12 July, 2010


This took a lot of thought... Not jumping into anything this time lol. And also not going into a great amount of detail on here because I already did there... 

I'm moving this blog over to Wordpress. All my posts are over there, all my contacts are over there, etc. Thankfully it was very easy to do. Nothing will be lost. Nothing is wrong lol. I'm just switching sites.

Hopefully it won't cause any problems.. Sorry for yet another switch. I almost didn't do it because of that.. but its what I needed to do so yeah. I'll see you over there!

10 July, 2010

Going Places

Aww.. I got an award from Rainy Days & Mondays. We just met (via blog of course lol) recently and I'm really enjoying both reading her blog and her comments on mine.

Anyways, the "rules" of this award are:

Make an acceptance speech, talking about where you see yourself in the next 10 years, as well as finding 10 other deserving folks for this reward.
Sigh.. 10 years. Kalila will be just a few months shy of officially being a teenager... So I'm probably going to be pulling my hair out where ever I am. Zavier will be 10. Hopefully we'll have a few more children or so... LOL Hopefully we'll have had our last baby by then because I really don't "want" to be going through all that at that point or later. :-) Baba will be out of school... I would like to either be teaching at a Catholic school or looking into becoming a doula and/or NFP counselor. Yes I know those are completely opposite ends of things, but... all things that bounce around in my head lol. All completely impractical at the moment too, but in 10 years maybe... 
Ok.. 10 people now. 

09 July, 2010

RearZ Take 1

Yeah... It definitely needs some extra inserts.

Part of the problem may have been that Baba left one side kinked a little, but either way the diaper was soaked through this morning to the point his whole sleeper was wet. Poor thing. 

Either way I did get a really cute picture of him in it lol. He loves being changed and Kalila was there so he was even more smiley than normal.

08 July, 2010

Where's the Mustard?

Can I just say I hate mosquitos? Seriously... I've never had much of a problem with them before, not even when I went to Tanzania. They just don't like me... I may get bit once or twice if I'm particularly unlucky... 

But the other night I sat outside on the swing... and I'm covered. Seriously covered. Both arms (although one is worse, has about 20 bites on it), both legs, my back, my stomach, hands, feet... Its ridiculous. I don't understand why they went after me like that. 

Poor Kalila has some too, thankfully not as many and most of hers are going away (she got bit before I did). Zavier has avoided getting bit at all thankfully. Of course he's just not outside as much lol. I don't think Baba's had a problem with them either, but I could be wrong... 

Beyond all that.. We're still adjusting to Kalila wanting to go to school. I was definitely more prepared this week... and got a few pics on Monday. That third one was the "butterfly" she drew.. she was very proud of it lol. 

Got some others the last time it rained (not today) too that I just love. 

And Zavier's as cute as ever. Got some pics of him working on sitting up, "standing" and playing with his toys..

Plus a couple from earlier today. 

As you can see the kids are both doing well lol. 

Kalila is in this "princess" phase where she has to be in dresses (and calls them her princess dresses). Still gets just as messy as always, but has to be in a dress. She's also stopped saying she wants to be a dr or midwife... Yesterday she told me she works in a school. I asked if she was a teacher and she said no, just a princess. 

And Zavier's growing... working hard on trying to sit himself up lol. He loves his new play mat. "Talks" to us a lot more (the little baby sounds) and has started laughing too.. So cute. I need to get video's, but batteries need recharging. I've been using my phone lately and the video on it won't upload. 

Baba's been working a crazy amount of overtime... and his days off changed to Tues/Weds. And I'm mostly trying to keep up with the kids lol. Trying to get the house unpacked still too... but mostly just chasing kids. And getting eaten alive of course..

06 July, 2010

More Mail

Got two things in the mail today... 

The first comes w/ no picture. The Soap Nuts I won from Eco Nuts. I had to laugh when I opened the box because they left me a note apologizing for being out of the sample size that I won... instead they sent me the next size up and apologized for any inconvenience it caused me. Inconvenience?  I guess for the extra loads of laundry I'll get to do lol. 

The other was the Rearz diaper. 

First impression? Eh... It was the cheapest of the diapers I got so no complaints. Now if I'd paid the original price (was cut in half) that might be different. I'm glad I didn't get two like I'd planned though. I can get past the orange colour obviously. It really isn't that bad even if it wouldn't be my first choice. 

