04 December, 2009

Decisions - Bag Edition

Well, I'm over half way through this pregnancy... which still leaves me (and Baba of course lol) with plenty of time to make a few of the decisions we need to make. But it also means we've got to get on the ball and start researching some of the things we haven't.

Luckily its not really much... We have most of the things we need from last time. We purposely got as much as possible in neutral colours/patterns... We saved most of it... So that's a huge help.

One of the things we are gonna have to get again though is a diaper bag. Its not that we got a girly one last time (like I would carry around pink lol). Its that its falling apart. Thanks to a gift card from Babies R Us and not needing anything else from there at the time, we were able to get a good one... so a little frusterated by that. But at the same time... after we switched to cloth I was wishing it were bigger so I'm not really complaining either.

I'm looking online for 2 reasons... The first being that Walmart & Target ones are tiny and don't look all that great to me. No offense to anyone who has one, but I know they won't work for us. The other... Babies R Us has slightly nicer ones but most are still too small & the prices are rediculous considering... even more so when I think about how much the one we got last time cost & how little time its lasted.

Unfortunately the prices online are even worse! Most bags under $80 look tiny... and I've seen everything from there up to $300. $300???????? You've got to be kidding me right?

So far the one that's caught my attention the most is the Skip Hop Dash bag... still more than I want to spend on a bag, but it looks like it could work. Plus I haven't looked at other stores besides the one linked, so I might find it for less if I shop around. Possibly. Hmm more than possibly, just found it here too... Definately looking around more.

Found another couple I like but yeah not happening for one reason or another lol. That one may not either... is just hte best option I've seen so far.

On another note: today is a good day to search on Swagbucks lol. I forgot they give away more on Fridays!


Mama Kalila said...

This wasn't supposed to post yet... Not sure why it did :-/

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I just shove all our junk in a big tote bag, but sometimes I wish it had more separate pockets so I wasn't always losing my cellphone in the bottomless pit.

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah... I don't think I could function w/out pockets lol. We were given one w/out and its Kalila's "backpack" (just her size too).

Christy said...

I have an Eddie Bauer diaper bag that is HUGE. And it is a dark blueish green color (I picked something unisex, so John would be willing to carry it too). I think I bought it at Baby Depot.

Mama Kalila said...

Nice! Is Baby Depot online? I've never seen it..

Mama Kalila said...

Update: I found one I like even more... Awhile back just haven't said anything. Its on sale too so would be a better price than we'd even get at BRU. We're waiting on it until next month, but so excited. Is very nice!