01 December, 2009

The Verdict (CD edition)

I'm really pushing it for my first load with this new detergent... I'm not just doing any old clothes, I'm doing diapers!

Before I go any further have to tell you why.. Horrible story..

I just did diapers the other day, still have plenty of pockets left - so not a huge need for that... Tia Sallie did mention that she noticed the prefolds (or possibly the fitted) needed stripping though so I already had in mind to do that asap. Note: She didn't really put it like that, but there was an ammonia smell after Kalila wet that is not supposed to happen... sure sign it needs stripping, so as soon as she mentioned it I knew what had to be done lol.

But yesterday was Baba's day off & we had a few things to do as always... and went to go do them. Well... We got to Sams and headed straight for the family restroom knowing Kalila needed a change. What we didn't know was that she'd had diarrhea.... I'm not all that surprised because she was just getting over being sick and stomach still adjusting when she ate part of a bar of soap. (yes my daughter eats soap... its not the first time... I try to stop her, its awful... any ideas of how to stop it would be appreciated...) I just didn't expect it to go through that soon. My mistake. I did put her in the fitted and orange cover though, so not expecting any leaks if anything happened. But it did... and badly. Now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if it was one of the ones that got washed last weekend... (diff detergent? Possibly softener?) Oh well, doesn't matter lol. It leaked... all through her pants... and for once we didn't have a backup pair... Kalila got a new outfit out of the whole ordeal, but I felt horrible about having to take her bare legs into the store (at least it was warm inside and we were able to get her dressed before heading out).

Anyways, as you can imagine... I didn't want those sitting around in the wetbag for even a day.

So I'm really testing this stuff... but... I have to point out that I am stripping them too, which I use Dawn and Oxiclean for... and I added TTO at one point. So keep that in mind.

Despite what the recipe I originally linked called for, I went with the 1 tbsp the other one mentioned... partly because if using less works why use more and partly because they're diapers & those of you who use cloth know you don't want to overdo the soap on those.

I was warned beforehand that either way wouldn't have all the suds that store bought has, so I wasn't worried about that. Opened it up mid cycle and could def see the soap residue in the water... So that looked good to me lol.

At the end of cycle 1 - the diapers looked clean from what I could see. A couple were still stained, but I'm pretty sure they were ones that had been stained from before... Is a recent thing (I think from the tummy problems) and I'm planning to separate them out & figure out how to fix that or at least get them looking a little better, but that's a whole diff post.

Beyond that is stripping process and extra rinses so nothing to write about until I see how they come out of the drier.

Ok.... this post isn't posting until later this morning because I cannot stay up any longer lol. Very loopy at this point. Really wish I could have started earlier in the day. Oh well...

As of now... I think I was 100% on with my thinking the stained ones were from before and not because of the detergent. Why? Because I have already used both Dawn & OxiClean and see no difference from immediately after washing them in the detergent. So they were clean... and now hopefully well on their way to being stripped.

I'm running another load of hot water right now before I lay down and gonna let them soak until morning (which will come all too early I'm sure) and finish up the rinse cycles. Normally doesn't take that many but I want to be extra sure everything is out. Not taking any chances here...

I'll finish this in the morning... Later in the morning... today... whatever.

Sorry about that lol... I'm back and diapers are DONE. Whoo hoo!

I have to say this try was a success... I'm still holding out a little until I've both finished some regular laundry with it, and have done a diaper load that doesn't need to be stripped (I still need to strip the other half of our diapers... doing that later today... so figure in 2 days or so for the next reg load). But... the diapers are clean. They also feel very soft (the prefolds at least) and have lost the stiffness they've had lately. I really can't say if it was the diff detergent or the stripping because I can't remember them not feeling like this after I stripped them last... but they do feel nice. Everything smells great... So no complaints at this point.

I've already started a regular load... and will post about it at some point soon. I feel kinda bad because I go days w/ out a new post & all the sudden I'm piling them on lol.


deltaflute said...

At the day care, we had a number of children who would put things in their mouths to see if they liked the taste or not. Many of them ate dirt.

I've never heard of a child liking the taste of soap before. I've only heard it used as punishment. My mom used to make my brother eat the stuff, but that's a big can get reported to cps thing now. I've heard of people who eat baking soda though. I mean we all do if we eat baked goods. I wonder what type of soap that your using. She must like how it tastes.

Judging from pics of your daughter it seems to be natural phase for her age. Usually children stop eating mass quantities of dirt when they turn three. They'll still try it every once in a while, but if we (the day care personnell) don't make it a big deal, they stop. So I imagine she'll slow down on eating the soap around then. Otherwise I would think that maybe changing what soap you use or putting your soap in some sort of container that she'll have trouble getting into are your best bets.

One of the workers thought that children ate the dirt because they lacked minerals in their diet. I think that is an old wives tale. Children just like taste at that young age. I mean why do we give them toys that they can chew on. I don't think it's because they're lacking "fiber" :).

Mama Kalila said...

Well.. I wouldn't doubt that it can be a reason kids eat dirt, but not the only one. The only reason I say that is I remember a kid eating it overseas & he was... well he needed food badly. Still makes me sad to think about. Kids here though... not too likely lol.

Yeah, I remember the soap punishment thing... I used to think that was normal and then after Kalila was born I started thinking about it, even talked to Jas & we both agree that we really disagree with the concept.

She's done it with several types of soap though. We use the manly scented Lever but have tried other scents & shes done it w/ them all... This time it was the Ivory soap I'd bought the other day. She's done it w/ some homemade (not by me lol) soap too. Is always bar soap... so I guess we could switch to liquid, but not sure how Jas would do w/ that. We do try to keep it out of reach but... she's a little monkey lol. And fast in the bathtub too... I can be right there and before I know it she's eating a chunk.

Thankfully it is getting better (like the baking soda thing) but still bothers me.