I like that it has a cute pattern on the inside, although I wish we'd had more of a choice (or any choice)... in the picture online it looked like it would be an orange or red pattern and its very pink. That might have been a deal breaker if I'd known. Baba was not thrilled about that either. It is a soft cotton, not as soft as the Katydid's but still nice, so that's a plus. 

I like that the inserts snap together and to the diaper inside its pocket... I didn't unsnap them in the picture, just pulled them out so you can kinda see how it does... But they're very thin. Same pattern as the inside of the diaper and look like the same material. I have a feeling we'll be adding inserts... 

Now, on the other hand, there is one thing I love about these. They have gussets! I love gussets. 

I'm hoping that I end up loving this diaper... Right now not so much, but a lot of it is just the look of it. The thinness of the inserts is really the only major issue... and it may be nothing. And if it is there are all the other inserts we have around here that can be substituted (even if they don't snap in the same) or added to these.

Vax Info - Rotovirus?

First off disclaimer... I am NOT telling anyone not to get this (would be silly since we are getting it) or how to do vaccinations lol.  Just passing on some info I just got, that I'm really glad was passed to me (esp after the whole dairy/Kalila thing). 

One of my friends has a little one Zavier's age. Like him she just got a round of shots. Later that day she had mucusy poo and some blood. In BF babies (well the blood in any baby of course) this can be a sign of something going on. They found out the next day or so that she was not sick (thankfully) and were told to cut dairy... since those are big indicators of a dairy allergy. Long story short she kept looking and found that there are a bunch of families that had this happen immediately after vaccinations and were told it was dairy. Interesting. 

I got curious and pulled out my Dr. Sears Vax book and found "mild intestinal infection" as a symptom of the Rotovirus vax. Obviously that's not a huge horrible reaction... We're still gonna get Zavier this vax in a couple weeks... but it does explain (or could explain) why some babies are showing these signs after getting it.  Its something to watch for... and if it happens see if it passes before letting them put me on a dairy free diet (honestly I think I'd cry at this point if I had to mess w/ that all over again lol).

04 July, 2010

Happy 4th!

Well.. Baba had to work. Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud ended up not coming over. But I still made my pie and we ended up having a fun night anyway.  

Gido took Kalila for a walk while I baked the pie...

I know the stars are a little off... Why I thought I could cut them out when I can't even draw one I have no idea lol. It was fun though and smells great. And its my first pie ever, so I'm not expecting much lol.

When it was done I took Zavier and started over to the neighbors. Two diff ones were having nini's outside and I ended up at the "wrong one" lol. As soon as I crossed the street one of them met me and led me to her place. The others had invited us earlier. Anyways I got to visit w/ them for awhile and headed over to the others after Gido and Kalila got there. We could see the fireworks from there, prob could have from our backyard too but it was nice meeting people and watching Kalila play with the kids. Plus she went nuts over the fireworks. What wasn't cool was little miss snuck a soda again... I managed to catch her about half way through it. Someone tried to feed Zavier too, but thankfully I caught her telling someone first. But yeah, other than that it was nice.. I wish Baba could have been here... but... He should be home soon. 

And completely random, Kalila was telling me that the dragon was scaring her tonight... on the pack n play? Yeah.. no dragon there. 

:-D Yay! Baba's home now... Gotta run! 


I feel kinda dumb right now... Long story short... its not the milk that's the problem, or at least not a main one (she could still be lactose intolerant, we'll have to watch and see). 

I mentioned what happened yesterday to Baba and he brought up that she'd been eating some dairy for days w/ no problems. I'd thought about it myself but just figured maybe it just caught up with her. I went to bed thinking about what she ate that day and then it hit me. She had a peanut butter sandwich..

Every time she's had that problem she's been eating them. 

Not only that... but the time she was "dairy free" she stopped eating them too. Not something I intended to do together, but she just started refusing to eat them. She has twice since then... the first time was at Grans and she did get sick after, but we put it to dairy still getting out of her system. And yesterday... 

I feel bad that I didn't piece that together. When I think about peanuts being a problem though, I think about the horrible allergies... not just an intolerance. She doesn't get hives or anything awful like that so I just didn't think... Confused looking it up though because while diarrhea can be a sign of allergy or intolerance, its not one mentioned for peanuts.  Apparently intolerance to them usually is heartburn.. Strange. Maybe something else in the PB? Baba's thought there. I don't know... 

