14 December, 2009

Little Things

Just had to share a few little stories from here or there than have made me smile lately...

Kalila's smile while helping polish off a full box of strawberries in one sitting.

Baba telling me (multiple times) how much he enjoyed dinner.

Zavier kicking around... and being able to see the kicks now :-)

Kalila sassing me... Telling me that I said a bad word & that she's gonna spank my butt. I know it shouldn't make me smile or laugh (and I did get on to her lol) but still... it does. 

Baba being home for the weekend... I'm still not completely used to it yet and its so nice...

Seeing Kalila choose who she wanted to tuck her in to bed... and picking Baba. I think she likes his nights best :-). 

Baba cooking dinner... 

Kalila saying her prayers

Kimosimi curling up on my tummy and purring

Baba doing his goofey little dances randomly

Kalila asking me for more strawberries after we bought more... and then putting them up in the fridge for me all by herself.

I could prob go on but I'd never get this published lol