26 December, 2009

Merry Christmas

Ok is it sad that I keep mispelling merry in that phrase? LOL 

Today was a great day here... We got to sleep in, especially nice since I was up pretty late. Even Kalila slept in a little later than normal. We finally got up around 10 or so and came to open gifts. I got more pics than I got last night, but had to get video's too because it was just so cute. 

As you can see, Kalila had a blast. 

Silly me forgot to pull out the camera when we went to Gran's right after that. We had a nice time there too though. They gave Kalila a Mr. Potato Head, something we thought about getting & didn't, and she really likes it. 

From there we went to see Gido's side of the family... which is always a ton of fun & this year was no different. 

I got a couple pics of Kalila while we were there since I didn't have any others in her dress... The second one makes me laugh.. So goofey! 

And of course video's of her opening gifts.

I wish I'd gotten one of the white elephant thing, was a lot of fun... and some of the non-gift giving parts, but I didn't. Oh well. 

As you can see it was a pretty busy day. We didn't end up getting to make that cake :-(  I feel kinda bad about that. Hopefully I can get things together and do that next year... it sounds like a cute idea. 

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas too!