Edit: No its listed as one of the symptoms for both peanut intolerance or allergy. Lovely. But at least we're not loosing our minds here (or not completely lol). 

So yeah... may not be dairy at all. It made sense that it would be... and I'm still gonna keep an eye on her as we're reintroducing it.  

Oh and the comment about getting her tested... really does seem like a good idea. Something we'll prob discuss at her next checkup.  

Editing again: Just talked to Grandpa & found out Tia Banay is allergic to PB... not the peanuts themselves  (she can eat the natural PB, just not the regular kind) but something else in it. Something else to look at, get her good again and try the natural kind maybe. Rule out that its not the same thing as her aunt. 


Picked by -

25 Deltaflute - I follow your blog

20 - Bluedano - My favorite is probably the Thirsties Duo Diaper. They're a great fit on my toddler!

I'll get those giftcards to you asap :-)  

03 July, 2010


We were a little over confident w/ the whole dairy situation here... Kalila did so well cutting it all out, so we decided to start adding in things to see what she could handle. Baba just knew it would be straight up milk only that was the problem, said maybe no yogurt to be safe. I pretty much agreed... wondered about the cheese, but still. 

Either way the nasties are back within a couple days of bringing stuff in. I'm hoping it was just the cheese she had the other day. 

First Impressions - Katydid

Still laughing a little over the timing here. Yesterday I got the email that my last FG order shipped. Whoo hoo! Went to check the mail and part of it was already here...

Katydid's. I almost didn't want to try them. They remind me a lot of a snap version of BG's.... at least on computer. Ok, really they look more like FuzzyBunz, but still.  Very few colour choices, not that that is important.  Plus we weren't gonna buy more pockets. 

But Zavier needed some for night time... and I poured over FG's pocket and AIO sections. These were a good price (even if I'm using the credits, I want to get the most I can for them) and by then I'd heard some good things about them. I put one in my cart and then right before checking out switched from having two of another brand to two of these. 

I'm kinda glad I did now... Of course we'll see how they work, but I love the look and feel of them. The insides are incredibly soft. Having kids w/ sensitive skin that's a pretty big plus. I still wish there were more choices for colours or prints, but... I like the ones I chose. 

Oh and I saw the tracking thing this morning that my package just left. Still hits me as funny... but the other 2 will be here soon & I'm very much looking forward to seeing them too.

02 July, 2010

Line Drying In The Rain

Went to line dry our diapers this morning and found this... 

Kinda hard to see in that shot, so here's another I got closer up.

Yes.. a goofy thing to get a pic of but I thought it looked really cool.. esp seeing the whole thing covered in them. 

Backing up a little bit... Yes our line nini is rigged up a bit. It needs to be cemented in but there are so many more important things to get done here... so as long as it works.. no complaints! 

Our drier is still out. Joy. Thankfully it does tumble (if not heat) so I can soften up the diapers after they dry outside. And Gido got his dryer hooked up the other day, so on days like today we can borrow his... which we did for Baba's jeans. The diapers I prefer on the line, so I chanced that today obviously and thankfully it hasn't rained again yet lol.

Why I prefer the diapers outside? The sunning thing really does help keep away stains. Yes prefolds are covered w/ covers (and then clothes on top of that usually lol) and they are clean.. which is the most important part. But... is nice to have them look that way too. 

And on the sillier side, its cute to see the covers all lined up.

I wish I'd gotten a picture before Kalila started doing so well on potty training cause she's got red & orange covers.. There was one day we had em all out there and I was just itching to take a pic lol. No batteries though. Oh well.  

Speaking of covers... and pockets fall in the same category.. less wear and tear this way. So another advantage.  

Anyways, time to get back to work...

30 June, 2010

So Proud...

2 really big things today... 

One - Zavier had his 2 month checkup. It went really well. 

He's 13lbs1oz... which means he's dropped a little on the chart (not that the chart really means anything to begin with), but no worries because he's still gaining weight, and still on the high end (very high end) of it.  I'm assuming its either from him getting sick last week or because he's spacing his feedings out to a little more normal range lol. Or both. Either way, Dr M was happy with his gain and so are we of course. His measurment... honestly I think it was a little off. It went down in the records as 24 and 3/4 inches, but he wasn't quite straightened out when the nurse marked it... and it looked closer to 25 when she put the tape to the paper (like just shy of) so I'm thinking he's probably 25... but oh well lol.  

