15 December, 2009

Save Your Egg Shells!

Sorry this has taken so long for me to post... hadn't gotten to my whites yet. But I promised, so here we go...

Awhile back a friend of mine mentioned this little laundry whitening tip... Sounded absolutely crazy. I googled it and found a few other references to it... Would have tried it out of curiousity anyway, but still... 

Uncle Bud's tip? Save your egg shells & fill a sock with them to throw in with your whites! 

Google mentions putting them in cheesecloth... 

My first time trying this I made a slight mistake... Baba's socks are pretty thick & I wasn't sure how well they would do at letting whatever it is that whitens get out, so I used an old pair of panty hose. Good idea in theory... If they hadn't had an unseen hole. That's right, egg shell all over the washer! Not fun to clean out lol. 

I did notice whiter socks... but I didn't want to post on that time alone because I also used oxi clean in with everything else... They were that bad at the time lol. 

This time I put them in one of Kalila's socks... I turned it inside out because I don't want any pieces to accidently scratch her if left in there... The shells get really soft after washing, but still. Not a chance I wanted to take.

For the record I did use a few drops of TTO along w/ my tbsp of detergent and put vinegar in the rinse. Neither of those is a whitening thing though.  

And yes it does work. Our whites were a lot whiter... Most of them were nice and bright. But... it did not "cure" the dingiest ones. They definitely look better though. I'm kind of curious to see if they continue to do so as we keep doing this. We'll see.


Julie said...

That is really interesting! I don't have a whole lot of white though since I am so bad at laundry. But I might be able to gather enough to give this a try. Thanks!