04 December, 2009

Bloggy News

I've been meaning to post this for awhile... finally some time.

No major changes... Don't worry lol. I like this background, I like my setup... Just needs a little routine tweaking here and there.

The biggest area is on my labels. I have one called Baby. Obviously its a little outdated. I started out putting posts about Kalila there... but she's not a baby now. Yes there is another baby on the way and I did start out linking his there as well as hers, but... he won't stay one either and at some point having them labeled that will get rediculous lol. So I made two new ones. Kalila and Zavier. I've started labeling posts w/ those, but I'm also slowly as I get time moving the others over. I don't expect to be done anytime soon because I just don't have that kind of time and I'm not all that worried about it either. I also made one for pictures in general, not just baby pictures. Same rules apply. If for some reason you're looking for an old post (esp the older it is) then its prob best to look in the older labels until they're gone.

Blog lists are constantly being added too... I've found some great blogs over the last few months. I don't comment on them as much as the ones I've followed for years now (sorry about that) but I am enjoying reading even when I don't. Will try to do better w/ comments btw.

Buttons, Blinkies and Widgets... Weeding out some of the older ones... New ones will be added I'm sure. I got both my rosary shop (which I need to work on at some point again) and my Avon website linked in buttons at the top. I added my Cafemom blinkies (or the ones I use on my siggie there) the other day too. Not sure if I'll leave them, and they'll prob change over time if I do. I like blinkies though lol. And of course the baby widget. Unfortunately I know that it causes my links to take time to come up.... The Swagbucks thing does too... I may get rid of it soon, I still love Swagbucks but not sure the extra load time is worth it. The baby thing will stay though until he gets here :) Just too cute.

I just added reactions. I've seen them on other blogs and wondered how to do it. So glad the little tip thing popped up on my post lol. I know I have several readers that don't comment though, so this seemed like another good form of feedback (and an easy one at that). An option at least.

I guess that's it...

Edit (that will prob be its own post later) - obviously I lied lol. Major overhaul...