She listened for a long time to his lungs and they're completely clear and everything looks/sounds good. I was a little worried since he's still getting over what he had. The cough is starting to go away, but hanging on a little. 

We talked about his sleeping arrangements... and the fact that he's rolling and refusing to sleep on his back. She was very reassuring about that. I still don't like it, but like she said... I am right there so that helps. 

Oh.. and he seems to like Dr. M too. Smiled at her a lot and stuff. Was cute. 

Then the shots. 

His first shots. Thankfully I did better than I did w/ Kalila on hers. I bawled when they gave her the first ones lol. 

The nurse knows me well now too lol. I was expecting to have to ask about me holding/nursing him while she did it (as opposed to the holding him down on the table thing that I hate), but she remembered and asked me if I wanted to do it where I was sitting instead. Like Kalila did most times (a few she didn't) he unlatched when she gave him the shots and screamed for a few seconds... He actually turned bright red... kinda like Grandpa when he gets mad lol. I felt bad for him, but... it was literally like 5 seconds worth and then he was fine. The crying had stopped before the band aid was even put on. 

But... I have to share what happened right after that. While she was putting the band aid on he latched back on and nursed a few seconds... great, just what we hoped. But then he unlatched, looked up at me, opened his mouth... and bit down! Opened back up.. and then latched on and nursed a few minutes while we got ready to go. Yeah.. he bit me. Seriously. Got mad and bit me. I was shocked... 

Ok, not sure how to continue after that lol... Those are at the end of the appointment though so we got out and set up his 4 month appointment and I found out how to do the next round of vax's (he got 2 today, and is getting 2 at 3 months instead of having 4 today). Which turns out is extremely easy, we just have to walk in whichever day works out for us.  

He seems to be doing well after the ones he got too. Fell asleep soon after and is pretty calm now.

Now on to the second thing... Kalila's potty training. 

A few days ago someone posted something about this being the perfect time to potty train.. or so says the Farmers Almanac. I saw the link, it really does say that. Kinda funny right? Well that night she used her potty! And then the next morning... I can't remember what that first day was (2 or 3 days ago?) but she's consistantly been using it since... Has only had one accident and it was at night... and she ran to the bathroom when it happened.

So today we got ready to go out and let her go in her training pants (slightly thicker panties). She was a little upset because she wanted her regular panties, but... not sure we're ready for that while out yet. As is these would still get things wet. Packed extra's and a couple dresses for her too lol. 

Well... after the appointment we went for food... I put sandwiches on our menu today knowing that we would probably end up doing this. The appointment and errands (I'm surprised I'm back here right now, unplanned break) meant it most likely happen.. and I was right. So we went to eat and before we left asked her if she needed to go. She said yes, Baba took her to the restroom & she did! 

Seriously proud of her... I know its still gonna take time. But still. Very excited. And so is she...

29 June, 2010

More Pics & A Video

Some of these are just too cute not to share lol. 

First off the video I got earlier...

And some pics afterwards, yes he's trying to stand (with help of course lol)!

A few days back... that outfit is a 9mo size... How crazy is that?!?

And... My favourites...

I missed these completely, ok here's a few more new ones lol.  

I just love those smiles lol... and the brother/sister shots...

28 June, 2010

MPM 28 June - 4 July

Blah... I almost don't want to do this lol. 

Before I go near this weeks schedule, have to share Baba's dinner from the other night. He'd had a rough couple of days and I found out we had pork chops in the freezer... so I made them for him (and then warmed up a halal pizza for myself lol).  Thankfully they seemed to turn out well, you know for having been made by someone who'd never done them before and hadn't planned to either. Blech...  Had to get a pic since I figured noone would believe me lol.

Also got one of Jas & Zavier that night. 

And on to this week... Sorry Baba, no pork :-j Note: Any recipes I don't know off the top of my head (ie made a thousand times lol) I'm getting from the Settlement Cookbook that Grandpa gave me.

B- cereal
L- taco's
Baba's D- Hamburger Helper
 B-Scrambled eggs & toast
D- Pasta
B-Toad in Hole 
D-Cheese Enchilada's w/ Rice & Beans
D-Chicken & Dumplings w/ Green Beans
B- Baked Eggs a la Columbus
L-Tuna Sandwiches
D-Beans & Rice

Leaving the rest of the day open because I'm pretty sure we're doing something for the 4th. 

