15 December, 2009

Pictures & Appointments

Baba got done much faster than we expected this morning, so we ended up going to do the Santa pictures first. I'm very excited because it was the same setup again this year & I'm pretty sure the same Santa. 

Looking back a bit... 

Kalila's first Christmas - 3 mo's old. 

Second Christmas - 1 year 

And of course this year - 2 years old.

As you can see... She's still afraid of Santa & wanted nothing to do with him. I really hoped she would cause I did not want to be in the pic... hadn't finished my make up and my hair was a mess... although it looks worse than it was because there's an ornament behind my head the same colour lol. Oh well, Kalila looks adorable! 

We ate lunch after that, changed Kalila, and off to see the midwife. 

Good news first... My sugar was not up this time! Very excited about that... I do get have the glucose test next month, but not nearly as stressed about it as I was. I also get to get my iron levels and antibody tests done again at the same time... So that's gonna be "fun". That brings me to the not so great part... It looks like I've gone from borderline anemic to anemic. My own fault because I've been having a hard time taking the iron supplement. I was hoping the meat aversion going away would make up for it... but apparently not. 

I did also get in a little bit of trouble over soda's... We're pretty sure I haven't turned diabetic obviously but they're still full of sugar & I do seem to be sensative to it lately... not to mention the caffeine. Is something I want to get away from but having a really rough time about (although I did cut down a lot) and I'm not surprised she wasn't thrilled about it... But I did get some really good advice about how to deal with it, going from soda to coffee (less sugar involved) and then weaning from caffeinated to decaf. Was also recommended another sweetner to try, not just for that but to help with the iron supplement. 

Remember me mentioning the anatomy scan & how they didn't tell me anything? Well apparently they couldn't. We had a tech this time & because of lawsuits they aren't allowed to talk while doing it anymore lol. The dr that went over the info there did send the info to the BC and we went over it today, plus we got a copy for the baby book. Basically he's looking good. Nothing wrong. Is still consistantly measuring ahead by about 4 days (same as the first scan). Not enough to even consider moving due dates, but we'll see what happens lol. Oh and he was 11 ounces when they did it... which was at 19 weeks & I'm 22 now. 

The actual checkup part went well... I already mentioned the sugar part of the tests, but everything there looked good. I've gained 8 lbs in the pregnancy (not counting what I had to gain back after I lost some in the beginning). Measurements were good. Blood pressure was good. No swelling. Zavier started moving while they were doing the measurements and everything... and of course we heard his heartbeat...

Oh I forgot to mention... Poor Kalila slept through the whole thing. LOL It was really cute. Everyone (except us) was surprised because she was sleeping on Baba and we were all being loud, laughing & moving a lot and she slept through it all. 

I think that was it... I've got a diaper to get too now, so I'm off.. Hopefully I didn't forget anything lol. 

Edit - I knew I did... We also talked about the trying to get more rest thing. I've been so bad about that lately. Baba's been great about helping out when he can... but I have so much to do still. Anyways, was told that getting rest & taking care of us = more important than getting everything done... which I know in my head, but... still.  

Also talked to them about excersize... Something I also need to do more often but have been getting back into. And classes. Looks like insurance may cover our childbirth classes, so we talked about getting a signed letter to help with that. Very excited. Ok going now!


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

You should look into the Brewer Pregnancy diet. It focuses on making sure you get enough protein and is supposed to cut down drastically on your chance of developing pre-ecclampsia or gestational diabetes.
You don't look too thrilled to be in that pic. I'd never get my hubby to come along for it though, so its definitely a nice memory ;-)

Catherine Anne said...

You look great in both! Love all three of them. Great memories~

Mama Kalila said...

Stacy aka Fahiima - Thanks I'll do that. Never had a prob w/ pre-eclampsia last time but I know things can be diff each time, they have been so far lol. I really wasn't thrilled but was trying to make the best of it... Unfortunately I just wasn't put together & nothing I could do would make me look like I was lol.

Catherine Anne - Thanks.

babyyahyah said...

cute pics

yeah those sodas are the worst for blood sugar. I also love soda but I try to not drink it.

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks... I used to be able to go w/out it for good periods of time. I tried to cut it out completely at the beginning of this pregnancy & couldn't. Seriously aggrivated me. As much as I like them, I hate feeling that way.

Steph said...

Very cute pictures! :)

And I'm so happy that everything is going smoothly. I hope that your iron levels get straightened out soon though! I pretty much refused to take my iron supplements because of how they made me feel -- I hope you find something that works for you!

Mama Kalila said...


I shouldn't complain too much about the Floradix because it doesn't make me feel bad, its a really good source of iron... but the taste gags me. I've been taking it in OJ the past two days & scarfing pistachio's down with it to keep from having any blood sugar issues. Luckily doing them at the same time seems to be working (I know if I wait any length of time I'll be sick all day). I can't wait until I can get the pills though.