06 December, 2009


We knew today was gonna be crazy. Just a lot to do in a short period of time... I wanted to bake too since it was St. Nicholas' feast day... was thinking about cupcakes, but... no time. I'm kinda disappointed, but... Kalila's really too young to remember & there's always next year. 

Part way through the day we got a txt message about her friend Khalil's bday. I know I've posted about those two before (and pics of them) but its been awhile. LOL Just looked through the posts to double check that, I remember talking to his mom about posting pics, but wanting to be sure... I did and it has been over a year! He's gotten so big (of course, he's 2 now too lol) and is a cutie. We got lost a bit finding the place where they had it, but I'm glad we went. Kalila had a blast too... 

My batteries were dying but I managed to get a few pictures, and even a video. 

Kalila hitting a pinata for the first time... 

And chasing down candy!  


Khalil during his bday song

Kalila having some fun w/ a golf club

And of course I had to get a couple of the two friends!