27 June, 2010

Duo Sized Baby

LOL Apparently Zavier is duo sized... He fits in both sizes right now. Found out by accident... washing diapers and most of his covers are in there, put on one of these and it fits on the smallest setting. Size one fits on the largest...  No complaints I have twice the amount of covers for him right now! 


26 June, 2010

This is What Happens...

When I need to do dishes...


25 June, 2010

Wow That Was Fast!

I love getting mail lol... 

The other day the FG order of diaper covers came in. Size 2 Duo Wraps, velcro this time... I haven't decided if I like them in velcro or snap better. Still nice and I was so excited to see them. Mail, diapers, and free all wrapped together = one happy mama. 

Then right after that I saw that Zavier's Baptism gown shipped... 

Then Baba ok'd another FG order... mostly pocket diapers for Zavier to wear at night but also another pail liner. Trying a few brands we haven't before... Katydid's, Rumparoos, & Rearz. Leaves us w/ about 36 dollars in credit there... and I can't even imagine when/how we'll spend that, but I am very excited about the prospect of more diapers. 

Then I got an email that the last FG order left from before shipped.. Toddler sized prefolds. I can't wait for them to come... as much as I want Kalila to potty train, she is still wearing diapers part time & the ones we have are getting small. And we figure Zavier will prob need the larger size when he moves up lol. 

And today.. much earlier than I expected I opened the door to find this: 

Ok obviously I brought it inside before I took the pictures lol.  And yes I'm goofy and wanted a pic of the box... if you're wondering the phone is so no one can get our address off the pic. Not cool. 



Not sure when we'll get pics of him actually in it yet. Waiting for Baba to let me know if he's called his brother about the date yet... and then I have to call the Church. Which should have been done days ago but yeah... 

Still... Excited :-D

Oh and obviously... We got option C. Which I'm really happy with now that I see it. That really was a bad pic of the collar on the website. I can't really get a good one w/ the plastic and don't want to take that off yet or I'd get a close up of it. Has a sailor knot, which I knew, but it isn't as big as it looked in the other and the collar doesn't go out and past the shoulders like it seemed. Sigh of relief lol. 


And Still The Cough...

Kalila did not cough hardly at all yesterday. A couple times towards the night, but that was it... She's acting like she feels a ton better too.

Zavier on the other hand... His cough has me worried. I called Dr M this morning and found out pretty much what I already know... Still too young to give him anything, and no point taking him in since he has no fever, is eating well and all. Suction his nose (if only I can find the stinking thing to do it with). Elevate him... she did give me tips on how to do that, esp with the pack n play. I remember putting Kalila in her bouncer the one time she had a cold this young (well was a bit older, was 3 months old before it happened) but Zavier has decided he hates the thing. Loved it for the first few weeks... was the only way I could get him to sleep anywhere other than on me. Now putting him in it is an easy way to guarantee screaming... lots and lots of screaming. Yesterday he wanted to be held a lot so I put him in his wrap and he did really well in it. Probably going to be doing the same today... so far he's not thrilled with the pack n play solution lol. 

Thankfully he doesn't seem too upset by all this. Still giving us that cute smile. Maybe a little more cuddly than normal, but still seems happy.

24 June, 2010

Pink Shirts and Denim Sunburns

After deciding I'd had enough of freezing my tako off this morning I put on this pink shirt my parents gave me awhile back over my tank. It has long sleeves so should help right? Eh.. not much lol. But Kalila got all excited about it because, well... its pink and because it ties in the front and she likes those. Here's the conversation that followed.

Kalila - You're wearing pink.

Mama - Yes, I have on a pink shirt.

Kalila - I want to wear pink too!

Mama - You are wearing pink. 

Kalila - (looks down and giggles) Oh. Yeah. I am wearing pink. 

Now... a few minutes later I decided I'd had enough of the minus 45 degree weather in here and took her outside while I ate my breakfast. She ran around and had fun while I sat on the swing... after I finished eating I laid down for a few minutes, and the only thing that kept me from falling asleep out there was the fact that she was out there. 

And then I felt my leg burning... Wearing jeans... Leg is covered. Nothing else having a problem, but my leg burning. Grabbed Kalila (who didn't want to come inside) and came back in. Yup... Leg is burnt! In a really weird pattern too. Strange. 

Note: I think I have figured out why Baba keeps it so cold in here now. I think he may be encouraging us to go outside more... Now how this is gonna help me get anything done I don't know.

