25 December, 2009

Christmas Eve Part 2

LOL as always, plans change... 

Baba got off work early & we were able to make it to Midnight Mass. I was so excited when he called to tell me... I just love Midnight Mass... 

Our neighbor asked to go w/ us, which was pretty cool... always nice to bring along a friend.

And of course there's Kalila... Oh good grief she was cute. We took her in her PJ's... She was pretty sound asleep when I went to get her ready, but she would have had to wake up anyway because she was sleeping on the floor right by the door! Is not a new thing actually and its driving me insane. I don't like it, esp in the winter. Even more so since she's had this cold that won't go away... Part of me has to wonder if that's aggrivating it. Comp off topic though. I got her up and ready to go pretty quickly (she just needed socks, shoes & jacket lol). 

By the time we made it to the Church Kalila was wide awake. Once agian not surprising because she wakes up like that most nights & we end up fighting to get her down... Unfortunately she was a little rowdy in the cry room... Nowhere near as much as normal and most of it was cute (like we had to stop ourselves from laughing and try & calm her down) but still. No we were proud of her for being as good as she was. 

After Mass we went to the small hall for food and stuff. Mostly to talk to people. I had to laugh on the way remembering my first Christmas here... I'd already met Baba and we were friends, but not dating just yet (that happened a few months later). We sat together with other friends that night & he got up to get something and w/out thinking told me he loved me. He pretends he doesn't remember it, but... yeah. I got teased for awhile about that one so of course I have to tease him too lol.  

This year nothing that crazy happened, but it was nice seeing everyone & talking to friends... esp a few that we haven't seen in quite awhile. Kalila ended up making friends w/ a friend of our's brother and they played for quite awhile. It was soooo cute. 

By the time we got home it was around 2 I think. Once again had a time getting Kalila down... nothing new. I'm trying something different tonight though & so far it seems like its working. Not counting chickens here... it might just be tonight. I got her to sit on her bed though and told her to stay there and let me know when she's ready to sleep, that she didn't have to yet... and that I had to do stuff outside her room... and walked out leaving her door open. Each time I walked by she's drooping a little more lol, this last time she was almost asleep. I think she is now, but we'll see. I think I'm gonna try this again though... She really listened about not moving this time, took me very seriously and even said she promised. We'll see how it goes. 

Well, hopefully my shirt for tomorrow will be clean soon & I can finish hiding Baba's clues around the house & go to bed... So I'm off!