09 December, 2009

Behaviour Update

It just hit me awhile ago that I haven't really mentioned anything about this since my vent awhile back. 

Long story short... Its getting a lot better. 

I'm not going to say that she behaves perfectly every day... or even that there's not some kind of issue popping up most days lol. But seriously its just so much better...

She's starting to listen to me. 

Last week at some point I realized telling her to go to bed got her to do whatever it was I wanted her to do if she wasn't doing it. Not sure its the best thing to use, but it worked... and was the only thing that did. She didn't want to go to bed so she'd argue to do what I wanted her to lol.  I'm hardly having to use it anymore though... just when she's particularly stubborn.

Then... It hit me that I wasn't hitting 3 when counting anymore... hardly ever. She drags her feet sometimes, but I don't get past 2 very often. 

A lot of times she's doing whatever the first time I ask though. Its a huge change.

Beyond that, she's fighting getting dressed less too. Same with teeth brushing and baths. She's still a little more stubborn about that one, but its not ending with her screaming at the top of her lungs anymore. 

She's hitting herself less... It hasn't stopped. I wish I could say it had. I hate seeing her do that. But it is getting better... I think so is the her hitting us thing, but she is still doing it from time to time... is probably the thing she gets in trouble for the most lately. 

Sleep is still somewhat of an issue. She's going to bed easily most nights... but wakes up in the middle and refuses to go back to sleep in her room. She's not nursing anymore (yeah, another update: Kalila's officially weaned) but she still wakes up at the same time she was before... usually wanting water, but insists on snuggling afterwards and won't budge from our bed. She's sleeping well once there though, so it could be worse... but I still want her in her room soon. 

Church is still a bit of an issue... mostly if Baba is not with us. Last Sunday she did good for most of Mass and then decided she wanted to leave. We had several bathroom trip/talks that just didn't work. Tuesday we were the only ones in there, and Baba with us... but she still wanted out. I'm not really sure what the deal is... She didn't behave quite as badly, but still... I've got to figure something out there. 

Not going to worry about that too much though (or be upset by it) because looking at everything together I know she's doing good. And I feel like I am too... noticing I'm having more patience lately. I don't know if its hormone connected, or what.... or if my having more patience is helping her behaviour (seriously wondering with that because I thinking about those last issue... I'm more on edge with that, wonder if that's why shes still doing that) or because of it. Who knows, but I'm enjoying it... and hoping it lasts lol.


Susie of Arabia said...

It's all just part of growing up - constantly testing to see what they can get away with, developing their own personalities, pushing the limits. Kalila is a very normal little girl. I'm glad you can see that she's starting to listen to you. That is BIG!

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah, I know that its normal. I was just taken aback by how strong willed this child is. It made it hard to figure out how to handle... I'm glad we're figuring it out or she's getting past the stage or whatever it is because the past week has been nice.

babyyahyah said...

well I think she is 2 and hopefully she will grow out of a lot of that stuff. good luck. i know its tough. Sofia isn't really that way about bed or things like hitting I don't really have problesm with her but I do with the boys. So believe me I have been there. Patrick DOES NOT LISTEN at all! But, I do think he has ADD/HD and I just don't know how to deal with that sometimes. James misbehaves too and alot of that is Autism related and the oldest, Johnpaul was an awful small child...but now at 8 he is wonderful but I swear he was soooooo bsd.

Mama Kalila said...

That's good about Sofia... and that Johnpaul has grown out of it so well. Hopefully it'll get better w/ the other two as well.

I really do think Kalila will grow out of this, like I said... I'm already seeing her headed that way. I just had to share because I'm so excited about the change.