23 June, 2010

Random Thoughts..

Yeah remember the kids being sick and getting better? Nope... didn't go away. I don't know if they recaught it or what, but it hit a low point last night/this morning. First Zavier threw up... then Kalila did. I started feeling bad yesterday too... and this morning I woke up to find our kitchen floor painted in shit. Kalila got up and had a major accident and then tried to clean part of it up. Yeah that was the worst thing I've ever had to clean... by far. Good news is she hasn't coughed once today and Zavier's sounds better too. So hopefully they'll get over it for real now. And hopefully I won't get any worse or Baba catch it.

I'm craving a Dr. Pepper so bad right now.. and no way to get one. Not happy. 

Does anyone know (and have sources for) if both parents have to consent for surgeries in the US or is it just one & does it have to be a particular one? Someone told me the mom has to do it...  which has me worried all over again. And of course I can't seem to find the info online to see if its true.

On a happy note our Size 2 Duo Wraps should be here today! :-D 

I also got the email that Zavier's Baptismal gown shipped... and we picked up the invites the other day too.

On the other hand... the date is not set. The first one we picked did not work for Ammo Trevor. The second didn't (or didn't exactly) for Aunt Sonia. The week after that (not one we chose) is my family reunion... which we could rush back from, but would be rough. So... we're attempting the week after that now. If someone called/txt'd his brother to ask that is...   

Still not used to my hair... No complaints of course lol, but everytime I pass by a mirror I do a double take... 

Kalila has been coming up with more of those little comments that just make me smile, like telling me she'll "just try it" when I told her she wouldn't like the gravy. Note: I know she does and want her to try things... was just trying to hide the stuff from her at the time since she can't have it right now and it was the first thing to come to mind. Obviously not the right thing to say though lol. 

Sounds like it may be time to restart the washer so I guess I'm off. I'm gonna try to get some more pictures soon but not exactly sure when that'll happen.

22 June, 2010

CYH Giveaway

Ok this one is not mine... but CYH is giving away a $25 giftcard to Target or Macy's. Who couldn't use that? I'm def entering this one lol. 

1 entry for commenting on this blog post of theirs.. 

Tweet and get 2 more entries (add 2 more comments). 

And do a blog post like this one and get 5 more (comment 5 times as well). 

Yes I love these giveaways. I've actually won one from her (a tichel) and loved the item I got. She does quite a few of them too. :-)

Gift Card Giveaway!

Remember all those Swagbucks I've been racking up? I got so excited when I saw the Earth Angel Diaper Company in the gift card section... Most of our Amazon cards were going towards diapers and these had a better "price". I didn't realize you can only use 1 per order though... still really nice to get a discount on your order, but not something we can do right now.  So I decided I'd pass them along to someone who can use them instead!

I've been thinking about doing this for awhile... figured now was as good a time as any. So here are 2 $5 giftcards up for grabs (2 winners, 1 card apiece). The giveaway will run from today until the 4th of July. I suppose it could be a holiday thing lol, but really just seems easier to have it end at the end of a weekend and this one is too soon. 

Manditory entry -  Post a comment with your favourite item from EADC

Extra entries - 

Become a fan of EADC on facebook 

Sign up for Swagbucks (yes shameless request for referrals, but hey it will get you some free items too!) - 5 entries for doing this one, make sure and comment 5 times.

Follow EADC on Twitter 

Tweet about the giveaway (once per day)

Blog post about the giveaway 

Follow my blog.  

Follow EADC's blog

I'll keep it short and not list too many more lol. Esp since its a pretty small giveaway.

Each entry needs to be in a separate comment. Sorry I know some wish there were an easier way, but I can't set anything like that up. I'm using and need separate comments. 

Disclaimer - I am not receiving anything from EADC for doing this. I was not asked to do this or anything. Obviously any referrals to SB could possibly get me a few SB's lol, but I'm not really expecting anything... 

Damn Suicidal Flies

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that there's little things we have to fix up around here... One of them has this unfortunate side effect of way too many bugs having access to our house. The main entrance for them is underneath the back door (in the laundry room). There's about a 1 to 2 inch space under the door. Thankfully Baba & Gido have plans to work on that very soon. But in the meantime it leaves me fighting bugs (esp flies) constantly... annoying but not much of a real problem until a few days ago.

