16 December, 2009

To Stream or Not To Stream

I think I'll do a short one lol. So much in my head right now though... and even more to do so not much time. 

A little aggravated right now. Just a little because I know she was trying to help, but seriously? I picked up a card for the HypnoBirthing classes yesterday. My plan was to get ahold of this instructor to find out how much her cost is, and then compare it to the maternity store nearby that offers classes. Like I mentioned yesterday, it looks like insurance will help out, but I'd still like to get the best deal right? No problems so far on that end... I sent out an email and waiting patiently. But the classes are not mentioned on this months schedule for the maternity store so I thought I would call and see how often they're held. Long story short, because of how few people choose it and the cost, the lady who does them there doesn't do it every month & they don't find out until last minute. That's fine... makes it a bit harder on me (well may make my decision easier lol) but still. But the part that got to me was after me explaining why I was asking she recommended a hospital downtown, said they had them there. Really? Start to get excited about a third option right... But as I was typing in the name of the hospital into Google (because I've never heard of it before) I said something like "they really have HypnoBirthing classes at a hospital?" and her response was "Well I don't know if they're HypnoBirthing, but they have some kind of birthing class!"  ???? You're kidding me right? 


My last Avon order came in... Baba was surprised at how quickly it did lol, but I'm not... They always do.  I was able to get a couple of our Christmas gifts on there (they have some really cute stuff) so I have some wrapping to do now lol. What did surprise me was that some gift sets I'd ordered (to sell, not for myself) came in... I was thinking they wouldn't be here until Campaign 1 when they were due. But Campaign 1 was moved up... Joy. They do look really nice though, is the Reese In Bloom gift set with a bag, perfume, shower gel & lotion. Am hoping I can sell them though because as nice as they are, I can't wear perfume lol. 


Kalila used the potty this morning... all on her own! 


Apparently our water issue wasn't the heater, but the cartridge in the tub. It got fixed today... Whoo hoo warm showers/baths again! While the maintenance guy was here he checked our smoke alarm and put in two more, one in each bedroom. Was a nice surprise that didn't really surprise me because I'd seen something on the news the other day about how they were pushing for more apt complexes to do that.


Kimosimi has been adorable lately. More than normal. He's cuddeling up to my belly and purring a lot. The other day I was laying on my side and he climbed on top and started kneading me. So sweet! 

I'm not looking forward to when we have to start shutting them out at night again... I'm not too worried about it this time because I know both cats will handle it. I'm just not sure when to do it.... Before Kalila was born, I think we started a few months before... But we're moving right around the guess date this time and well, for one I really am hoping Zavier is not here before we're out of the apartment lol.. and secondly the move's gonna be a pretty big adjustment on the cats anyway. Eh I have time to figure that out. 


Good news... My sewing machine cord came in!!! I'm so excited... So much to get done... Of course I have other things that need to get done first. Uggh. Back to that whole issue I brought up yesterday. :-P


I did take my iron this morning... Unfortunately because we haven't picked up the sweetner I need (and we're about out of honey and the coffee machine is not set up) I ended up having to put it in the one thing I've been able to handle it in so far... Orange juice. Which as you may remember is not something that likes me at the moment. I stuffed myself with pistachios immediately after drinking it though and I haven't really been having any problems thankfully. 


That's it.. I need to stop procrastinating. I've got a lot to do... and both kids seem to be sleeping (Zavier has been kicking most of the day) so prob a good time to do it.


Steph said...

So frustrating about your hypnobirthing classes!

Good luck w/ the Avon! I sell (sorta) MK so I won't be ordering from you, obviously, but I do wish you lots of luck! lol

Yay for going on the potty! I need to start working w/ Alex again on that ... but I think I'll wait till Daddy's gone and we're not as stressed out......

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah, at least I know of another place that does them... it could be worse.

I remember you selling the MK, so I figured lol... I actually like MK too but can't afford it.

Kalila actually used the potty again last night, I was so excited.. this morning she stood on it and peed on the lid. Oops.

Sheridan said...

Another option is Hypnobabies. They have a complete Home Study Program available.

Enjoy your birth!

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks... We have no Hypnobabies Instructor here in town though and the home course would for sure not be covered by insurance. I have looked into it though! :-)