13 December, 2009

A Scary Thought...

I woke up this morning with a story my mom used to tell running through my head. I don't know how accurate it was... She could have been exaggerating.... but she used to tell me about how her brothers would eat all the food in the house and leave the fridge bare. 

And it hit me...

Baba & I joke alot about what its gonna be like down the road... esp if we're blessed with more kids. It comes up almost every time we go to Sams... Yesterday was no different... I think part of that is because we already have to get eggs there about every 2 weeks. No complaints, we just find it funny that 3 of us go through that many. So the most common "joke" is that down the road we'll move up from the big carton to the box and eventually we'll have to have our own chickens. Not that I'd really mind that, because I prefer them fresh anyway lol... Really is something we'd like to do when we're able. But that's beside the point... No, every time it comes up we're talking about way down the road... both with a larger family and, well, us all older. 

But this morning it hit me that in just under a year we'll be cooking for a family of 4 instead of a family of 3. And the second child is gonna be a boy. 

Now granted I am keeping in mind that Zavier is not going to eat all that much at first... I remember starting Kalila on solids, it did about nothing to the amounts of food we bought. I think the only difference was we bought a few veggies that we normally wouldn't (and I am so looking forward to Zavier reaching that point for that reason lol), but still... It was nothing. 

But Kalila is only 2 years old now... and I'm amazed by the amounts of food she puts away. Like the story I told yesterday about Denny's... That's a normal thing. She will (and does regularly) eat 3 peanut butter sandwiches in a sitting... We can't keep tomatoes in the house because they disappear in days... I've already mentioned eggs. The girl can eat. Part of me wonders if maybe that will slow down a little as she gets older... but then I remember me as a kid and all the comments my family made about me having a hollow leg & a bottomless pit. I was in high school (at least) before that stopped. 

And I know that it wont be long before Zavier's her age... It just goes by too fast. I wonder how he's gonna be. He's a boy. Could it be worse? Maybe not... But its a little bit daunting to think about, at least this morning.

Is kinda funny I guess because lately I've been so wrapped up in pregnancy stuff and childbirth stuff... I think the latest I've really thought about is when he first starts solids, when & what that will be. We've only really thought about it because we decided it a long time ago (almost right after starting Kalila lol) because we wanted to do things slightly diff the next time. But yeah... I just hadn't really thought of what its gonna be like beyond that...

I'm not worried or anything... Just a little dazed at the thought of a 4th person and not just a new baby.


Deborah said...

I had no idea little girls could eat that much! She must be full of energy to burn that many calories in a day! (And you can tell from the pictures that she burns them.) Wow. Maybe Zavier won't eat quite so much ... or maybe he will, but God will provide.

Soon your family will be a woman, a man, a little woman-to-be, and a little man-to-be. So common, and yet so special.

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah.. I didn't know they could either lol. I remember how much I ate at like 8 years old, so that wouldn't surprise me... but two does. I'm not really worried though... even if Zavier does eat like this I know its gonna be fine. We'll just have to adjust how we do things a little lol.

babyyahyah said...

lol I am sorry but this makes me chuckle...hehe becuase yeah I know what you mean. We always say that its cheaper to buy a cow with the amount of milk we go through in a week.

I agree that somehow god will provide.

My kids do eat tons and tons of food. I think the only downside is going out to eat--THAT is expensive. Like if we go to fast food at this point they are too big share meals and if everyone gets their own meal its soooo its cheaper to eat at home really. I see people with large families working around it though. Instead of going out to eat they go out for a picnic lunch or check out our denny's offers kids eat free on saturdays etc. there are other restaurants that do that too. There is a blog I love called my "litter of six" on my blogs I follow and she shows how she clips coupons and gets all these great deals and moneysaving advice.

also, obviously its personal and I don't your situation but you could be eligble for WIC and they will give you milk and eggs and cereal etc per child. I didn't know it but I was eligble for that years and never took advantage of it. The more kids you have the more they allow your income to be...and by the time they are school aged they could be eligble for free lunches at school and free breakfast etc.

anyway, the point is that God will provide all your needs.

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah we already cut down on eating out... There are places we know are better than others & tend to go there when we do. Not just about price though lol, I try to keep us eating healthy too and that's hard eating out.

I think we might qualify for WIC but won't do it... I've heard a few good stories about it and a bunch of horror stories. I just don't want to deal with it... and between shopping around and looking for deals I don't think we're really missing out. Either way we manage to eat well w/out it....

I think the bigger issue at this point is just having enough room for it all. I can't wait to move out of this apt.