baba and I still have not gotten to dance together. Period. Back to the whole something always popping up. Either I couldn't or he randomly disappears and it doesn't happen. Not cool & we talked about wanting to dance that night. So when people started getting up, he told me if there was a slow song (we knew that's all I could manage) for me to go get him... because he wanted to go talk to the guys, which was fine. 

Well after awhile I was getting antsy about sitting, but not entirely sure how I would do walking around... So I was thinking about getting up and heading over to him and kinda leaning on him while I did. And then the perfect opportunity hit.  A Selena song came on. 

  • Note: Baba hates Tejano music. I love it... I grew up with it. But Baba flips out when I put it on... he goes off on these huge rants (that are mostly hilarious). So I usually only hear it if I'm here alone (well, with Kalila... I've got her liking it too lol) or when he steps out of the truck for a second... and then just to see his reaction because I know he's gonna go off & its funny lol. 
So yeah.. Selena song came on. And I saw Baba standing there talking to one of his cousins so I decided to head on over and let him know not to worry I wasn't gonna make him go dance to it. The look on his face... Seriously... He looked absolutely panicked. As soon as I was in hearing distance I heard something along the lines of "Oh no... Oh no... Don't make me..."  I about cracked up. 

But yeah we walked around a bit after that & talked to people.. was nice after sitting so long lol.  We did go back and sit down w/ a couple of his aunts after awhile, right before they cut the cakes. That was another funny story all on its own. I had to tease him because at the last wedding there was a big misunderstanding between us, I thought he was getting us cake & he thought I already had and told me he didn't want any... We ended up leaving w/ out any cake & I was fuming. Is funny now & we've joked about it since... including on the way to this one, he'd made several comments about not worrying I'd get a piece of cake. Yes.. I did.. Very happy. Note: Never take cake from a pregnant woman... not a good idea!

After a bit he headed out to talk to the guys again lol... which I seriously didn't mind this time (ok I didn't the others either, but still lol) cause I got to go talk to some friends too and I haven't seen them in quite awhile. So that was fun... 

Of course by that point it was late.. so I was tired.. Not really wanting to go, but still knew we'd have too soon. Wasn't surprised when Baba said we should. I think it was around 1 in the morning or so... 

Got back here and Baba got out of the truck and just started acting weird. Told me not to get out that he needed to check something. He walked up to our door... Looked around. Walked over to a truck, looked at it, walked around it.. Had this really worried look on his face. Then he made a phone call. The whole time I'm half freaked out thinking something was really wrong. No... He saw Uncle Brian's truck and was wondering what was up. Which was absolutely nothing, he was just hanging out w/ our neighbor while Tia Sallie had a girls night lol. 

By the time we got all settled in, showered and everything... we got to sleep a little after two. I vaguely remember Baba watching football stuff on the computer while drifted off watching Zavier kick around like crazy. Seriously this little one decided to have his own party once we got home. All sorts of bumps and wiggles.. was kinda funny. I think he did all night because I dreamed about it too, and woke up to him still moving. Thankfully he was quiet most of today, but now he's going again. I think we need to work on days & nights lol. I might have some trouble when he gets here! 

And in case you're wondering. Kalila did well w/ her second night away from home. She wasn't quite as clingy when we got her this morning either. A little, but not much... It sounded like she had a good time. I'm glad! 

Btw... I'm sure I've left parts out (sorry). Its been a long weekend... I'm still exhausted. About to head to bed... I would be already, but Kalila was up a little late & I wanted to make sure she was out and not just in bed when I went. All is quiet now so time to go!

Oh and random picture posted on facebook earlier of me & Baba last night... I wish I'd gotten pics, had my camera but just wasn't thinking lol. 


08 January, 2010

Baby Fever?

No really... its driving me crazy. 

I'm just shy of 26 weeks now. We do have an appointment coming up soon, which like I mentioned before... I am really looking forward to! But beyond that... nothing. 

I'm feeling better. I have energy. I'm loving feeling him kick. Is cute watching Baba talk to him and Kalila give him kisses. And I should be glad that I have the time (and now energy) to get things done that I need to in other areas...

But instead I'm going crazy because I have absolutely nothing I can do for/about the baby! 

I remember this happening a little bit with Kalila, esp in the first trimester because we were so scared that something would go wrong... We talked about stocking up on plain onsies but never did lol. But by this point we knew she was a girl and were getting to work. I had registries to work on and just things to do... It was a bit longer before we got stuff set up too though, about a month before she was born lol.

But yeah, not so much this time...  We've talked about what we'll need to get. Thankfully not all that much, at least compared to if we didn't have everything left over lol. We have gotten a couple packs of prefolds... but everything else has to wait a little longer. 

Which would be fine if I didn't have this silly itch to do it already... and Baba, meanie that he is, wouldn't even let me walk by the baby section at HEB the other day! (note I'm seriously joking there... he didn't, but I understand why lol. We didn't have time) Its gotten to the point that I'm sitting here doing the registry things just as a list for us to have when we get to go because I want to pick stuff out! 

How sad is that? Esp considering I'll prob toss the list when we finally do lol. Rationalizing here: but we'll have something to double check that we have all we need against right?  No I know we'll use the diaper one because we buy those online... the other is just me being silly right now because I want to shop and I like my lists whether I use them or not. 

And on top of all that... I know we won't have anything set up before he gets here because we're moving. I'm happy about us moving. Its great... but it also means I can't do anything!!!! I can't make room w/ Kalila's stuff yet. I can't go through her old clothes and pull out the neutral or boy ones yet. Yes she had some boy clothes lol... like 2 or 3 outfits at most, but still they were cute & NOT PINK & neutral enough to get away with it. I can't wash anything. No point... It all has to be packed... 

About the only thing I can do is research a few things I have left to research... and half of them I'm already re-researching because I've already done it... and seriously that's turning into a bad idea lol. 

Ok done pouting now... Gonna get back to what I should be doing.  

Speaking of which - I've actually felt like seriously cooking again lately! Two days in a row now... Unfortunately tonight's dinner wasn't all that great, my brain turned to mush and yeah... blech lol. Yesterday was great though & I'm looking forward to making apple cinnamon waffles in the morning too. :-D

Mostly Pictures

Well I had every intention of having the tree down on the 6th as usual... but couldn't get it unplugged. Baba unplugged it that night/early next morning lol but we were so tired I decided to get to it the next day.... Kalila saw me doing it & completely flipped out. Lots of screaming about her Christmas tree, and no's, and then finally it turned to where'd my tree go's and I need my tree's... So sad... I had to get pics of that pouting face.

And to cheer her up.. I sicked her on poor Mumble lol. It worked lol

This is today... I haven't taken any of these in awhile and figured it was past time... Sorry its not very good, I'll try to get a better one later lol. This is 25.4 weeks btw...