Saturday I went to put up these fly motels... and accidently crushed one with the outside of the thing. I laughed at it, but looking back why didn't it move when I came at it?

I woke up Sunday morning to find a million of them on the glass door in the kitchen. Not by the trashcan or sink or anything like that... Just covering the door. I made sure the flytraps were still set up (they were... but only one fly has gone in there to get stuck.. one did catch a huge spider though! Uggh...) and then got online to find other options. Saw the bag of water trick... Tried putting one up, but it fell and exploded on the floor. Lovely. 

Then Tia Sallie came over and suggested mixing dish soap and water to try and coat their wings. Sounds like it could work... and it did. Better than we thought because they don't try and fly away from us. I can pick the things off with the spray bottle one after another! Of course that's followed by a nasty cleanup of dead fly bodies... But we got them completely gone that night. Very happy.

Yesterday morning we woke up to more... covering that same door all over again. Now the first time part of me wondered if maybe sticky hands tracked something on there that I'd missed... but they were thouroghly cleaned the night before. Spray bottle out... dead flies. More cleanup.

Then today.. AGAIN. 

Seriously something is wrong with those things. I've never seen flies act like this... 

21 June, 2010

Adjusted Recipe

Because it turned out so well I thought I'd share my recipe w/ ya. I'm not going to post the main one... for one thing I might have already on here lol. Found out its really my aunts recipe and not my Nana's like I thought. I'm assuming she wouldn't mind it being on here (hoping not if it already is lol) but still... 

Anyways here's my Dairy Free, Whole Wheat version of the Texas Hot Cocoa Cake!

1/4 lb Earth Balance margarine (or other dairy free version)
1/2 cup liquid shortening
1 cup water
3 tbsp powdered dark chocolate
2 cups whole wheat flour
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup almond milk soured (add 1 tbsp vinegar & let sit a few min)
2 eggs
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp almond extract

Melt margarine, shortening, water and cocoa in saucepan, bring to a boil and stir. Sift sugar & flour in a large bowl. Pour liquid mix over dry, beat until smooth. Add soured almond milk, eggs, baking soda, cinnamon and almond extract . Mix well. Pour into pan and bake at 400 for 35 to 40 min. 

Note: If possible (please please please) we'll go back to using real butter, including in this recipe.. wouldn't be dairy free anymore lol, but it doesn't really have to be for those of you/us who don't have a milk issue.  The almond milk is staying though... its good in cake. 

And as for the liquid shortening... We typically use sunflower oil, but can't find it (still packed somewhere lol) at the moment so we used olive oil. 

I also ended up substituting almond extract for the vanilla in the Wilton's Buttercream recipe. Also turned out very good. 

Now completely off topic, but too cute not to share: 

Yes, he's still got a bit of a cough. This was the first time he did at all today (hasn't much), I think he got choked up when he sneezed lol. Lots of little smiles though... I'm gonna keep trying for one of those big grins that I love.

20 June, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Hope everyone's had a wonderful Father's Day! 

Oddly enough I got the idea for Baba's cake while I was planning the one for Kalila's birthday lol (yes I am already starting to plan that somewhat). 

A few days ago I told Tia Sallie about it and we started making plans for them to come over.. She decided to make a cake for Uncle Bud too. 

Not quite Father's Day related (although I joke that its my gift to Baba) she came early to do my hair.

The cake... It didn't turn out quite like I'd planned... for one thing I ended up not doing a chocolate marshmallow fondant, just a marshmallow one. And since it wasn't chocolate I let Baba pick the colour... I like the shade of blue it turned out though lol. I was also gonna do fondant squares w/ buttercream handprints on them... but we had so much trouble with it (Uncle Bud helped and he had trouble too... was finally the one to get it to go on though) that I scrapped that idea and just put the prints on the first layer. As you can see Kalila went nuts w/ her first one and grabbed at the fondant. Then smeared her handprint. Then Zavier took a cue from her and grabbed at it too. I don't know if you can see it in the pic, but I left that part all lumpy from it. Then he wouldn't open his hands back up so we went w/ feet print (yes all hands/feet were washed beforehand lol). Even if it wasn't what I had in mind I loved it, so cute... and with kids you know something was gonna happen lol.   

Tia Sallie did cupcakes... I forgot to get a pic, but just think yellow cake, choc icing. They were good too lol. 

Baba made steak and salad... Gido came over too. And here are a couple more random pics from the night.