03 December, 2009

Family Life

Apologies if this is completely random, but eh...

Baba - Is doing good... Gearing up for the end of the semester so he's been really busy with papers and stuff lately. Work is still going well. We're really enjoying his having the weekends off... So far they've been pretty busy doing one thing or another that we've needed to do, but I'm looking forward to relaxing too lol. I'm sure he is too... I know he needs some rest.

Mama - is tired too lol. No I'm good. I had a little scare this morning.. probably nothing. I dreamed I was bleeding & woke up with very mild cramps, but added to the dream they scared me a little. Called the Birth Center and was told to rest and drink water... They're calling me back later. It has stopped so I'm not really worried... or as worried lol. I didn't think I was dehydrated, but I was sleeping when it started and it went away around the same time I finished off a bottle of water so it is entirely possible. What's sad is I put a bottle next to me last night so I wouldn't get that way! My energy has come back on the other hand... yes I am tired, but I've been able to get a lot done. Not really today considering, but still... I got about half the laundry or so done yesterday. I got a good start on our bedroom the day before (poor thing has been neglected with me trying to keep up with everything else)... Its actually almost done, just have a few more things to do in there. I'm still really excited about selling Avon, but a little frusterated about it too. I was supposed to have a meeting last Saturday & noone was there. So I can't get the new campaign catelogs I need... I want to do most of my work online anyway so it wouldn't be too big an issue... but just finding customers and stuff when I'm busy with everything else and I know everyone is stretched thin to begin with is crazy. I know its gonna be fine, but still...

Kalila - Is growing like crazy.
She eats all the time... Literally had 3 peanut butter sandwiches for lunch today (foldover style) and is now asking for an apple too... Seriously???? Baba thinks growth spurt... I kinda agree... but wonder if its the weaning too.... She hasn't nursed at all today, at least partly because I'm not comfortable doing so with the cramping. It hasn't been an issue though either... She's still acting like she's not comp ready to wean, but... she definately is. Every day she does less. Her tummy thing seems to be working its way out. Wow bad choice of words. No... She's getting better lol. I did feel kinda bad for her yesterday because she told me it hurt (literally said "my tummy hurts") but that didn't last long because when I asked her if she needed to use the potty she said yes and sat down on it just in time. I was so excited... Of course today she peed on my just cleaned sheets so I'm not counting chickens on that front at all lol. She's really taken to snuggling lately, is so sweet. And she's just crazy about Baba... every time he's home she's all over him. We are having to work with her on not pulling his hair though lol. She grabs hold and pulls him over. Not cool. She's talking even more... I need to get video's. My favourite is when she's on the phone. She will beg to call Baba... and gets upset if I don't let her talk to whoever I'm talking too. Singing more too... I can think... LOL her foot just got stuck in her pants & she started yelling "ayudame help, ayudame help" :-D Anyways, I was gonna say that I can think of about 6 or 7 songs she goes around singing off the top of my head. I could probably go on but I'll be nice... She's just doing so much lately. Its hard to keep up.

Zavier - is kicking. Not at the moment lol, but still... I'm feeling him more and more... Baba is so excited that he can too. He still seems to have a temper (already) and pushes back hard if anyone pushes against my tummy... but I'm also feeling the little rolls and regular kicks too. Those are a lot more fun than the temper thing cause it kinda hurts lol. I can't believe I'm already half way through the pregnancy though. I'm kinda thinking about going to my Myspace account & seeing what I blogged about w/ Kalila around now, I think this was about when I started mentioning it on there. Curious.

Mumble - What I can't leave out our other babies! She is so tolerant though... I'm amazed at what she lets Kalila put her through... Unfortunately having a prob cutting claws right now. We think we might have to take her to the vet to get it done... from what she'll let us see one broke on its own & probably hurts. Poor thing. Will try agian later today, but... She has to go in for shots soon anyway.

Kimosimi - is still a much a sweetheart as ever. I had to laugh at him last night because he goes batty while I'm changing sheets. He's tolerating more from Kalila now too... still a little held back from her and I have to watch that she's not pestering him too much... but the other day he let her put a tiara on him and has held up to a few hugs.

So yeah... That's a bit of what's going on here... Hopefully I'll have a big picture/video post soon :-D


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Aww, I'm thinking that Layla might not nurse much longer either. Its kind of sad for me. Most of the time she nurses for only a minute or two then says "i'm done." It is nice though on the other hand because she has been letting daddy put her to bed without me at night, which is good for the two of them. She was almost potty trained, but has been having more accidents again lately. Oh well.

babyyahyah said...

hope the cramping stops.

sounds like a lot of cuteness from kalila.

I don't feel any movement yet and I am not too far away from you.