02 December, 2009

The Vertdict - Part Two

Yes today is definitely laundry day around here... on one hand I'm having fun w/ it because I'm testing out my new soap... but on the other I hate putting away clothes so I keep distracting myself from that. I have gotten a good bit put away though...

Anyways... I started out with a load of whites. Determined to make sure it was the soap I left out any other additives that I'd normally put. It was hard. Really it was... With regular detergent I add vinegar to the rinse... with whites I sometimes add OxiClean for whitening (although I do have a fun tip to share at some point that I'm very excited about, something most of us keep around and very easy to do) and sometimes TTO. Really depends on how bad the load is.... This load I would have added stuff. I really had to hold myself back not too....

I'm glad I didn't... The load came out nicely. It smells great. The clothes are clean... I can't complain. Ok I wrote that after taking them out and before hanging them up... I have to add... I more than can't complain. Everything is soft... and with 2 exceptions (very old shirts) very bright. Even the 2 exceptions look cleaner than they have in awhile. Impressed.

My next load was blacks (some colours we mix together, but we have enough of these that they stand alone lol). I'll be honest here & say I couldn't hold back and leave out the vinegar on these. I never wash my darks w/ out vinegar.

Once again turned out great...

Load 3 (yes I told you I have a ton to do.. .ALWAYS... it never stops) was colours... First round of colours, mostly blues w/ green, yellow & grey thrown in. Once again I bucked up and started it w/ detergent only. Feeling a lot more confident about that after hanging up that first load lol.

I have them in the drier now, not expecting any different from the other loads at this point. They look and smell clean from what I've seen.

I could go on, but not really a point lol.. Besides I'm taking a break from regular laundry at this point & doing the other half of the diapers. I don't want to end up staying up past 2 again tonight!