14 December, 2009

Deep Breath

Oh good grief... I guess I should expect it since its the end of the semester for Baba & Christmas is coming up so quickly, but... Life has been even crazier than normal! 

Last week I rescheduled my Avon meeting for today... You know the one I missed because noone was there. Turns out the lady I was supposed to meet had a major emergency (friend died or dad in hospital... I've heard both things, so I guess it depends on which lady it was I was supposed to meet) and couldn't be there at the last minute. We ended up having a big day that day anyway, so I'm not complaining...  Unfortunately when I scheduled my meeting for today I didn't know that Baba had a final. I asked if today at 10 would work & he'd said yes... I'm guessing he forgot lol. 

So I'm sure you can imagine how much we were rushing this morning... Good thing we decided for him to just drop me off and head to school instead of waiting around while I hurried things along like we originally planned because it did take awhile... Since we figured he would be awhile, we decided Kalila & I would head from the meeting to the mall (where I could look for Baba's Christmas gift, one of the very few left to do). Sounds like fun right?

Well the meeting went well, beyond the fact that I was there an hour early (was 11 not 10.. .I could have sworn it was 10). Kalila drew while we went over the stuff. The meeting was supposed to have been done before my first order went in, but obviously it wasn't... Is really ok though because things have been really slow w/ my first two and I'm trying to look at Campaign 1 as a start. Most of the stuff we went over, I either already knew or had gone over on the online training lol... but I did get some good tips. Am going to look into the online event thing today... So if anyone wants to host one (doesn't cost anything & you get a free gift) please feel free to let me know... 

We got interrupted a few times, so I think the meeting took a little longer than planned... So I guess was good I was early right? We headed on over to the mall afterwards & Kalila got so excited, was yelling "the mall! the mall!" over and over... 

Unfortunately I entered the mall on a diff side than I ever have at that particular mall. We went in through Dillards... I circled the entire store twice before asking someone (I thought I'd missed a sign... but there are none) how to get to the mall. You have to go upstairs... Ok, that's fine. We went to the elevator & at that point I started getting antsy. I normally am fine with them, but we were alone, no phone & the thought of what if it gets stuck popped in my head... Of course there's the button & it never did, but it creeped me out. 

Into the mall... I started off and saw a sign saying the food court was on the next floor. So I asked how to get up there and a lady told me the elevator was in Saks. So I went to go in there and got stuck, had to walk around the area again to get to the ramp because Kalila didn't want me to take her stroller down the 3 stairs. Tired, hungry & sore legs I wasn't too happy. Into Saks, found the elevator... same creepy thoughts, made it out... and realized that the second floor there DOES NOT CONNECT TO THE REST OF THE MALL!!!! We had walked out of the store, down a walk way past others... found more stairs, walked around to get to those ramps that lead past other stores and more stairs that all go nowhere! Back to Saks... more than slightly irritated. Downstairs and back in the mall. 

I went farther past the lady who gave me bad directions (not feeling all that generous towards her at that point) and finally found a sign... We had to walk all the way around the mall to another set of stairs/escalators & elevator... Got on again... more creepyness.  Found the food. 

Very hungry & long lines not fun... but we got our food and sat down. At that point it starts hitting me that I have no way to know what time it is. Baba & I had not made plans on how to meet up... and once agian, no phone.  A man came to clean up the floor & I asked him what time it was... and he didn't speak English. Ok, that's fine... my Spanish isn't great but I can handle that... Normally. My brain froze for a second & I'm sure I looked like a complete idiot. Thankfully it came to me pretty quickly & I found out it was 12:15. We were still eating, I hadn't done my shopping & Baba has to be at work around 1.  Getting worried.

About 10 to 15 min later Baba showed up & thankfully found us very quickly. Kalila had to make a side trip by the santa clad cow before we rushed out... Thankfully that didn't take long and we were in the truck soon after. 

Baba on the other hand had had a great day. He'd been really worried about this final... and somehow he got incredibly lucky. Because of my meeting, he was late to his final... Doesn't sound lucky right? Well his teacher didn't make enough copies so he and his friend (who he'd picked up on the way) got the short version of the test which happened to be on the book/movie that they both knew the most about.  

Made it back here and he headed off to work. Kalila needs a nap so badly its not even funny... She's fighting it a bit though. Honestly I feel like I need a nap too, but I have a few things I want/need to do first. 

And... I'm incredibly confused by a comment I got on here... I don't know if you are dealing with this, but I've been getting a ton of spam comments lately. I know I could put the word verification thing on here to stop that, but I really don't like those. I've seen some of them on other blogs I've commented on too (copies end up in my email) so I know I'm not the only one. Its a little aggrivating... but I got one today that I really don't know if its spam or someone being sarcastic, rude or what.  Back on my post about the Hypnobirthing book, I got an anonymous comment asking where they can find a unicorn?  ????  All the rest of the spam I've gotten is either a generic comment about how they loved the post (written 3 or 4 times in a comment, 3 or 4 different ways) or is a bunch of jumbled up words, often including some disturbing things that are inappropriate to really mention. This looked like a real comment, but makes no sense.  :-/  

Anyways, its time to get someone ready for that nap (she's been here showing me books while I'm typing this lol) and myself up and going again lol. 


babyyahyah said...

I never had spam comments before. is it through your email?

Mama Kalila said...

No, its on here... Example, look at the last few comments (I haven't deleted those yet) -

The one today was completely different... I'm not entirely sure it was Spam, but if not I'm floored... have no idea what the person was getting at (unless they were making fun of the subject matter).

Angela said...

I got out of breath just reading that lol!

Love your background, very cozy.

The unicorn comment IS spam, I got it as well. I know the captcha's aren't popular but I had to finally add it to mine because I would get dozens per day and my fear is more for other commenters than myself. I don't want them to know who is stopping by and then start spamming them. I would recommend it, those of us that follow you will surely understand and respect you for it!

Mama Kalila said...

Well that answers that lol. Thanks!

As for the word verification... I've thought about it but I have had a serious problem with it in the past. I've seen computers (namely ours) refuse to leave comments because of it. Some of them (like yours) are fine, but others are hell in computer form. As rarely as I get comments in the first place, I really don't want to discourage anyone who is going to leave one by putting that on there.

Christy said...

I get spam all the time now. Usually at least once a day. But I really hate those word verification things. So frustrating.

Mama Kalila said...

Yup.. I'm sorry you get them too. Mine aren't every day, but sometimes I get several in a day.

Btw if anyone clicks the link I put earlier, is a moot point now. I deleted the spam. I got another one on that post today & cleaned out the lot.