23 December, 2009

An Early Christmas Gift

For awhile now Baba & I have been wracking our brains trying to figure out what to do for each other for Christmas... and having pretty much no luck. We ended up figuring it out yesterday pretty much by accident. 

The day before was horrible. Not gonna get into details, because that would make a whole post of its own, but pretty much every thing that could happen did... Like to the point of a few minutes before midnight the toilet even overflowed.  I was so stressed and upset it wasn't even funny...

Baba had to go do something early yesterday morning so he planned to take Kalila with him... I'd have a chance to sleep in a little bit & get up to do some of what I needed to do. But as soon as he finished, instead of taking Kalila to hang out like planned he came back and told me to come outside and lets go. 

He was trying to cheer me up... was really sweet. We went walking around several places, just looking at stuff.  One of them was the mall, and that was interesting all on its own because as soon as we got in we knew we needed to change Kalila. The only family restrooms are in Saks & Pennies. We started to head to Pennies but realized the other was closer, so we did that... Only to walk in and find some kind of pills thrown all over everywhere. Mostly on the floor but some were on the changing table too, as was crumbs of food. Not cool.  The trip was nice, but I was still feeling blah & we came back for a break... planned to do the same that evening though.

Well when we got up from naps we decided to go downtown instead... See all the lights and all that. Kalila fell asleep on the way, but woke up while we were walking down the river walk. She got so excited about it all... Kept talking about the water, lights & boats lol.

Somewhere in there is what we decided to give each other for Christmas... a little early but that's ok lol. We went out to eat at Joes Crab Shack. I can't even remember the last time I ate there... and is one of my favourite places. Was kinda funny though... We ordered Calamari for an appetizer and Kalila ate more of it than we did! Not sure why either of us were surprised though. Was definately a great Christmas gift though :-)

After we ate we walked back a ways and then went up to the street and headed towards the Alamo. Kalila got a chance to run around a little bit and see the horses while we were over there. She's told us (multiple times) that they were her favourite part. She was just lit up the whole night... was so cute. 

But... before heading home we ran by Wal-Mart to pick up a few last minute things we haven't had a chance to get to before... Kalila, the little night owl that she is, was still doing really good. But we ran into the restrooms when we got there and I finished changing her before Baba finished so we were waiting outside when she saw the toy horse & wanted to ride it. Not surprised because she'd asked to ride of the ones downtown lol... So I put her on it and we waited... Baba came out & got her down & the fit started. She did not want off that horse, she wanted to play.  So we were dealing with that and some employee walks by & makes a snide comment about how late it was (was about 10:30 at this point) and that she's tired and should be in bed. Ok... For one its none of her business... And beyond that, yes it was later than we normally put her to bed now, but like I said night owl, she doesn't do bad when we stay out a little later than normal from time to time. And... She was obviously throwing a real fit and not a tired one. They don't look the same. We wouldn't be dealing with it the same way if she had been tired. Now I know she doesn't know all of that (although seriously the kid did not look tired, its pretty obvious when one is having that issue) but all the more reason to keep your freaking mouth shut over stuff you know nothing about! Sorry stepping off soapbox now.  We'd had such a great day though & that just pissed both of us off. I'm not sure how we both managed to walk away w/out letting her have it. We were nice though. 

By that point Baba & I were getting tired lol, so we got out of there as fast as we could...  

And that was the end to my really good day lol. I thought today was gonna be another one, seemed to start that way... but looks like its gonna be more like Monday instead. Oh well...